New Short Story: Trying Anal

 His finger enters with ease; I thank god for his trimmed fingernails.  I’m still clenching; it is such a foreign feeling. I can’t make myself relax.  “Shh, shh, baby, it’s ok.” He runs the fingers of his free hand through my hair.  Surprisingly, it does feel good.  He begins to swirl it around, “Ooo,” I moan. 
 “Now, I’m going to lube up the toy.  I want to try it first to loosen you up.”  I nod, too nervous to actually say yes.  He pulls out our new pink silicone plug.  So, that is going in me; at least it is skinnier than some of the others I have seen. I get on my knees and burry my face in my pillow, ass high in the air.  “Spread your knees a little.  Good girl.”  I feel his finger again teasing my rim; he slowly inserts the tip of the toy.  I can’t seem to control my fear of something entering my exit only, and so I start to pull away.  He grabs my waist and tries to contain me, but I manage to escape across the bed and lay on my back, panting. 
 “I think you will have to tie me down.  My fear has taken over.”  We already have straps with furry velcro cuffs under the bed attached at each leg.  I willingly allow him to strap me face down with my extremities spread taught.  Again I feel his finger just playing with the outside, then the tip of the cold toy again. I can’t fight it as he gently slides it in.  I hear him whisper, “Relax,” and I try to concentrate on easing my muscles.  
 My cheeks widen and I am overcome by that same tingling ascent my body gets before climaxing. “Uhh…”  The penetration feels awkwardly wonderful.  He pulls it out and I feel him smack my ass with his rock hard erection.  He does it a few more times until, unexpectedly, he swats me hard with his palm.  It stings and I can’t help but moan, do it again.  The blow comes one more time, he grunts as his hand makes contact.  I hear the lube squirt then feel him start to massage both of my cheeks.  I am so wet with anticipation. 
 With one hand he spreads my ass then I feel his head at my rim.  Taking deep breathes, I try to relax. My gentle lover has changed into an alpha male and forces himself into me.  “AH!” I cry out as I am ripped open, but he doesn’t stop.  He grabs my hips and continues to pound into me.  After overcoming my initial shock of pain, I feel that tingle again.  His right hand is now massaging my clit, and I can’t contain myself.  All sense of self control is gone and I reach my wonderful peak.  My body trembles as I cry out in bliss, and I hear him grunt as he too climaxes.
 He lays on top of me, breathing into my hair, and I can’t help but think of how I came quicker than ever before.  I smile, “Thank you, baby.”

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