Featured Story -Jealousy is my Fantasy


 It was something out of my wildest fantasies.  My shy boyfriend had agreed to go up to a stranger and hit on her.  Why did I ask that of him? Because anticipation and fear have always been my sexual fuel. “I want to interrupt you two and then kiss you to see her reaction.”  I love that over-powering feeling of adrenaline while wondering - what will happen next? 
 The club was bursting with sweaty twenty-somethings, all filling the air with musk, perfume, and pheromones.  I sat by the bar and hesitantly watched him on the prowl while sipping on my drink. 
 His first few attempts at conversations were shunned, but then a woman in a silver halter dress smiled as his lines.  I could only see their lips moving while the DJ blasted the bass.  I admired how the woman’s dress stopped just shy of her thighs curving around her large butt and how the front hung so low between her breasts you could tell there was no bra. 
 She grabbed my boyfriend’s hand and led him out to the center of the dance floor.  Taking another sip, I felt a fire rage inside me as I watched them grind.  Jealousy; but what was I jealous of?  Her shaking her butt on my man’s dick, his hands on her waist guiding it, or the fact that I was missing out? 
 My stomach fluttered with anticipation.  I leapt from my seat and by the time I reached them she was turned around and facing him. My boyfriend was holding up one of her legs while his other hand was on her thick ass.  He saw me coming and looked nervous but didn’t stop dancing.  Putting my arm around his neck, I pulled him in for a kiss.  “Hi, baby, are you behaving?”  I turned to the unknown temptress, and as she put her leg down I heard, “Your girl is hot!”
 “Can I join you two?”  My boyfriend smiled and wrapped his arm around my waist.  Tightly our trio clung swaying and grinding to the thump of the speakers.  Our mistress slid in front of my boyfriend, then grabbed my hand and led me around behind her.  I pressed my pelvis into her ass as we danced; it felt so right. 
 Instantly, I sensed that we shared in our longing as I watched her nonchalantly unzip his pants.  In slipped her hand and he quickly pulled her closer; even though the dark club and crowd of people were enough to hide her lust.  She kissed his neck and his eyes slowly rolled back. Wrapping my arms around her, I felt her stroking his exposed rock hard shaft.
 I traced up her silk dress and guided my hand under the loose material where I felt her breast.  It jiggled as she danced, and, with her curves, it was not surprising that it was twice the size of my hand.  “Squeeze,” he said.  I smiled as her nipple grew hard into my palm. 
 She lifted her leg up around my boyfriend again.  Dropping my free hand down, I felt no underwear; instead a smooth surface leading to her bare clit.  I started to massage in circles and she threw her head back onto my shoulder.  Her eyes stared deeply into mine begging for more, so I took two fingers and slid them into her wet opening.  My boyfriend was watching with delight as I thrust my fingers in and out while the head of his penis kept hitting the back of my hand with a hunger.
 Without thinking, I pulled out, grabbed his dick and shoved it into her; she let out a scream that was barely audible over the music.  My boyfriend and I locked eyes as he forcibly fucked her.  “Harder!” I shouted.
 I started massaging her clit again as she remained on my shoulder; her eyes were clenched shut and her mouth wide open.  I leaned in and kissed her neck, it was so soft that I began to suck; her gasps were hot in my ear.  Her arm reached up to my neck and I felt her sharp nails dig in; the pain felt so good. 
 My boyfriend bent over and kissed her chest.  Using his mouth he moved her shirt to expose her other breast and began to suck her nipple -never taking his eyes from mine.  I lifted my head, “Faster,” I demanded, “Make her cum.”  He understood despite the noise and obeyed. Lifting back up he began to thrust faster –outpacing the music.  She moaned louder. I felt her body rise and so rubbed her faster.  Then she screamed and convulsed in my arms.  I saw my boyfriend’s mouth drop in ecstasy and felt his dick start to pulse at my fingertips.  His eyes rolled back as he slowed.  Without pulling out he leaned forward and kissed me, “I love you, baby.”

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