Coobie Sports Bra -Benefits and Review

Only $11 on our site. Available in pink, teal, white, grey, and black trimmed in pink.

eHow Benefits of a Sports Bra:

"A good bra is as much a part of a good outfit as the outer garments and accessories are. Good support and comfort are equally important when choosing a bra. When a woman adds exercise to her beauty regimen, she still needs adequate comfort and support in her undergarment as she works up a sweat. Sports bras are designed to make exercise more comfortable for women. Sports bras have several benefits when compared to regular bras."

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Happy Hour Mom Review:
"Coobie bras are here to stay…literally. Have you ever warn a bra that just doesn’t fit right? My guess is that 99% percent of women have always owned bras that are a little too snug, a lot too big, have straps that don’t stay put, and don’t work well with certain outfits."

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