A Woman’s Guide to Sex Toys for Beginners – Top 10 Beginner Sex Toys for Women

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If you’re a woman who hasn’t reveled in using sex toys—you’re missing out. But that’s not a problem—we can help you navigate through the maze. The first thing you have to consider is your comfort level and how you would like to shop for toys. Do you want shop for sex toys on the Internet, from the privacy of your own home (discrete!)?   Or, are you brave enough to head out solo (or with your BF or BFF) to your local Adult store. The best thing about hitting the brick and mortar shops is that you can actually touch the toy and tell how hard or soft it is.  Shopping online has its advanced too, as you will normally find way more selection, can compare product choices and read customer reviews.

Whether you go online or to a local shop, you might be overwhelmed by the amount of choices.  But, don’t be! Here’s a guide to make navigating your first sex toy purchase as easy as can be.

   1. Vibrators are a great place to start. Every girl (no matter how experienced she is) needs one. Go for the classic vibrator that’s plastic and smooth—you can use it internally or externally.
   2. Another great beginning toy is a vibrating bullet with a controller. It’s small and won’t be awkward in your hands and is easy to operate. Plus, all you need is two “AA” batteries and you’re good to go. It’s a great way to find out what excites you.
   3. Another classic toy for beginners and pros is the pocket rocket. This toy is small, but very powerful, extremely quiet and fits easily in your purse. It’s a great way to stay calm in traffic, if you’re stealthy enough. Try it at home first.
   4. With most toys you buy, you will need a little juice, as in lube. If you want a lubricant that will work with almost any toy, go for a water-based lube. Slippery Kitty is a favorite of ours and is the just the right amount of slip and slide action.
   5. Another type of vibrator that is very popular is a g-spotter vibe. The curved tip on the end makes it very easy to…well, hit your spot. The one that makes you scream really loud. Try it and you’ll see.
   6. The vibrating duck sex toy is very popular as a novelty gift or an inconspicuous toy that beginners love. Everyone will think it is so cute and innocent in the tub when they see it, but you’ll know the difference.
   7. If you want to try a toy that you and your man will use together, try a vibrating cock ring. He puts it on his penis and when he’s fucking you, you get a tingly vibrating sensation on your clit. This can lead to bigger orgasms for you and him. Plus, it’s fun to be adventurous together.
   8. Finger massagers are one of the most underrated sex toys. They are great solo or with a partner. Plus, you can take them in the bathtub or shower for a quick pick-me-up in the morning or evening. Like the g-spotter vibe, it will help you find those special spots. But it’s really small (a few inches tall) and pretty innocuous.
   9. If you don’t like vibrating toys or want a toy for internal fun, try a dildo. This is great for when you haven’t had sex for a while—they even make realistic ones. You may want start with about 5 ½ inches (the average size of a male penis) and work your way up from there. Make sure to read the size of the toy before you buy because photos can be deceiving.
  10. If you have ever wanted to enter the back door, an anal toy is a great place to start—it’s smaller than a finger or a penis, so you’ll get pleasure, rather than pain. Get one that is smooth and preferably not longer than 5 inches and less than 1 inch in diameter. You can always work your way up later.

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