June Contest

This Month's Contest:

 Please keep them short -no more than 1000 words, and in compliance with our submission guidelines.

It's Stacy's last night as a free woman. Please edit and end the story.  We will post the entries and the one most voted for will win this month's contest.

The winner will receive a 15% off coupon for our site -no minimum purchase necessary, but it can not be used with any other coupon/offer.

Look forward to reading your stories! Last day to enter is 7/16/12. Good Luck! 

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It was Stacy's last night as a single woman, so her friends decided to take her to a new club called KiNkY. KiNkY was described to them like Chippendales but more intense. The girls got out of their rented limo and went up to the bouncer to be let in. Inside, the girls went down to the floor, noticing along the way that the doors they passed each read, “Private Room.” The girls went down further to one of the big stages on the floor where a hot tan guy was gyrating on the stage in nothing but a black thong. They sat down at a table close to the stage and one of the girls grabbed a tiara out of her purse that said “G.N.O” and thrust it upon Stacy’s head. A waiter, wearing a loincloth, came up to them. “Hello, ladies! Would you love anything to drink this fine evening?” One by one they ordered an appletini, margarita, daiquiri, mojito, and a long island ice tea. After watching the waiter strut from them showing off his naked ass they went back and watched the show. A few drinks later, the girls purchased one of the rooms. Upon entering they saw a big king size bed covered in red silk sheets with black silk pillows lying atop it. Squealing, they jumped on the bed laughing and playing. Until the door opened and in came a few hot, gorgeous guys; the girls stopped for a second then started squealing again. They looked at each other, smiled, and ran to the guys. The guys smiled at the girls on their arms and welcomed them to “The Pleasure Room”. One of the guys grabbed Stacy’s hand and pulled her to the bed. “Well, Miss lovely, how would you like to be pleased tonight?” Stacy blushed and just jumped him saying however you want to please me. The other girls were saying the same thing to their partners for the night. All the guys got up and started stripping, the girls loved it. Some guys were hung and some were close but not too small. The girls got up, stripped to and jumped the guys again. For a while all you could hear was moaning, giggling, slurping. Finally, Stacy and her guy decided to go further than kissing and licking each other. They went into one of the adjoining rooms, she laid on the bed and he climbed on. Grabs her foot and started nibbling from her toes and worked his way up to her thighs. Inside her this he got to her v

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