Dolly Parton in a corset

I was browsing through Netflix and found a movie that my mother would never let me watch as a little kid; so, of course I hit play instantly.  The 1982 flick "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas" is a funny, kind of corny, musical starring Dolly Parton as Mona Stangley the owner of, you guessed it, a whorehouse in Texas.  I never realized some of her more famous songs were from/in this movie; for example, "I Will Always Love You." There was a scene where Dolly was putting on a corset that she ordered from Fredericks of Hollywood while singing with Burt Reynolds, "Sneakin Around," that I loved.  Now, this was 30 years ago, but I was able to find one somewhat similar.  What do you think?

Red Ribbon Corset Small

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