Sex Story -Excerpt from: Flight for Freedom

Excerpt from: 
Flight for Freedom (release date TBA)
By: Raye Ann Smith

 Brad was everything that Richard was not. Richard was a business man. He looked great in a suit but he didn’t work out. He was nice looking but didn’t exude masculinity; whereas, Brad looked like the guy next door -very manly, not afraid to get his hands dirty and do hard work. Richard was an ass kisser to get what he wanted in the business world.  Brad didn’t look like he would kiss anyone’s ass. Cara liked the real man that Brad was instead of Richard’s pretty boy looks.
 She knew that she wanted him. He was a fantastic kisser. When they kissed she forgot that anyone or anything else existed in the universe. It was just them and the feel of each other’s hands caressing.
 Cara dried herself off; she had been in the tub so long her fingers and toes were all puckered. She let her hair down and brushed it until it gleamed then put on the floor length nightgown. It showed some modest cleavage and had spaghetti straps. The teasing was done in the back; the gown began just above where her rear end began. Apparently Brad was an assman. There was a slit on one side that went to mid-thigh. The robe was made of the same material with a silk cord to tie it closed. Cara stood in front of the mirrors and admired herself. She left the robe open.
 She was a little nervous as she opened the French doors wide enough so they could see the candle light coming from the bathroom while in the bedroom. Her hand shook slightly as she opened the bedroom door. Brad was sitting in the living room on the couch watching House. The only light was what the tv and the fire gave off.
 He didn’t look over his shoulder as he asked, “How was your bath? Relaxing I hope.”
 Cara didn’t respond until she was in front of him, “Very relaxing. Thank you.” She smiled seductively at him.
 “Wow, you look………..amazing.” He swallowed hard, his mouth suddenly dry. “Do you want to watch some tv or a movie?” He tried to keep the desire from his voice. He hadn’t wanted to push the sexual relationship but he had been in town again shopping without her when he saw the gown and thought she would look fabulous in it. So he thought of giving her a nice relaxing evening with something most women love to feel against their skin, satin.
 “Neither, I want you to follow me.” She took the remote off the coffee table and shut the tv off then took his hand and pulled him up from the couch. Hand in hand they walked to the dimly lit bedroom. The shadows danced on the walls from the flickering flames of the candles. The light made their skin look darker and glistening. Cara took the robe off and draped it over the chair and then did a slow turn so that he could admire her new present from all angles. Her breasts were high and showed some modest cleavage. She was thin from constantly being on the go and from enjoying morning jogs most mornings of her life. Her buttocks was fairly small but rounded nicely, it fit perfectly in Brad’s hand as he cupped her ass; the feel of it under the material drove him crazy.
 The smell of the bubble bath still clung to her skin as he inhaled her scent and kissed the back of her neck. He turned her around to face him and put his hands on either side of her face and pulled her to him. He kissed her with such a passion that she could feel herself getting wet. There would be nothing stopping them from making love tonight. Aunt Flo had packed her bags and gone home for another month.
 Cara needed to feel his skin against hers. She started to unbutton his shirt with hands that trembled; it took her a few tries to get them undone but when her mission was accomplished she pulled his sleeves down over his shoulders and then tossed the shirt to the floor; not caring about neatness at the moment. Actually, neither one of them was caring about anything but the burning desire that coursed through their bodies. She wrapped her arms around him feeling his back muscles spasm under her touch then pressed her breasts tight against his well-muscled chest. His hands were now all over her backside; one hand on her back the other on her ass pushing her lower half against him. She could feel how rock hard he was through his pants. The roughness of his pants being ground against the smooth satin material against her sex drove her wild with passion, making her pussy even wetter. She couldn’t stand it any longer. She pushed against his chest to put some space between them so that she could unfasten his pants; she needed to feel his skin not his pants. She wanted to see him in all his naked glory.
 They were both panting as she unfastened his belt and then undid his pants and slid them and his boxers down his legs in one smooth motion. He kicked his pants to the side. Standing completely naked in front of her he just let her drink the sight of him in. His chest muscles and abs were well defined he had narrow hips and pretty nice looking legs for a man, not too hairy but he didn’t have any bald spots either. He looked like how a real man should look.
 Very slowly she raised her eyes back up to his to find him watching her reactions to his body. The sexual tension in the air could be felt. He slowly lifted his arms to her shoulders and pushed the straps wider apart until they fell down her arms to her elbows. Cara straightened her arms to let the red gown fall to the floor. Now it was her turn to stand there and bear his scrutiny.
 Cara had high firm breasts, all natural, small perky nipples. She was the perfect size not too small or too large, just right for her frame. He let his gaze drop lower to her flat stomach and small hips. Cara was only five foot five but looked like she had long legs and they were well toned. She barely had any pubic hair, all but one little patch above her clit was shaven. She spread her legs slightly to give him a better view of her sex. He could see that she was already sopping wet without him even touching her yet.
 “My God, you are glorious.” His voice was so deep with passion that he almost didn’t even sound like himself. He pulled her into his arms and began kissing her again as he slowly walked her backwards towards the bed. Cara felt the side of the bed with the back of her calves; she sat on the edge and scooted back to the middle of the bed and laid her head on a pillow as Brad crawled across the bed. He half lay against her left side as he bent his head down to kiss her again, this time softly, seductively. He lightly bit her bottom lip and then began trailing kisses down her jaw line to her throat as his left hand cupped and played with her breasts, teasing the nipples into hard little buds. He moved his mouth down to her left breast has his hand made a fiery trail down her stomach. She could feel her pussy leak more juices the moment his fingers made contact with her clit. He rubbed the nub until she trembled -his mouth still working on her breasts. He didn’t think that for the first time of being able to finally make love to her that he would be able to last too long. He got on his hands and knees as he began to trail little butterfly kisses all the way down her stomach. He wanted to taste her so bad that he could feel his own cock pulsing with his need.
 With his fingers he spread her lips apart and very lightly started licking her clit. He circled the little nub with his tongue making her quiver and moan with pleasure. He dipped his tongue a little lower each time it went around her clit until he finally thrust it into her waiting pussy. She let out a loud moan. He moaned with her; god she tasted like sweet and salty nectar. With his tongue he licked up all her juices and then went back to her clit, this time sucking on it as she ground her hips against the bed. He brought his right hand around and entered her with his first two fingers, in and out; he started slowly but began to increase his rhythm as she writhed on the bed. Her moaning took on a fevered pitch as she could feel her orgasm building.
 “Oh, God. Don’t………..Brad………..don’t stop,” she panted. His tongue still working on her clit while his fingers were now getting drenched as she came all around him. He didn’t stop either motion to carry her through wave after wave of orgasm until she couldn’t take it anymore and begged him to stop and to take her himself.
 Abruptly Brad got back on his hands and knees. He pushed her legs apart with his knees. She could see that his chin was all glistening with her moisture. He hesitated with his cock pressing against her pussy lips.
 “Are you sure, my beloved?” He knew that she was frantic with wanting him but he wanted to make sure that they didn’t do something that she would want undone later.
 “Yes, take me, make me yours Brad. Body and soul, I want to belong to you….” Her hands were pulling his ass closer to her, trying to guide him inside of her. With one great powerful thrust he penetrated her, claiming her for himself. He knew that there would never be another woman for him besides his beloved Cara. Only death would be able to break them apart and who knew what lie in store for them after death.
 He fit inside of her perfectly, as if she had been made to satisfy only him. Her pussy was so wet and hot on his throbbing cock. He thrust in deep, as far as he could go and then pulled out and thrust back in again.
 Cara was panting, “Yes, yes, Brad, that’s it. Oh God, don’t stop.” He could feel her pussy tighten on him as she was building up for a second orgasm. As soon as he felt her quiver he let his release go at the same time. He felt his cum burst forth as he grabbed her hips and entered her as far as he could go. He knew that he was probably hurting her but he couldn’t move or loosen his grip on her as he orgasmed. His head was thrown back as the last little spurts filled her.
 They were both sweaty with the exertion as he collapsed on top of her; kissing her softly on the lips. “I love you, Cara.” He rolled off of her and held her close.
 “Mmm, I love you, too.” They lay there together softly caressing each other until their bodies cooled off. They got up to do their nightly routines and then climbed back into bed, this time with the covers on. Neither one of them put any clothes on they both wanted to feel each other’s skin against theirs.
 When they woke up the next day there was no awkwardness, no guilty feelings, no regrets. They actually felt content and complete. Their relationship had taken the right turn at the right time, they hadn’t rushed anything. Cara and Brad both felt as if fate had stepped in to make sure that they found each other. They were now on the right path in life. Nothing could harm or tear apart the love that they felt for each other.

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