The Tenga Egg review

The Tenga Egg is available on our website for as little as $7.20 plus shipping!

This review is by Gwen Masters of Wickedly Sweet and Sweetly Wicked.

"The cuteness continued when we did finally open up the egg. Pop open the shell and there is what looks for all the world like a hard-boiled egg! Pull that out of the shell and that's when the fun begins: the soft, squishy "egg" has an opening at the bottom, where a little packet of lube is tucked discreetly inside. We were both intrigued by the clever little design."


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  1. The Tenga egg is most definitely a cool device. The texture is so much like skin, and with the different, umm, internals, you get a new stroke with each egg. There is the clicker, silky, spider, stepper, twister, and wavy (you can check out the internals at And don’t forget to check out the Tenga Flip Hole. Another pretty awesome male stimulator – and IT’S reusable! (better be for the price) There is a video of both at the URL above. What WILL they think of next!