Our newest short sex story.  Courtesy of sexstoriesandtoys.com

  Wanting to be one with the spirits, Pocahontease set out on a vision quest.  Normally, this journey was had by men, but she was tired of the monotony that resided within her tribe.  
  She left in the middle of the night and trekked through the forest for hours.  Just beyond the trees she saw a mountain.  That is where I must go. 
  By the next morning she had reached the top and fell faint to her knees beside a rock.  She could see down the other side of the mountain; it was more heavily wooded.  All of a sudden from where she was staring she heard a man’s voice.  Cautious, she stayed down –was this her spirit guide?  A pale man with a close shaven beard emerged; chopping away at the thickets with a silver blade, but fashioned in a way she had never seen before.  He was screaming what she was sure were obscenities, although she did not understand.  His brown hair was pulled back behind his broad shoulders, and his shirt hung low exposing his chest; she had never seen a man with so much hair on his chest before.  This must be my vision.
  Before she knew what she was doing, she stood up and approached him.  He jumped back, nearly tripping over the fallen branches.  He gazed at her slender figure, long black hair, and beautiful full lips.  “An angel?”
  She walked up to him and pulled his head in to kiss his lips; she didn’t mind his stubble scratching at her cheeks. He dropped everything and wrapped his arms around her waist.  His fingers dug into her pelt then forcibly pulled it off over her head.  She stood naked, and he couldn’t help but gaze at her tan, flawless skin.  She loosened his pants then jumped into his arms -wrapping her legs tightly around his waist.  He buried his face in her chest before kissing and sucking on her nipples.  The sensation tingled through her body as she dug her nails into the back of his neck. 
  He threw her to the ground -her head just missed his tools.  Lifting her ankles onto his shoulders, he pulled out his rock hard erection.  Without hesitation, he thrust it into her warm wet vagina; she shrieked as it ripped her apart. Take me spirit!  In and out he penetrated this angel as the dirt and rocks dug deeper into her back.  She reached out and took hold of an exposed root, clenching her grip tightly. 
  Their passion raged strong, and soon they were rolling down the mountain along the forest floor.  She threw him onto a rock and bounced high and hard; he bent her over a moss covered stump, making her cry out in pleasure as his penis throbbed inside her.
  Slowing his pace, he leaned down and kissed her while brushing the hair from her face. Pocahontease pushed him away and began cleaning the leaves away from her skin.  She smiled at her spirit guide; thanking him, she gave him one last kiss goodbye before starting her journey back.  He fell to the forest floor -scratching his head at what just happened.

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