Benefits of bath time, and how to make it fun!

Let's make bath time more fun!
Please do not ingest bath salts, or you may become a zombie. :/

Sexy Suds Glow Bubble Bath - Raspberry $8.98
Sexy Suds Glow Bubble Bath - Raspberry
If you know me, then you know I love anything that glows in the dark!   Don't have candles, but still want to set the mood?

If you want more romantic rather than playful, try these bubbles.  Sometimes I just want to feel luxurious.
Shimmer love bubbles - 8 oz pink diamond $6.42
Shimmer love bubbles - 8 oz pink diamond

What are the benefits of baths? 
Use Aromatherapy Bath Products.
As you run the bath, you may want to incorporate some of the benefits of aromatherapy by using bubble-bath or bath oils scented with lavender (shown to be relaxing), peppermint (if you want to feel more alert), or another scent that you really like (studies show that subjectively pleasing scents bring stress relief benefits, too). This way you can add another layer of stress relief with no additional effort.

Simply Sensual Pomergranate Shampoo $12.54
Simply Sensual Pomergranate Shampoo
Made with hair nourishing pro-vitamin B5, soy and wheat proteins.
What is pro-vitamin B5?
Vitamin B5, also called pantothenic acid, is one of eight B vitamins. Vitamin B5 helps the body produce energy and promotes the health of the skin, hair, eyes and liver. Pantothenic acid also helps manufacture red blood cells, as well as sex and stress-related hormones. Provitamin B5, also called panthenol, is a derivative of vitamin B.
In hair products, panthenol can penetrate into the hair shaft and cause long-lasting moisture. It also gives the hair body, shine and bounce, as well as helps repair damaged hair. In addition, provitamin B5 can make it easier for you to comb through wet hair.
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Conditioner Love Dew 8.Oz $12.54
Conditioner Love Dew 8.Oz
Argan Oil and Hemp Oil
What are the benefits of Hemp Oil?
Conditioning Agent
Use hemp oil to condition your hair and your scalp, recommend the Coxes. Hemp oil has vitamin E, along with a high essential fatty acid content, naturopathic author Linda Page notes in her book, "Linda Page's Healthy Healing." Fatty acids provide emollient action, meaning they prevent water loss and have a softening effect, says Paula Begoun, author of "The Original Beauty Bible." The oil is also a natural moisturizer that boosts scalp health, shoring up the intercellular matrix, which protects against moisture loss, according to Begoun. Keeping the scalp healthy can help prevent dry scalp and minimize irritation. Hemp oil is especially good to use in the winter, when the outdoor air is cold and indoor heating systems are cranked up, say the Coxes, because both of these factors dry out your hair and skin.
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I used to make my own bath salts with ingredients like sea salt, baking soda, Epsom salt, and essential oils, but I never thought that people would use them for anything other than relaxing and trying to escape the anxiety brought on from every daily life.

Venus Green Tea - Aromatic Dead Sea Mineral Bath Salts 16oz $17.25
Venus Green Tea - Aromatic Dead Sea Mineral Bath Salts 16oz
So, if used correctly, what are the benefits of bath salts?
Rheumatologic Conditions
Rheumatologic conditions such as arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, back pain and psoriasis have all been effectively treated through the use of Dead Sea salts. Most individuals find that soaking in a bath or applying the salts in a mud form is effective in reducing soreness and stiffness. In addition, the minerals in the Dead Sea salts have been found to improve blood circulation, thereby minimizing the inflammatory response of these conditions. Other beneficial responses include a muscle relaxant property---and when heated, the ability of the Dead Sea salts to penetrate and be absorbed into the system is increased.
Skin Conditions
Skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema, dandruff, scabies and seborrhea have all been effectively treated through the use of Dead Sea salts. Research by the National Psoriasis Foundation has found that soaking in Dead Sea salts can provide relief from these conditions without any potential side effects; in fact, they recommend the use of Dead Sea salts to treat the disorders. Sea salts also have the ability to treat cosmetic skin conditions such as dryness, by moisturizing, detoxifying and softening the skin. Dead Sea salt has also been found to promote cell regeneration, and can reduce fine lines and wrinkles by 40 percent.
Stress Reduction
Dead Sea salts also have the ability to reduce stress. Soaking in a bath with these salts causes a drop in blood pressure and muscle relaxation. Dead Sea salts have also been found to increase circulation and remove toxins from the body, thereby allowing increased levels of relaxation. By allowing the body to become more relaxed, insomnia levels decrease and allow users to be more rested and rejuvenated. 
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And finally.....  How about some erotic bath time.
With yourself. :)
Penthouse secrets bath bliss - demure pink $16.48
Penthouse secrets bath bliss - demure pink
Features a waterproof bag that inflates into a soft bath pillow and holds bath time toys including a scented candle, a fresh linen-scented bath bomb, and a 5 x 1 waterproof, multi-speed massager.

Or, with your lover.
Jelly mitt ice green $10.21
Jelly mitt ice green - bulk

Pulsa Bath -Purple $10.16
Pulsa Bath -Purple

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