On The Road Again—With Sex Toys! by SexToy Dave

On The Road Again—With Sex Toys!

Just because you’re out of town, doesn’t mean that the sex toy fun should stop. Here’s a guide on how to travel with sex toys and, more importantly, what to bring.

   1. If you are flying, you definitely want to put them in your suitcase not your carry on—unless, you want to be embarrassed when you go through security and/or have your toy(s) taken away. If they think you’ll blow up the plane or physically harm someone (like with a flogger), it will get taken away. Pack your toys in between your clothes to cushion them, as well.
   2. Remove the batteries—well, for obvious reasons. If it vibrates and then starts going off, it will either be embarrassing or could be construed as a bomb. Seriously. Penis pumps have also been confiscated as bombs, too.
   3. If you get lube that’s travel sized, you can out it in your carry on. Be saredul, however if you are flying out of the country, because some country's customs won't allow you to carry liquids. If it’s larger, pack it, but put it in a plastic Ziploc bag so it doesn’t leak all over everything when your bag gets tossed around. It’s probably best just to get a small-sized lube and check it in. Even a small lube is not cheap. Plus, the lighter you travel the better.
   4. Don’t bring luxury and/or irreplaceable toys. What if they lose your bag and your $100 leather whip was in there. You’ll shit out of luck. I doubt you really want to claim that as a loss to the people who do the insurance for the airlines.
   5. If you are staying with a friend, you could even send your sex toys ahead of time through the mail. Of course, it might not be convenient to do this on the return trip.
   6. Another smart idea is to have your sex toys sent to your hotel. If you get ones that are inexpensive, you can just toss them in the trash before you leave and have no worries. Or ask the toy company if they can toss in a pre-paid box that you can drop them at the front desk and have them sent to your home.
   7. Make-up sized bags are great to carry your small toys in and also make a great padding for when you pack them in your suitcase.
   8. Smaller is better. Go for pocket rocketsmini vibes or a palm-sized Lelo. You can even get away with putting these in your purse. When they go through security, they will generally be able to tell what they are or be too embarrassed to ask you. Well, most of the time. Or, you can just pack them.
   9. The vibrating rubber ducky is always a decoy—people just think it’s sweet and cute. They even make travel-sized ones. You probably want to pack this, too.
  10. Even male toys like masturbators come in travel size. These are also great for home, because they are so small and can fit in a drawer. They are big enough to give you maximum pleasure, though.

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