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Special Preview Sexerpt from Book Two, Passion & Denial by Leela Atherton

Passion & Denial
Book Two of the Passion Trilogy
Leela Atherton
A Special Preview Sexerpt from Book Two, Passion & Denial available only on Passion & Denial to be published in 2015. Passion & Deceit, now available in paperback and ebook.
He was leaning back on his elbows, watching her every move, like a dangerous feline ready to strike. Only the bulge in his trousers revealing the fact that he was not fully in control of himself.
“Panties?” He lifted his brows.
Reaching carefully beneath the dress, Maya slid the black, cotton panties down her legs and stepped out of them.
His cold, unwavering eyes were scaring her, all that fury seemed to have turned to ice, as he lounged back on the bed, his expression telling her nothing. It was like having a stranger in her bedroom.
“I think we should do it in the bathroom, the walls are little thicker,” he surmised, stroking her Indian bed-cover with his fingers.
She gazed wide-eyed at him, her core damp and throbbing, unsure what to do.
“Well, what are you waiting for?” His tone was insolent. “Go to the bathroom.”
Rubbing her damp palms against the sides of her dress, she walked slowly through to the darkened bathroom. She could just see her reflection in the mirror; eyes wide, mouth swollen from his kisses, her hair a tumbled mess around her pale face.
Leaning against the basin, she waited, taking deep shaky breaths, unable to get her body under control. He was going to come in here and fuck her hard. She should be looking for an escape route and instead her body was craving it – craving him. Her nipples had tightened, visible through the dress even though she was wearing a bra, and she could feel hot liquid weeping from her core. He was going to feel that too and know how desperate she was for him, any way she could have him. Should she wipe away the evidence with some toilet paper? Try and regain some remnant of self respect?
Suddenly the bright bathroom light was switched on and he was there; standing in the doorway, naked, beautiful. He watched as her eyes drank him in; his dark bronzed body gleaming in the bright light. Maya lowered her eyes, her inner muscles tightening painfully at the sight of his huge erection, her breathing speeding up, it was so aggressively beautiful.
He ran his hand lazily down his smooth chest, over his taut stomach and closed his fist around that bulging cock. “Like what you see?”
The head was gleaming, a tear drooling from the swollen tip. Maya moistened her lips and nodded, unable to drag her eyes away. She wanted to kneel down and take him in her mouth, lick that tear with her tongue and cover him with her lips, make love to him with her mouth. He pulled the skin back, exposing the smooth, gleaming knob, the swollen shaft, then pushing his fist forward and squeezing hard, she watched the teardrop fall to the floor. Her eyes widened and jerked up to gaze into his cynical, smiling face.
“Don’t worry, baby, there’s lots more where that came from.”
She reached out her hand, desperate to touch him, even if he was behaving like a stranger, she didn’t care. She needed to touch him.
“Oh no you don’t.” She dropped her hand immediately, his cold voice scaring her.
“I want you to turn around and spread your hands against the wall.”
She stared at him, eyes beseeching. “Rajiv, please -.”
“Now. I won’t tell you again.” His voice was soft, but deadly. “Hands up against the wall.”
She did as he demanded. Turning, she spread her hands and pressed them against the tiles, feeling like a police suspect.
Without warning he grabbed her hair, twisting it sideways, pushing her cheek against the cold, hard tiles while his other hand gripped her hip and pulled her against him. Her hands slid down the tiles, as he lifted her dress and ground his hips against her naked ass. Heat flooded through her, her eyes drooping at the wanton sensation of his rock-hard erection sliding between her thighs, against the moist, flesh of her vulva. It was too much, she was going to come. Moaning, Maya thrust her sex high against his raging erection.
“Oh no you don’t,” he pulled away and she sobbed in despair. “Not yet baby.”
How did he know?
His breathing was heavy against her ear, but still, he was in control.
“Now I’m going to fuck you from behind and you need to keep quiet, if you make a sound I’ll stop. Do you understand? There are other people in this house, and the walls are thin.”
Maya tried to nod her head, but his grip on her hair was too tight, causing her eyes to tear-up while her inner muscles continued to clench with the need.
“I said, do you understand?”
“Yes, I understand, Rajiv.” She choked.
His fingers tightened painfully into her hair. “Don’t use my name; do not say my name, okay?”
“Yes.” She whimpered, her body crying out for release, her mind focused on his commanding voice.
Finally he released her hair from that punishing grip. Using both hands he shoved her dress up around her waist, running his palms over the naked cheeks of her ass. His thick, elongated cock rubbing in and out between the moist lips of her smooth pussy. Rough hands caressed her bare buttocks, squeezing each cheek, as she sobbed quietly.
Shoving one solid thigh between her knees, he used his bare foot to spread her feet wider apart. Maya’s head was now hanging low between her stretched arms, she could see her feet through a haze of lust, planted wide apart, her sex pulsing, wet and exposed.
Rajiv’s hand slid slowly, lazily around her waist, over her taut stomach and down between her legs, his middle finger searching between the folds of weeping flesh, discovering and circling her clitoris. Maya’s whole body jerked and shuddered as he stroked her swollen nub. She moaned with desperate pleasure.
“I said, don’t make a sound,” he breathed harshly into her ear. “If you do I’ll stop. You wanted to stay here, you didn’t want to go back to the hotel, so you have to be quiet.”
Suppressing her moans, she gasped quietly for air as his finger tormented and teased her inflamed clit; arms trembling, against the wall, legs weak and shaky, unable to hold herself up. But he was so strong, holding her easily against his hips, his finger working its magic. She could feel his erection hot and huge between her legs, his breathing heavy and uneven.
Maya was on the edge of orgasm, that tormenting finger sliding expertly against her slick flesh, taking her right to the edge and then pulling back.
“Always so ready,” he groaned.
Without warning, he raised one hand and covered her mouth, then gripping his erection, he rammed himself into her.
Maya’s scream was smothered by his hand, her body suddenly invaded by his monstrous cock, shoving into her hard and fast.
She came almost immediately, his body slamming savagely into hers. The pleasure of his huge cock driving into her, stretching her inner muscles to the limit, sent Maya over the edge, into freefall. Her body limp, Rajiv gripped her hips, fingers digging into her, holding her boneless form up against his. Lifting her bottom higher, pushing in even deeper, he grunted with each driving thrust.
Waves of convulsing pleasure spiralled Maya into another dimension, where nothing existed, nothing except him pounding into her over and over again. It was impossible to keep quiet, muffled moans escaping, as her body continued to explode. Only his hands at her hips preventing her from collapsing to the floor.
Suddenly she felt him stiffen and arch back, hissing through clenched teeth. His climax overtook him; hot spunk spurting deep inside her. Maya’s muscles clenched tightly, milking every drop of cum from his pulsing cock.

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Sexcerpt of 'Passion & Deceit’ By Leela Atherton -The Morning After

Sexcerpt of 'Passion & Deceit’
By Leela Atherton

The Morning After

She glanced up at a sleek, silver clock on the wall – ten minutes past five – almost five hours before the train left.
“Planning on running out on me?”
Maya almost jumped out of her skin at the sound of that cool voice behind her, and with an inward groan turned her trembling limbs round to face him. He was standing at the doorway, naked, his expression unreadable.
“No, of course not,” she managed to say, running her sweaty palms along the sides of the cotton shirt. “I was just checking to see when the train leaves.”
He crossed his arms, leaning one shoulder against the doorjamb and Maya had to force herself not to look below his waist. It was ridiculous really, after what they had shared the night before, but she felt embarrassed and awkward, while he was obviously quite at ease with his nakedness.
“So what time does it leave?”
“10 o’clock this morning.” His eyes dropped to her legs as she shifted from one bare foot to another. After all the heat and passion of last night, the atmosphere was suddenly chilly, filled with tension.
“We need to talk,” his hooded gaze travelled upwards to meet her wary green eyes.
“Please Rajiv, do we have to have a post-mortem.?”
“You’re a puzzle, Maya, and I don’t particularly like puzzles. I like to know what I’m dealing with.”
“Dealing with?” She froze. “Is that how you see me - something you have to deal with?”
He straightened up, leaning one hand against the doorjamb and rubbing the back of his neck with the other. “There’s something I have to know . . .”
Maya crossed her arms in a defensive stance – it looked like he was determined to have a post-mortem. “What?”
“Were you – saving yourself – for Sanjay?”
It took Maya a moment to grasp his question. Then she wanted to laugh, but knew that would only infuriate him. And she didn’t want him angry, they only had a few hours left and she wanted him caring and passionate, sweet and gentle. The way he had been last night . . .
“No Rajiv, I was not saving myself for anyone. Why would you think I was saving myself for Sanjay?”
“You told me you were on the pill.”
“Are you on the pill?”
“Yes, of course I am. Why would I lie?”
“There are women who lie about things like that.”
Once again it took Maya a moment to get his meaning. “You think I was trying to trick you? Trap you into getting me pregnant!” Her chest rose and fell in fury.
“Actually, no, that wasn’t my assumption.” He answered softly and Maya took a few deep breaths to calm herself.
“Well then please do tell . . . what was your assumption?”
“That you and Sanjay were planning on marriage - or at least taking your relationship to the next level.”
Maya was lost for words.
There was a long silence, he was waiting for an answer, but Maya refused to dignify his assumption with an answer.
He was getting angry at her silence. His eyes boring into hers, but still she said nothing.
“Otherwise why were you on the pill?”
Maya moistened her lips. “I have – painful, irregular periods, the pill really helps . . .”
He looked away and it gave her childish pleasure to see a flush on his perfect cheekbones. “I never thought of that -.”
“Yes, well us women don’t have it as easy as men.” Now she sounded petty.
His eyes were searching hers again. “It’s - strange that you’ve never been with a man before.”
Maya felt like slapping him, he just wasn’t going to let it go. Like a dog with a bone.
“Well I’m sorry you find it strange, but that’s the way it is.” She wasn’t going to go into detail about her past experiences, or non-experiences, with men and especially the fact that he was the first man she’d met that she’d wanted to have sex with. His ego was probably inflated enough as it was.
“Why me, Maya?”
He seemed really mystified, confused, and perhaps if his mother wasn’t out there looking for a suitable Indian wife for him, if he wasn’t planning on getting married, she may have been more forthcoming about her innocence and her irresistible attraction towards him, but what was the point?
“Raj, what happened last night – happened.” Her voice softened as she tried to reason with him. “It was – special – for me, anyway, but it’s over now. I have to go back to Edinburgh and you – you have your future plans to get on with.” She drew a breath. “Can’t we just leave it at that and at least part as friends?”
“Friends!” Her words were meant to sooth the situation, but they seemed to infuriate him even more. “After last night you want to be my friend?”
“Rajiv,” she was getting angry again and she really didn’t want that. “We’ll probably never see each other again. What happened last night was – wonderful - I’ll never forget it – or you, but it’s over and if you don’t want to part as friends let’s at least leave it amicable.”
“God you’re a cool one, aren’t you?” It seemed that no matter what she said it was the wrong thing, better that she didn’t say anything at all. “Who would have known you were a virgin just a few hours ago.” His eyes travelled down her body in an almost insulting manner and he shook his head. “So fucking blasé.”
Maya was speechless, not only by the insolence of his words, but she had never heard him swear before. And he was swearing at her!
“So what do you suggest,” her heart- rate had sped up with her breathing, much as she tried to control herself, she was now furious with the way he was treating her, especially after all the caring tenderness he’d shown her last night. “Would you like me to stay on and become another one of your many mistresses? While your mother runs round India searching for a sweet, suitable bride for you!”
Rajiv’s moved in a blur of speed, before she knew what was happening he had pinned her to the wall behind, his hands holding her wrists high above her head in a bruising grip.
“What do you know about my mistresses?” His voice was soft but his breathing betrayed the fury he was feeling. “Tell me Goddamnit!”
“What difference does it make?” She gulped, shocked by how quickly things had turned vicious. “It’s the truth isn’t it?”
“For your information, Maya,” he breathed against her cheek. “I haven’t touched another woman since the day I picked you up from that damn train station.” He leaned the hard length of his body into hers.
Maya could feel heat burning through the thin cotton fabric, struggling futilely to twist away from him, the stirring bulge of his arousal became evident through the gaping slit of the shirt.
“Damn you,” he swore as his body betrayed him, swelling and lengthening against her soft skin, and Maya felt that all too familiar weakness seeping through her thighs.
But she fought against it. “Let me go Rajiv,” her voice sounded husky and breathless, and his gaze dropped to her mouth.
His body was heavy, pressing her back against the wall, leaning into every inch of her. The shirt was pulled up high above her thighs by her arms, which he continued to hold painfully tight above her head. In the sudden silence he ground his swelling arousal into her, just above her pubic bone.
“I can’t,” he said, suddenly out of breath. “I wish I could, but I can’t help myself.”
His tongue began teasing her ear and she felt her body break out in a wave of heat, every nerve suddenly on high alert, like a drug addict ready for the next fix. He continued to rotate his hips, moving down to the naked juncture between her thighs and finding her moist cleft with his shaft. Maya legs wobbled, heat pooling between her thighs and, acknowledging that he had won, Rajiv loosened her wrists and ran his hands down her body to the hem of the shirt.
“See, you’re not quite ready to leave me just yet, are you baby,” he whispered against her hair, and much as she wanted to feel outraged by his arrogance, her body simply didn’t seem to care.
His erection, working insistently against the wet heat at the juncture of her thighs, was sucking her under, to that place where thought was impossible and the craving needs of her body overtook everything else. When his hands gripped her buttocks and pressed her up against him she knew there was no hope left for her.
“God, you feel good,” he muttered hoarsely, his teeth biting into her neck, guiding her hand down between them. “So good.”
His manhood was hot and heavy in her palm, slick with the juices of her desire and he shuddered as her fingers closed around his throbbing flesh. Squeezing and stroking from the base to the tip, just the way he’d shown her during the hours of mindless passion they’d shared during the night.
“Sweet Jesus, Maya,” he hissed through gritted teeth. Thrusting his hips against her stroking hand. “What are you doing to me?”
She lifted heavy lids to look into his glazed eyes, wondering if he expected her to answer him. Instead he covered her mouth with his, closing his hand around her throat, holding her still while he slanted his head and deepened the sensual onslaught of her mouth, continuing to thrust his hips against her enveloping hand.
Maya’s back arched away from the wall, guiding the swollen head of his sex to rub against her slick vulva with each thrust of his hips.
“God, Raj.” Pure, aching lust was drenching her body from the inside out, driving her to the edge of an orgasm.
“No, I want you to come when I’m inside you,” he choked, tearing her tormenting hand away and running the underside of his shaft flush against her inviting flesh, almost pushing her over the edge.
Suddenly he moved away and she cried out in frustration, but he just cupped her bottom and lifted her off the floor, forcing her to spread her thighs and wrap her legs around his waist.
“For pity’s sake, Maya,” he shoved her hand back to his swollen erection. “Do it - now!”
She guided him to her tender core, shocked at how much she had learned in so little time, and then thought became impossible as he thrust aggressively into her, groaning as her sensitized inner muscles tightened around him. His fingers dug almost painfully into the soft flesh of her backside as he plunged deeper and harder, her sobbing moans driving him wild.
She felt herself being sucked into that whirlpool of sensation, deeper and deeper until the explosion gripped her and pulled her under, her body convulsing and spasming around his exploding cock, hot jets of liquid spurting deep inside her. His hips kept thrusting into her, even though he’d climaxed, he seemed unable to stop, his semen seeping out moist and slick against her thighs . . .

Passion & Deceit is published by Black Opal Books in paperback and ebook. Available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble,, Flipkart and other major retailers.

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Sexcerpt of 'Passion & Deceit, Book One' By Leela Atherton


Sexerpt of Passion & Deceit, Book One
By Leela Atherton
Passion & Deceit, now published by Black Opal Books in paperback and ebook. Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Nook, etc.

He paused, wondering if he should tell her. “I bought you another gift – besides the anklets.” There was no going back now.
She stared at him, her interest piqued. “Why?”
“Why? Because I wanted to.” Any other woman would have asked what, but she wasn’t any other woman. He shifted uncomfortably, nervous. “But I knew you wouldn’t accept it.”
She frowned. “Why not, is it something – expensive?”
He shrugged, avoiding her gaze. “No, that’s not the reason. Anyway you probably wouldn’t like it. Forget I mentioned it.”
“Do you have it here?” Silence. “Could I at least see it?”
“I told you, you won’t like it.” His heart was beginning to pound.
She sat up, her long hair hanging deliciously over her breasts, allowing her nipples to peak out as she moved. “I would really like to see it, please?”
He didn’t want her to see how aroused he was just by their conversation; luckily the towelling robe was at the bottom of the bed. Rajiv grabbed it and turned aside as he shrugged it on, making his way to the cupboard.
He carried the long, green velvet box over to where she was sitting with her knees drawn up to her chin, her hair a curtain of copper surrounding her, and dropped it casually onto the bed.
“Open it.”
She stared at it, then up at him, moistening her lips - wary. “No, you open it.”
He seated himself on the side of the bed beside her, his mouth dry with tension and excitement. He had never expected her to see it; quickly, without hesitation, he flipped it open.
She stared at the rolls of gold chains and frowned. “Is it a necklace?”
“No – not exactly.” Rajiv extracted the shorter, thicker chain, made up of chunky gold links, holding it close to the side-lamp he’d switched on earlier. “This is a kind of necklace – a chocker. Do you want to try it on?”
She hesitated, staring at the gold collar, then back at him and nodded. “Ok, but I’m not keeping it, it looks awfully expensive.”
Dear God, the price was the least of his worries, if she allowed him to put the whole thing on her . . . heart pumping; his erection ached at the thought.
He slid it gently beneath her hair at the nape of her neck and secured the petite padlock in front at her delicate throat.
“Is it too tight?” His voice sounded hoarse as he slid an expert finger between the chain and her skin. It was a little too loose for his liking, but then she’d lost weight since he’d bought it. They’d both lost weight; he pushed the thought aside, just wanting to be in the moment.
“No, it feels fine,” she said fingering the little padlock. ‘What are the other pieces for?” She asked looking at the box on the bed.
He pulled out the rest of it, which was long, fine-linked, golden chains all connected to a circular gold disc at the top. “I’ll show you, if you’ll let me,” he spoke uncertainly. “Shall I put it on you?”
She glanced at him, still fingering the little, gold padlock. “Ok,” she said, huskily.
He took a deep breath, trying to control his excitement. ‘Kneel down on the bed.”
Without hesitation she twisted that sensuous body, folding her long legs beneath her and resting back on her heels.
Seeing her in that position sent the blood flooding to his groin, making it difficult for him to think, to speak. He lifted the shortest chain attached to the top of the disc and snapped the last link to the padlock; the sun-disc immediately rested flat against the pale golden skin of her breast-bone. The rest of the chains fell down in different lengths, between her breasts, coming to rest in a small pile of gold between her thighs. Her fingers moved down to the disc and he noticed her nipples had tightened, two hard nubs pointing outwards through her silky hair, begging for attention.
Rajiv forced his hands not to shake as his fingers closed over the chains linked to either side of the sun-disc. They curved just beneath her breasts as he pulled them outwards.
“Lift your arms,” he breathed. “This piece locks at your back.
She lifted her arms and he had to drag his eyes from those high, pouting breasts with their pale rose nipples. His arms closed around her as he secured the two chains at her back, but he released her quickly, even when he heard her suck in her breath expectantly. Dear God, she looked incredible, her arms above her head, the collar, the sun-disc and the two chains curving outwards beneath each perfect breast.
There was one more chain linked to the bottom of the disc, which also had two chains attached to it, just below her navel. She lowered her hands and fingered the fine links beneath her breasts, her breathing uneven, causing her breasts to jump a little with each breath.
Rajiv took hold of the two chains that curved down low on her hips and once again put his arms around her back to secure them together just above her smoothly rounded ass. For a moment her breast was pointed right at his face and he couldn’t resist taking one tight nipple in his mouth and sucking hard. She gasped, arching into him, but seemed to know not to touch him as he dragged himself away from that pouting nub.
There was only one piece of chain left to secure and it lay curled up like a dozing snake between her thighs.
“Spread you legs, Maya.” He spoke with authority, not wanting her to question what he was about to do, desperate to see her wearing it, as he’d imagined, when he’d bought it.
She spread her bended knees with divine obedience and he slipped the links between the lips of
her sex; wet and slick with their combined juices, sliding his other hand around her back, caressing her cheeks, before drawing the chain between her ass chhks and linking it snugly to the one draping her lower back.
“That’s it,” he said, struggling to control the rampant desire betrayed in his voice. “That’s how it’s meant to be worn.”
He raised his wary eyes to hers.
“It’s beautiful,” She said in a breathy, sexy voice, and Rajiv had to close his eyes for a moment to gain some remnant of control. She looked like a pagan goddess. Proud and yet shy and submissive at the same time.
“Dear God, you are beautiful.” He whispered. “Lift yourself; I want to see it as it should be seen.”
She straightened, kneeling as if in prayer and Rajiv unloosened the belt of his robe, shrugging it off, uncaring that his erect cock was visible now. He stretched out in front of her, leaning on one arm, drinking her in.
The gold was a perfect foil against her pale, creamy skin. The collar turned him on big time and the finer chains draped beneath her up-tilted breasts made his mouth water. His gaze followed the chain down to the two chains resting on the flare of her hips and then the last one, looped between her legs, between those moist, pouting lips. He lifted his hand and slid it up one smooth thigh, having the pleasure of feeling her tremble beneath his fingers,
She ran her hands along the chain beneath her breasts, tentatively fingering them, then cupping each breast.
“God, Maya,” he groaned. “What you do to me?” He hooked one finger into the chain below her navel and ran it southwards until his knuckle was rubbing against her distended clitoris. She moaned, arching her back as his finger trailed down between the slick flesh beyond. He was breathing hard, his body damp and filled with tension.
She may be the one wearing the slave collar, but he knew he was the real slave here, enslaved by this obsession with her. . .
“Turn over for me, please baby,” Rajiv lifted his upper body off of her, running his hand from
her breast, to her hip and then up again.
Maya was floppy with exhaustion. “Raj,” her wrists were finally free, her arms bent at
either side of her head. “I can’t – move.”
They’d been making love for hours with a kind of desperation that was almost scary. He kept
holding her down, circling her wrists as if she would run away if he let her go. Kept bringing
her to the edge and then pulling back. Tormenting her, making her beg and, finally, taking her
over that edge, again and again. It was incredibly erotic but slightly disturbing at the same time.
He lifted himself off her and turned her gently over. “I love your back,” he whispered. Running
both hands from her shoulders down to cup the cheeks of her ass. “And your backside, of
He’d eventually taken the chains off her, but not before he’d driven her mad with them; kissing, licking and sucking her body wherever the chains touched. Rolling them against her nipples with his tongue, then moving down to torment her with the chain tugging between her streaming lips, rolling it against her swollen clit. After driving her insane, he’d taken her, furiously, with the body jewellery on, the chain rubbing against him and her as he forced her to come in an orgasm that didn’t want to end. But that wasn’t enough . . . Once he’d taken the chains off her, one by one, he began to make slow, languorous love to her. Exploring every inch of her body, with his mouth, his hands, his tongue, until she was boneless and overdosed on pleasure.
Now he was caressing her lower back, his erection resting against the cheek of her backside, as he kissed the skin of her shoulders. She was limp with exhaustion, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t feel, and when his hand moved between her legs, exploring her lush, swollen flesh, Maya moaned helplessly.
“I’m sorry, baby,” he whispered against her skin. “I know you’re tired and sore, but I just can’t get enough.” He nudged her legs gently apart and she felt the hot blunt head of his cock pushing into her again. She heard herself groan, her body moist enough for him to ease in without too much effort and then he was thrusting slowly and deeply into her. She cried out as he withdrew, almost completely, and then thrust in deep, again and again, until she was awash with sensation, her inner muscles convulsing around him in spasms that would not end. She was under his erotic spell, completely and utterly his.

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Casual Car Series Presents: Solo Sex A Blog By Storm Stone
Guest Blog Post-

Casual Car Series Presents:
Solo Sex
A Blog By
Storm Stone
Hi, Storm Stone here, sharing with you the intimacies of my Solo Sex life.
About Me
Firstly let me say I hate the word masturbation! What an ugly work for such a wonderful gift. So clinical, it sounds like some kind of disease:
*She’s suffering from a terminal case of masturbation.*
So, from here on you will not hear me using that word. Solo Sex it is. I think it has a pleasant ring to it, plus it’s self explanatory.
Okay, back to me. As I said my name is Storm Stone and I have great sex every night, sometimes two or even three times a night. I also happen to be single . .
So, how does she do it, you ask?
Fantasies, fingers, toys, erotica and well-made porn.
Can a single woman be sexually satisfied?
YES! I’m proof of it. I’m a sexual, sensual woman, in the prime of my life. I just don’t have the time or inclination to kiss a whole lot of toads in order to find my Prince. I am my Prince – every night in my deepest fantasies.
*How many men do you meet every day, every week, every month that you fancy?*
How many cute – fuckable (let’s call a spade a spade) men are you going to meet on a night out with the girls that you fancy and that happens to fancy you? Nil, probably, but that doesn’t mean you have to go without mind-blowing sex. Maybe more mind-blowing than the sex your married friends are getting.
*Sorry it’s not that I’m celibate, or frigid, I just prefer Solo Sex*
Solo Sex: Why don’t more women do it more often?
• It’s Free
• It’s Exciting
• It’s Fun
• It’s Healthy
• It’s Safe
• It’s Relaxing
• It’s a guaranteed orgasm
• The list goes on and on.
See, you don’t have to go to those dreaded Single Bars, hoping to meet Mr Right and ending up in bed with Mr Wrong.
Also, you don’t have to take unnecessary risks:
• Going home with a virtual stranger who may be dangerous, violent, misogynistic, selfish, hopeless, etc.
• Risk of Sexually Transmitted Diseases.
• Risk of Pregnancy.
• Feeling cheap, used, abused, depressed, etc, afterwards.
• Shave that pussy! I don’t care what women, or men, say about going au naturale, nothing feels sexier, cleaner, more sensitive, and more downright erotic than a shaved/waxed/smooth pussy. Whether you’re at home pleasuring yourself, or walking through the office; you’re going to feel sexier with a smooth pussy.
• Keep your nails short: yes, I know some of you ladies love your long painted nails, but you have to choose; more pleasure or long nails. If you go for the long nails, you’ll have to use more toys, and fortunately there’s a huge selection of toys out there to suit your every need. A selection that’s growing all the time. (More on toys later.)
• Lubricant: A good lubricant is essential. KY works fine, but once again there is a great selection of different lubes to choose from. Do not go for the cheap no-name brands, they suck.
• Have a shower/bath beforehand: you want to feel fresh, clean and sexy.
• Let your imagination run wild! Most of us women do not want to be gang-banged by three guys – if we did prostitution would have gone out of business years ago – but in your imagination you are the three perfect guys as well as yourself and you’re having a ball.
• Do NOT feel guilty about your fantasies; they are yours, they are not illegal and they are limitless.
• Set the mood: Don’t just come home from work, have your shower, something to eat, watch some telly and a quick finger orgasm before drifting off to sleep. NO! Have your shower; put on something that makes you feel sexy. Anything from thigh-high stockings to satin pajama pants that rub against your clit every time you move. Build up the mood with candlelight while you eat, brushing up against your nipples or your pussy while you sip that glass of wine. Feel the excitement build up inside, so by the time you’re ready to move to the bedroom you’re desperate for it. Now I know a lot of you ladies just don’t have the time for this every night. Working hard, coming home exhausted, but set apart at least ONE night a week to pleasure and pamper yourself.
• Lastly: EXTRAS and by extras I mean; toys, erotic reading and porn. Be very selective with porn; some of it can be very off-putting for a woman.
• Personally I prefer reading erotica to watching porn (Reading List to come). Generally erotica written by women seems to suit me more than that written by men.
So ladies, off you go to have some great Solo Sex! 

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Sex Story - Casual Car Deception - By: Storm Stone

Casual Car Deception ‘Sexerpt’
Storm Stone
Damon’s eyes were cold, unreadable. “I found your blog Jemma, you lied to me, Solo Sex is not a ‘travel blog’. You lied to me.”
Jemma felt icy dread run through her veins. “I was going to tell you – I was just waiting for the right moment.”
His amber eyes narrowed. “I don’t think you were gonna tell me, baby. Your travel blog just happens to be a porn blog -.”
“It’s not porn!”
“Oh really, have you any idea how many men jerk off to your blog?”
“That’s not my fault; I write for women; single women who want to please themselves and have a right to a sex life even if they are single. I don’t need to justify my writing, my work to you – or anyone.”
He laughed. “I read some of your blog, pretty hot stuff, Jemima.”
She cringed, feeling exposed at the thought of him reading her blog. “I’m Jemma, Jemima is a – pseudo name.”
“Whatever, you certainly got me going. I had to jerk off three times while reading that stuff.”
“It’s written for women,” she repeated.
“Yeah, all those toys and gadgets, who needs a man huh?” he straightened up and walked towards her. “I’d love to try some of them with you, on you . . . But I’m warning you, if you put me in your blog, I will sue the ass off of you Jemma, do you understand?”
He was looming over her, too close for comfort, and her skin prickled with awareness. “What happened between us was private,” she managed, steadily. “Nothing to do with my blog.”
“So innocent, so convincing,” he reached out and trailed his finger down from her cheek to her neck.
Jemma’s body caught fire at his touch, she was hungry for him, moisture pooling between her legs.
His finger continued down over her dress, circling one hard nipple. He smiled, smugly. “I still want to fuck you, I want to punish the hell out of you, but I also want to fuck you.”
He stared at her, his eyes no longer cool. Punish her! “Punish me?” She croaked.
“Yes, punish you for lying to me,” his finger circling her nipple was exquisite torment.
Her mind was confused with dozens of unanswered questions, but all her body wanted was him on that bed, naked and fucking her over and over again.
“Are you up to it, or shall I just leave?”
“No!” She sounded desperate, she was desperate. “Just let me explain first.”
“I’m not interested in explanations; do you wanna fuck or not?”
She was so weak and he knew it, his smile told her so. “Yes, I do.” He was so experienced, so totally out of her league. “What do you mean by punish me?”
He smiled. “You’ll find out soon enough.”
This was crazy; she was scared, but curious and wet for him.
“Go over and stand by the bed,” his voice was cool, commanding, after a moment she did as he asked, feeling his eyes on her back. “Turn around.”
He smiled; a predator’s smile. God, how could she not have seen that she was playing with fire?
“If you don’t like it just tell me to stop, and I’ll leave.” He stood over her, an air of taut excitement about him. “Do you understand?”
She nodded; she didn’t want him to leave.
“Answer me!”
“Yes, I understand,” her voice was husky with desire and trepidation.
He took her hand, his rough one sending currents of need through her. Seating himself at the bottom of the bed he pulled her onto him. In one swift move she was spread over his lap, her face buried in the mattress, her pelvis pushing against his hard groin and her booted legs kicking at the air What the hell!
“Legs straight!” He grabbed both legs in one big hand and pressed them against the mattress. “Keep them still.”
She did as she was told, but turned her head around, trying to see what he was going to do.
“Keep still!” He twisted her hair painfully in his fist.
She was breathing hard, fear of the unknown seeping through her. He was so angry; about her blog, her lying to him. God, he must be so pissed.
“I think we’ll keep these sexy clothes on,” his voice had changed, the anger gone, replaced by a sensual, promising tone.”For the moment, anyway.”
She felt wet and afraid - a lethal combination. Damon was a master at sex and manipulation, whereas she was a novice. He lifted her dress; satin-lined it slid smoothly upwards. He caressed her bottom, covered by her panties and tights, but still his hands burned through the fabric, and before she knew it, the tights and panties were yanked down to her knee-high boots. She was naked from waist to thigh!
“That’s better,” Damon caressed her cheeks, settled high over his lap. “I’ve been thinking a lot about this ass.”
Suddenly a stinging slap across her bottom; Jemma shrieked in pain and fury.
“Shh, you’ll get to like it.”
No way. Then his palm began stroking the stinging skin and his fingers slipped between her legs, finding her wet, hot cunt; she moaned in desperate need, dreaming of his hands on her body for days. The stinging pain followed by this aching pleasure…
“See.” He murmured. “Just two more and then I’m gonna fuck you.”
Two more degrading, painful slaps. Could she handle it? Then he would fuck her. Yes she could handle two more slaps to have his huge cock buried inside her.
His palm hit her flesh again, followed immediately by his caressing hand, soothing the sting and then sliding between her legs, finding her clitoris and rubbing. She moaned, unable to hold back the fractured feelings he was evoking in her.
“Last one, baby.” Another hard, stinging slap over both cheeks followed by that caressing palm and then his fingers sliding up and down, her moist slit, inside her saturated core, exposing her desperate desire for him.
“Oh baby, always so wet and ready for my cock.”
He threw her onto the bed, face down on the mattress. “Don’t move,” he instructed her. “I want to look at that beautiful pink ass while I fuck you.”
She didn’t dare look, but she heard something drop to the floor. His shirt? And then he was behind her, his jeans rubbing against her knees, his hard, throbbing cock sliding up against her dripping core.
He rubbed her sore ass cheeks.”Oh baby, you look so hot, so ready for my cock inside you, fucking you hard.”
“Damon please -.” The pain had not decreased her desire; if anything, it had increased it. She was desperate for him to fuck her now.
He hesitated and she sobbed, circling her ass, bending and thrusting her pussy out at him.
“I should leave you like this, begging for it. God, you really don’t deserve this, you little liar.” He slid the blunt head from her core to her clit and slowly back down again.
“Fuck me, please,” she hated herself for begging, especially after he had hurt and humiliated her. Why was she so weak, her pride decimated by his sexual expertise?
“Say that again, louder.”
“Fuck me, please!” She shouted, hating him, but hating herself more.
“God, I love it when you beg.”
In one thrust, he rammed himself inside her. She screamed, but not with pain, that first thrust, deep and hard, preparing her for his total possession. As he withdrew and thrust harder and faster into her, Jemma gave herself to him. Her cunt squeezing and welcoming; her orgasm building with each thrust. She needed this, more than anything in the world!
His breathing was ragged. “Come on, Jemma. Give it to me, baby”
His urgent words send her over the edge, freefalling, while he continued to slam into her. Five days without this, without him, sent her into a mindless, shattering orgasm.
“God, you’re so tight,” he choked, continuing to slam into her and she continued to come, waves of mindless pleasure washing over her.
His hands gripped her hips, pulling her up against his rock-hard shaft. Jemma sobbed, her body boneless as he continued to ram into her, over and over again.
“Fuck, oh fuck, I don’t wanna come,” he groaned.
Her cunt was convulsing around him; her arms, unable to hold herself up, slid forward until her upper body was flat against the mattress, only her ass lifted high by his strong hands, as he continued to ram into her. Unable to control her body; waves of sensation wracking through her? She was totally his, to do with as he pleased.
Her hands had reached the headboard as his pounding hips pushed her further up the bed. She gripped the wooden slats, holding on tight, giving her leverage as he continued to slam into her.
“Fuck, fuck, oh fuck!”
Jemma felt his cock swell inside her, finally that liquid warmth filled as he came and came. His body stiffened into an arch, hips grinding and jerking, he emptied himself into her; groaning as if in agony.
His cock still buried deep inside her, Damon slowly lowered himself onto her, his limp body covering hers. Both of them slick with sweat and breathing raggedly, they slowly drifted back down to earth.

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Sex Story- By: Storm Stone -Confessions of a Male Porn Star: Part 2

Confessions of a Male Porn Star
Storm Stone
Published by Storm Stone at Smashwords
Copyright © 2014 by Storm Stone
Part Two: The Interview
“The fact that she wants to interview you alone,” Veronica said, as she brushed her long, perfectly straightened, black hair. “That she wants to spend two hours on this fucking interview, can only mean one thing, you know that?”
Johnny stared into his fiancé’s ice cold, beautiful eyes; wishing she’d get the hell out of their condo and leave him in peace. “Yeah, she wants to fuck me and interview me.”
Veronica’s perfect face twisted, she liked calling the shots, but she wanted this interview. It would be published in a popular men’s magazine, and would promote his image as well as his latest movies, and she wasn’t prepared to pass up such an opportunity just because the journalist – what was her name? – wanted a taste of Johnny Deep’s famous cock. So Veronica had relented.
“I’ll be back at exactly three pm and she’d better be done with you,” she stated, giving him a look of suspicious disgust. “I suppose you’re looking forward to having the horny bitch crawling all over your cock?”
“Actually I’d prefer to spend the afternoon watching TV and just chilling out,” he told her truthfully, lifting the remote and flicking through the channels. “Besides she’s too skinny for me and her mouth reminds me of a rodent.”
Veronica smiled; her usual self-satisfied smile. “Well make sure she leaves here satisfied, we don’t want her telling the world you’re a lousy fuck.” Her pale blue eyes narrowed. “Give it to her good and hard, the little slut.”
“Don’t I always?” He watched her put her i-phone into her bag and slide her Gucci sunglasses on, giving him a break from those cold, calculating eyes. “So where you going for the next couple of hours?”
She hesitated.”I think I’ll go round and see Dee.”
Dee was a psychologist to the stars, doing very well for herself, and Johnny had a feeling there was more than just friendship between her and his fiancé, not that he cared really.
Finally she was gone, and he found some reruns of Two and a Half Men on the box, stretching himself out on the long, leather couch, cold beer in one hand, he lay back with a sigh of pleasure and switched off from the world around him.
Thirty-five minutes later the intercom went off and he buzzed the journalist into the complex. Opening the door, Johnny watched her park her black BMW sports and climb out, gazing around her with interest. He checked her out as she made her way towards him. She was wearing a short denim skirt, black vest and a stone-washed denim jacket, looking better in casual clothes than she had the night before.
His unrelenting cock twitched, as his eyes took in her black stilettos and slim tanned legs disappearing beneath the denim skirt.
“Hi!” She pulled her sun-glasses off as she got closer, and he decided he still didn’t like that pointy, mousy face, but the body was fuckable enough.
“Can I get you a beer?” He asked, once she’d settled herself on the couch, fiddling with the hi-tech recorder she’d brought with her. “Water, Coke?”
“Oh, a cold beer would be good, thank you.” She was already checking him out, her eyes settling on his crotch, as he made his way towards the open-plan kitchen.
He was wearing baggy jeans and a white cotton shirt, unbuttoned, not for her benefit; this was what he usually wore round the house.
He returned with the beer and a long glass, she ignored the glass, flipping the tab of the beer can and taking a long, thirsty drink, as he settled his ass at the other end of the couch.
Her eyes were all over him like a rash and there was an air of excitement about her, which his cock seemed to like, even if he didn’t.
Setting the recorder on the table she took another swig of the beer. “So, as you know, my name is Rose Benning and I’m here to interview you for Pulp Friction.”
Rose Benning – thank God – no doubt a thorny fucking Rose at that.
“Nice to meet you again, Rose,” he said, his eyes checking out her small, rounded tits – nipples erect.
She squirmed on the leather couch, her eyes glittering with lust. Settling herself facing him on the other end of the couch, he could see she was too sexed up to do the interview first, but he wasn’t going to make this easy for her. She was a journalist known for her dry wit and bitchy gossip; which the magazine she worked for, Pulp Friction, spread around the world, making her targets’ lives a misery.
She took another swig of the beer and pulled her left knee up to rest on the seat of couch. Her denim skirt rose to her thighs and her bare, shaven pussy spread out, on display for his pleasure. Her pussy lips were half open, flushed hot and pink, her clit poking out, shining moistly.
Johnny’s traitorous cock immediately woke up, that wet, succulent cunt sending the blood rushing from his brain to his groin. He dragged his eyes from her open invitation to explore her expression. She seemed completely relaxed with her needy pussy on show, a knowing smile of self-confidence on her face.
He didn’t bother trying to hide his amusement; some women thought that just by flashing their cunts at a guy, that guy was at their mercy. Well, he saw pussy all day long - even if his damn cock always reacted to it – he’d seen it all before.
“Like what you see?” She asked, caressing the inside of her bent leg.
“Yeah,” Johnny murmured. “You looking pretty wet down there, needy.”
“Mm, needy for Johnny Deep’s big baby.”
“So do you wanna fuck or do the interview first?”
“Looks like you’re ready to fuck,” she said, staring down at the bulge in his jeans.
“Baby my cock’s always ready to fuck,” he smirked. “But I’m happy to do the interview now, if that cunt of yours can wait.”
Her smile faded, slowly realising she wasn’t calling the shots. “You’re an arrogant little prick, aren’t you?” She tried to sound patronising, but her eyes kept dropping below his waistband.
“I think you mean arrogant big prick.”
Taking a large swig of his beer, Johnny set it down on the coffee table and made himself comfortable; stretching out on the long couch, resting his arms behind his head.
Her hand moved higher between her legs and she started fingering herself, sliding two fingers between her puffy pink lips, opening it up for him to see her glossy, swollen clit. His cock began to pulse, wanting in that smooth inviting slit, but he kept his face blank.
“Ok,” she sighed, her glittering eyes on his crotch. “Let’s fuck first.”
Johnny didn’t move, sprawled out, hands behind his head, he raised his eyebrows. “I’m all yours, baby, go for it.”
She hesitated for a moment, displeased with his impassive behaviour, but unable to resist the drive of lust, she licked her lips, straightening up and shrugging off her jeans jacket, and dropping it to the floor; she reached out with both hands to unbutton his jeans. His cock lay thick and heavy on his stomach, reaching well past his navel, the tip shiny and wet with pre-cum.
“God!” Her beady eyes widened and she immediately began smearing the moisture oozing from the mouth of his cock with her fingers, smoothing it around his glans and knob head with avid excitement; pulling his foreskin back, exposing the shiny, pink flesh beneath. If his cock could purr it would, loving the ravenous attention it was getting.
Johnny kept his body still and relaxed, watching her with hooded eyes, as she bent her head, stuck out her tongue and licked it wetly from the base to the moist head. She lifted her gaze, staring at him with lustful eyes.
“Like what you see?” he asked in a cool voice.
“Yes, it’s . . .” She paused then lowering her head, covered his swelling knob with her lips.
His cock jerked in pleasure, adoring the sensation of a horny woman’s lips kissing and licking his sensitive head.
Fortunately her high-lighted hair didn’t get in the way of his view, she’d tied it back in a pony-tail, so he could watch her eyes droop and her mouth, stretched wide, begin to do its work. She managed to get half his shaft down, sucking in and out greedily; her mouth, filled with saliva, felt sublime. She lifted her head just off his purring cock and, holding it with both hands, allowed a stream of spit to drool from her mouth directly onto the eager tip. She was good; he had to give her that, even if she couldn’t deep throat him; smearing her spit over and around his knob head with her lips and tongue was working its magic, staring up at him, she looked like she was enjoying a particularly delicious ice-cream.
He cock wanted him to grab her hair and push down; up and down, but he kept his hands where they were, letting her do all the work. One hand was fisting him while the other stroked his smooth, shaven balls, cupping and squeezing them like a pro.
Pretty soon she lifted her head; obviously impatient to get his huge pole inside her; kneeling back on her heels she pulled the black vest over her head. She had a good body, even if it was skinny. Her tits were enough of a handful, firm and pouting, with huge nipples, hard as pebbles, the areola large and round, covering half her tits. There was something about large nipples that turned him on big-time – dusky pink, luscious and inviting he wanted to suck them deep into his mouth and then come all over them. He wanted to grab and squeeze them, but he stopped himself, as she straddled him, her denim skirt bunched above her hips.
“Before we fuck, baby,” Johnny murmured. “There’s one condition.”
If his cock could slap him, he knew it would, but he was in control today, ignoring the horny greed emanating from it. “I’m gonna want to fuck your ass as well as your pretty pussy.”
She stared down at him, pushing her hot, streaming cunt against the ridged underside of his wet cock, the contact sending lustful pleasure from his prick to his fingertips “What?” Her eyes were glazed but determined, her body covered in a film of sweat.
“You heard me; I wanna stick this baby in your asshole.”
He watched her slowly come down to earth, mouth agape. “I – uh – I don’t think I can – it’s too – big.”
He smiled; a satisfied smile. “C’mon, surely you’ve been ass-fucked before?”
“Yes, but . . .”
He began to shift his hips, lazily rubbing his thick cock against her streaming, spread vulva.
Instinctively, she began sliding her cunt against his cock, her clit meeting his sensitized knob, introducing itself to his cock who greeted the swollen nub with eager pleasure. “Don’t panic, baby, I’ll go easy on you. You’ll be begging for it once I get it inside.”
She was alarmed; he could see it, couldn’t keep the smile from his face, cause her pussy was hungry, riding hard against his dick, desperate to get that pumped up flesh inside her. “I don’t know . . .”
“Don’t worry baby, I’ll fuck your pussy first, get you ready and loosened up for the main course.”
“You’re a real motherfucker, you know that?” She ground out, grinding her cunt at the same time.
Johnny grinned at her shrewish face. “Yeah, I know, but I’m still gonna make you love it.”
She gazed down to where their bodies met, and dragging in a deep, shaky breath, she grabbed his thick pole in one hand and, lifting herself high, rubbed his cock-head around her wet, waiting core. She was nice and tight, he could tell as she panted, struggling to get his huge knob inside. Obviously she’d fucked around a lot, but it felt like she’d never had a cock as big as his inside her and she was desperate to get it in. Her hand shook, sweat gleaming on her skin as she squirmed and pushed, lowering her wide-spread thighs onto the blunt, bloated head of his cock. Finally she managed to squeeze it in, groaning with relief, as the whole swollen knob stretched her hole and squeezed inside. His hips lifted automatically, pushing a few more inches into that tight channel of hers. She sobbed in pleasurable pain, leaning both hands on his pecs now and sinking her slim body lower, until she almost had it all.
Johnny’s cock was reaching for paradise, desperate to ram itself all the way in and fuck her hard, but he forced himself to take it slow, circling his hips, easing it in deeper.
“God!” She gasped. “There’s so much of it – I don’t know if I can -.”
Finally he removed his hands from behind his head to rest them on her prominent hipbones. “Just relax baby, you’re almost there,” then with one hard thrust of his hips he rammed himself all the way into her cunt.
She screamed as her flesh stretched wide and deep, muscles clutching onto his cock like a strong, tight fist. He tried to hold back a groan, but his cock being surrounded by slick, taut muscle was pure bliss.
“Seems like this sweet pussy of yours ain’t used to a cock my size?” He breathed, heart pounding, his whole shaft twitching for action.
“No – oh fuck - yes,” she circled her hips carefully, experimentally, as her muscles eased, adapting themselves to the length and breadth of his rock-hard dick. “Oh God – I can’t move . . .”
She was impaled on his pole, rivulets of sweat running down between her tits, as she moaned and sobbed in pleasurable pain. Johnny ran his hands up from her hips to cup those gleaming tits, squeezing the nipples hard between his finger and thumb, watching her jerk and arch her spine He could almost see her nipples spiking their need down to her pussy, as she lifted herself, just a little, then sunk back down onto his cock.
“Uh – oh fuck – yessss,” the last word came out like a snake hissing, and Johnny wondered through a haze of lust how she was going to handle him fucking her ass.
His cock was getting desperate now, fed up with just playing around, it wanted to fuck this pussy hard and fast, and Johnny was beginning to agree with it -playtime over. He slid his hands down her damp body and gripped her hips again; seeking her clit with his thumb, he circled and rubbed the swollen pouch, puffed and throbbing with need.
“Fuck – yes – oh God!”
Working her clit was doing its magic. She began to move, fucking him good and proper now, lifting herself high and then pushing down hard onto his pulsing prick. He used his hand on her hip to steady her rhythm, lifting his ass off the couch and slamming her down hard onto him. His eyes focused on where their bodies were joined, enjoying the sight of his thick, wet cock sinking in and out of her stretched hole. It was a beautiful sight, his cock was working her over good.
“Give it to me baby,” she chocked. “Oh yes, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!” Her hands were pushing down on his pecs, her gaze also focused on his pole ramming in and out, while his thumb pleasured her vulva, rubbing steadily from the top of her slit down to her stretched, juicy entrance.
She was riding him faster and harder now, and he moved with her, ramming it in deep, pulling out almost to the head and ramming in again. Feeling her muscles clutching around his pounding cock, he knew she was just about to come, and so was he, as her her muscles sucked him deeper and deeper . . .
“”Oh God, oh God,” she sobbed loudly. “I’m coming! Fuck me, fuck, me fuck meeeee . . .”
Muscles convulsing around him, Johnny gripped her hips with both hands and jack-hammered his diamond-hard cock into her, feeling it swell, growing even bigger and harder before exploding; shooting streams of hot, sweet cum into that spasming channel, filling her up until he saw it oozing out of her. He kept going for a few more seconds, watching his slimy cream seep out, covering his thick, jerking pole, gleaming pink and wet as his orgasm reverberated through him.
Damp palms stuck to his chest, arms trembling, she ground herself against him, still sexed-up. Her eyes were locked on her wide-stretched cunt, squatting over him, her pussy lips squashed against his pelvis. His cock was twitching deep inside her, happy to stay exactly where it was, being milked by the aftershocks of her spasming inner muscles.
Just as she was about to collapse on top of him, Johnny stopped her, gripping her shoulders to keep her upright. She was gasping for breath, her head hanging loosely from her neck, like a drooping flower.
“Stay where you are baby,” he said, dragging some air into his lungs. “I’m not finished with you yet.”

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Sex Story- Confessions of a Male Porn Star -Storm Stone

Confessions of a Male Porn Star
By: Storm Stone


Part I

Johnny lit up the cigarette he’d bummed from Max downstairs, taking a deep drag with absolute pleasure. Veronica, his fiancé-cum- manager, was under the impression that he’d given up when they’d first gotten engaged; telling him it was bad for his image, his health and his performance. It may be bad for his health, but he didn’t really believe it was bad for his image, as for his performance, there was nothing he enjoyed more than a smoke after a good fuck – be it on or off screen.
He took a swig from the bottle of beer he was drinking and stared up at the stars. He’d sneaked away from the party downstairs, intent on savouring his beer and illicit cigarette in peace. Veronica was in deep discussion with a journalist who wanted to do an in interview with him so, with a bit of luck, he’d have half an hour to enjoy his smoke and some peace and quiet before she came looking for him.
A movement at the other end of the balcony caught his eye, he’d thought he was alone up here, but there was a couple talking quietly to each other in the shadows to his left. His gaze skimmed over the blonde’s long legs, the stretchy black dress she was wearing just about covering her tight ass. Her blonde hair hung straight down to the centre of her back. Not bad, he thought to himself, not bad at all. In the old days, before his engagement, he would have been hitting on her in a second, whether she was with someone or not. He couldn’t get a proper look at the guy she was with, her tall, curvaceous body effectively blocking the man from view,
Johnny shrugged, focusing on the cigarette, the rush of nicotine blending perfectly with the beer he was drinking.
The blonde turned around, making her way slowly towards him, leaving her partner behind. The dress she was wearing was low cut, showing off her full, fake breasts, just covering her crotch; not that much different from what most of the girls downstairs at the party were wearing, but her body was definitely above average. And the way she moved; slowly, giving him time to get a good look as she strolled towards him, was like an open invitation; I want you to fuck me, baby, long and hard.
His eyes finally reached her face, he didn’t recognise her, so he presumed she wasn’t in the business. He knew most of the girls in the porn business, either by sight or from working with them. She was a little older than he’d imagined, maybe late twenties, but that only added to the attraction. He’d lost interest in most of the young empty-headed young bimbos he had to fuck for a living.
Johnny got a good look at her face up close; she reminded him of Scarlett Johanssen, but she had the height to go with the face, his cock twitched. He’d always found sweet Scarlett very fuckable, although he’d never had the pleasure of meeting her.
“Hi,” he answered, watching her eyes drop to his crotch.
He was used to that, most women who recognised him did that, sometimes he liked it, sometimes he didn’t. His cock didn’t seem to mind.
“You’re Johnny Deep, aren’t you?”
“Yeah.” He had a feeling he knew where this was going.
“I’ve seen all your movies,” her voice was low, sexy, as her gaze drifted back up to his face.
He took a last drag on the cigarette, killing it with his boot, wishing he had another one. “So, did you enjoy them?”
“Oh yes,” she moistened her full lips. “I’ve had multiple orgasms watching that cock of yours in action, imagining it was me you were fucking.”
His nine inch tool twitched and hardened at her complimentary words.
“Can I touch it – please?” Her eyes were glittering with lust.
“I’m sorry lady,” he tried to let her down easy. “But my fiancé’s downstairs and she’s gonna be looking for me any minute now.”
Her hand reached out and stroked his crotch through the soft denim jeans he was wearing, her hot palm cupped his hardening cock and she bent forward, pressing those full lips to his. He pulled back regretfully, she smelled good, she tasted good.
“Please Johnny, let me just see it, touch it.”
“Baby, if my fiancé sees you anywhere near my cock she’ll scratch your eyes out.” He breathed, taking a swig of his beer.
“I’ll take my chances, you’re worth it.”
Within the blink of an eye she was down on her knees, pulling down his zip and springing his hardened prick out of his jeans.
“For fuck’s sake -.” He could have pushed her away, but he didn’t, his cock was enjoying the attention too much.
Her warm, wet tongue circled the bulging head of his cock, and then she sucked it deeper into that greedy mouth. God, but she was good. No preliminaries, her blonde head moving up and down, her mouth hot and filled with saliva, welcoming his long, thick cock into paradise.
His dick began to throb in anticipation and his hips jerked wanting to get that baby in even deeper. His brain tried to function, but his cock was calling the shots.
He tried one more time. “Lady this is not a good idea, she’s gonna come looking for me.”
“God it’s beautiful,” she stared up at him in awe.”Even bigger than it looks on screen.”
“Yeah, they all say that.” Almost every woman he’d fucked off-screen said it looked bigger, thicker, better in the flesh. He used to dig that in the beginning - now – it was neither here nor there.
Her mouth was back in action, her hands also wanting a piece of the action; caressing his balls, gripping the base, her mouth moving deeper, slowly but surely. Besides the professionals, there were few fans that could deep throat him, but she was getting there. He could feel the slick tip of his pulsing cock at the back of her throat. Grabbing the back of her head with his free hand he eased his cock in just a little deeper, knowing from years of practice, just how much of it she could take.
Finally he looked down, knowing that once he started watching it would be; game over. Half the pleasure was in the watching. Her lips were spread wide, his cock was as thick as it was long and saliva was dripping from the corners of her sexy mouth, as her long, almost white, silky hair swung back and forth. He fisted his hand into that silky hair, pulled it tight, lifting her head just a little, so he could look into her eyes while he fucked her mouth.
“That’s it baby; take it all, you can do it.”
Her slanted, blue eyes were filled with pleasure, adoration; she closed them for a moment and managed to slide the whole baby into her mouth and down her throat. His body sunk into the wall he was leaning against, he’d almost forgotten how good it was to fuck fans, and this one was a class act. She lifted her lids, eyes watering from having his cock so deep down her throat. His hand, fisted in her long hair, moved in unison with his cock, gently pushing her face right up against his pelvis and then pulling out, almost to the tip, keeping up the pace – in out, in out.
Her long fingernails dug into his hips, pushing and pulling. He glanced over at the guy she’d been talking to earlier, a pudgy, balding man, leaning against the wide, stone balcony, watching them intently, smoking a cigarette.
“Who’s the dude watching us, baby?” he asked, pulling her off his cock, so she could answer.
She let go of it reluctantly, gazing up at him with watery eyes. “That’s my husband, he likes to watch.” She covered his shiny, wet prick with both hands, squeezing it while sucking and licking the swollen head with avid pleasure.
Johnny shrugged, lots of men loved to watch their wives being fucked by a big cock; and he wasn’t one to complain.
“I want to fuck you,” she said, staring up at him with pleading, hungry eyes. “I need to feel your cock inside my cunt, fucking me hard.”
“Lady, I told you; wrong time, wrong place.” His cock was disagreeing with him, wanting inside, whether it was her mouth or her pussy, which, he was sure was wet and ready for a good, hard fucking
She stood up, still squeezing and stoking him with one hand, she slid her snaking tongue into his mouth, licking and sucking on his tongue. “Please baby, I really need it,” she grabbed his wrist with her free hand and guided it between her legs.
She was naked beneath the tight dress and his fingers slid into her soaking, smooth cunt. She was puffed and streaming, jerking herself against his sliding fingers. Moaning, she lifted one leg and wrapped it round his thigh, spreading that soaking pussy wider as he fingered her lazily, sliding two fingers along that smooth, slick flesh. His thumb found her swollen clit and circled it. She had a delicious cunt, if they’d been in a different place, with more time; he’d have buried his face in that hungry pussy of hers and taken his time licking all that slimy juice, before fucking her hard. But now was not the time.
He slid two fingers into her wide-spread, dripping core and felt her cunt muscles tighten greedily, clamping and sucking them in deeper. Christ his cock was pumping with a heart-beat of its own, desperate to get in there and feel those tight muscles clamp around it.
“Please, Johnny, please,” she begged. “Give it to me, I need it, I need it bad.”
Reluctantly he pulled his fingers out of that streaming hole, ready to take control and push her off of him, put an end to this little interlude, but she immediately took his cock and began rubbing the tip against her slick, swollen clit, moaning and sobbing as she guided his bulbous cock-head down to her core and tried to push it inside.
“Fucking hell, woman, you just can’t take no for an answer can you?”
“Oh God!” she cried, lifting herself on her toes and trying to climb on top of his eager cock.
She managed to squeeze the head inside, but his cock was too big and the head slipped out, the underside sliding up between those wet, swollen lips. Smooth flesh rubbing against smooth flesh. She kept jerking her hips, her hand gripping his huge pleasure pole and squashing it against her streaming vulva.
He glanced over at her husband, he’d pulled his cock out of his pants and was stroking it with his fist, his eyes glued to the two of them, listening to his wife moan and beg and sob for it.
Johnny looked down between them, her black dress was scrunched up around her waist, her hand circled round the base of his cock, swollen hard and dripping with juice, she rubbed it against her smooth beautiful cunt. She followed his gaze and let out a long moan at the sight of his monstrous pole, bloated, wet and ready for action.
Johnny was beginning to give in, his cock was in control now and this lady was gonna go crazy if he didn’t fuck her, she was that desperate.
She must have sensed his resignation; dropping her leg to the floor, she grabbed his hand and, holding onto his cock with her other hand, moved backwards towards the stone balcony, taking him with her.
“This is fucking crazy,” Johnny said, following her, his eyes fixed on her long legs leading up to those wet, pouting lips, moisture dripping between her thighs.
Fortunately the balcony wasn’t too high, but wide enough for her to sit, or even lay, on. She let go of his straining cock and hopped onto the edge of it, spreading her legs immediately, giving him a good look at her beautiful, cunt, gleaming in the moonlight. It was pink, swollen and streaming with juice. She had a swollen, pouting clit, and he wished he had time to suck on it, but his cock was rock-hard, fully erect, the mouth drooling for action.
He moved in closer and rested the tip just above her swollen clit, it was so big that it covered her whole cunt and she moaned, staring at it and jerking her hip against it.
“Yes, oh God – I need that beauty inside me now!”
He set the bottle of beer down beside her and placed his hands between her legs, spreading them even wider, while she grabbed his cock and guided the head to her hungry core. She leaned her free hand back on the stone balcony and lifted her ass just as his hips jerked and he thrust his burning cock hard, all the way in.
She screamed in pleasurable pain, her cunt obviously not used to such a huge penetration. They both watched as his cock stretched her pussy wide and tight, her cunt muscles gripped his cock like a vice and he began to pump, fast and hard. Johnny felt her come almost immediately, sobbing and groaning.
“Oh God, yes – fuck me baby, fuck me hard – oh fuuuuuuck!”
His cock was ready to explode, but he held back, grabbing the cleavage of her dress and popping those big fake tits out, squeezing and kneading them while his ass jack-hammered deep into those tight grasping muscles.
She continued to come; moaning, swearing and sobbing, as he fucked her pussy harder and harder, his cock swelling like a balloon ready to burst, desperate to explode. He could have pulled out and come all over that beautiful cunt, but those greedy muscles were gripping on too tight. He stared down at her pussy stretched to its limits by his thick rod, moving in and out, working her hard, turning her inside out, until finally he exploded. Hot jets of cum shooting deep inside her, filling her up as he continued to pump, watching some of his cum ooze out of her, spreading around her spasming hole.
“Fill me up baby,” she cried. “Fill my cunt with your beautiful cum.”
Finally, with one last thrust, he collapsed, his cock buried deep inside her, her cunt muscles clutching and convulsing around him.
Johnny turned his head, checking for Veronica; slowly coming down to earth and realising what a crazy risk he’d taken. He eased his semi-hard, motherfucker of a cock out of her, all shiny and satisfied, droplets of come still drooling from its mouth. He rubbed the cum over her swollen clit, enjoying the sight, as her body trembled and she moaned the loss of that huge tool. Creamy semen was dribbling out of her and she used her fingers to smear it around her pussy, her hole still spasming with the aftermath of her orgasm. Some of his cum ran down between her legs, dripping onto the stone balcony.
“God,” she choked. “I can see why they call you Sir Cumalot, I’ve never been so filled up with spunk in my life.”
He wiped his cock on her long, tanned legs, before tucking the bugger back inside jeans. She laid there, legs spread, fingering herself, smoothing the cream in and around her cunt, her lush body still trembling and convulsing, slick with sweat.
“Lady, I gotta get going, Veronica’s gonna be here any minute.” He ran his fingers through his hair, smelling sex all over him, shit. Straightening his shirt he wondered if she was going to just sit there, waiting for the next cock to come along. Then he remembered the husband, standing at the other end of the balcony, waiting patiently for her.
“Do you do home visits?” She asked, still breathless.
“No,” he shook his head, resigned. “Not since I got engaged.”
“Shit, I would have loved you for my thirtieth birthday next month. Can I give you my husband’s card?” Finally, she lifted herself off the balcony, pulling her dress from her waist to her crotch.
Johnny breathed a sigh of relief, although he could still see the tops of her thighs, shining with cum and pussy juice.
“Maybe you can sneak round; my husband can be very generous.”
The thought of fucking her again, plus the extra cash was a real temptation, but he couldn’t risk it.
“Sorry baby, no can do.” he shrugged.
“Just take the card, you never know.” She sauntered over to the husband, semen dribbling down the back of her legs.
“Here you go,” she handed him the card her husband had given her, eyes glittering with excited lust.
He looked at it, it had a name, and phone number printed on it and a date scrawled in pen.
“My rates are high,” he told her.
She smiled. “I’ve got a wonderful husband, he loves pleasing me. He’s my soul-mate,” she laughed, sexy as hell. “Maybe not my fuck-mate, but definitely my soul-mate.”
Johnny gazed at her; her eyes were glazed, drugged with the aftermath of carnal pleasure, probably ready to be worked over by her husband now.
She sounded serious about the soul-mate stuff. Was Veronica his soul-mate? He burst out laughing and she joined him
“Baby, I gotta go, my soul-mate must be looking for me."

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