Short Sex Story: How I Became a Concubine.

An erotic short story from

  Peace. No more worries or pressure from society.  I have finally found peace.  People snub their noses at the thought of a concubine, but I have never been happier. I sleep all day in a gilded basement bedroom on a bed of the finest silk.  At night I bathe naked in the river and gossip with my like-minded female companions. I may have just met them, but we share so much in common and take care of each other.
  So, you may ask who I have to thank for this lavish lifestyle.  My beloved, my reason for living, Armand.  He is my air; if not for his saving grace I may have given up on life, but luckily he appeared in my hour of need.
  That night, I took a long walk, debating whether to go on in my poverty; two jobs, a foreclosure notice and no electricity.  I came to a bridge and peered over the edge at the chopping waves below.  From behind I heard a voice.  It was deep, yet soothing.  “Don’t fret. A life not worth living is not a life at all, but what if I can offer you a new one?” I turned to him, fighting back my tears.  There stood a dark statuesque figure. I stared for a moment; his shirt was unbuttoned slightly, exposing his bare chest, he didn’t seem to mind that it was so cold out.  Looking up, his eyes were black, but they looked at me so tenderly.
  The stranger leaned on the ledge beside me and I just had to ask.  “How?” He smiled, “I can take you to a place where all you experience and know is pleasure.”  Our eyes locked and I nodded.  He grabbed my hand and kissed it, then took my hips in a forceful grip and pulled my body close to his.  I didn’t fight; we both leaned in and kissed.  Our lips touched and I felt a spark of electricity course through my veins; I didn’t know what it was, but I loved it. As I wrapped my arms around his broad shoulders he lowered his lips to my neck and began to kiss.
  The cold air that had been whirling around us suddenly stopped, instead all I felt was a sharp pain in my neck.  He had bitten me, and a fiery sensation coursed through me.  His suction was strong; I closed my eyes and let him take me. My fingertips and toes tingled until finally my body became numb.  I couldn’t move and instead fell faint into his arms. 
  I awoke in a dimly lit bedroom and lying beside me on the bed was my new companion.  He was staring into my eyes with concern, “How do you feel?”  I took a moment to examine myself.  Somehow I had been dressed in a red satin nightgown.  “I feel… sexy.”  I smirked at his laugh.  “What may I call you?” I asked.  He grabbed my hand and kissed, “Armand.”
  His hand lifted and he ran his fingers through my hair.  I reached up and pulled it to my mouth, half kissing, half sucking each of his fingers.  He pulled away and wrapped it around my waist, bringing me closer.  My gaze was locked with his caring black eyes; our lips met, and again I felt that stimulating shock.   “I want to make sure you never feel sad again.”  I knew I never wanted to leave his side; he would be my protector. 
  He lowered me gently to the pillow and I noticed he wasn’t wearing anything under the covers; instead I felt his bare erection against my leg.  Armand climbed on top of me and traced his fingers down my chest to my waist, then up my nightgown; I squirmed at his soft touch, it sent goosebumps through my body.  He reached my breasts and firmly squeezed before trailing kisses from my chest up to my neck.  Apparently I didn’t realize just how wet I was because without notice he forced himself inside me. The penetration sent me in motion; in and out, while at the same time he was biting my neck.
  From amidst our embrace, we heard a knock on his door.  “Come in,” he announced as he pulled out of me, still rock hard and leaving me wanting more.  In came five young women, each dressed in lingerie and with flowing hair varying in shades from blonde to brunette.
  “Master, we want to meet her. Oh, she is so beautiful!”  The dirty-blonde cheered from just inside the door while the others peered from behind her; I couldn’t help but notice how icy blue her eyes were.  “What’s your name?” I took a moment to collect myself before answering, “Jessica.”
  “What a pretty name, I’m Charlotte.” She looked to Armand, “May we help welcome her?”  He stood from the bed, still naked and erect, and sat in a chair across the room, “Only if she will let you.”  Charlotte’s eyes were back on me.  “Do you like massages?” I thought everyone did; I nod.  “I’d love to give you one of my famous massages.  That is, if you don’t mind.”
  I smiled, “I don’t’ mind.” She approached me, “Flip onto the bed.”  I laid across the bed; she straddled me and began digging into my back.  Almost instantly I melted at her touch.  The other four began to crowd around me; two massaging my feet and two at each of my palms and forearms.  It was like all my cares had been forgotten.  Where was I before here?  Who cared.  All I remembered from before that night was sorrow.
  The two at my feet began to work their way up my legs.  A fire was starting between my thighs while at the same time an icy chill was forming at the touch of their fingertips.
  Charlotte began rubbing my sides and then wrapped her hands around to the edges of my breasts.  “Would you mind flipping over?  And it would be much easier if you were out of this nightgown.”  I pulled it over my head and laid back facing her still atop me.  Our eyes met and she smiled as she began gently kneading my breasts.  The girls at my hands began sucking on my wrists then kissing up my arms to my neck; each moving closer beside me as they did. 
  As they sucked and licked my neck I saw the one on my left run her hand up Charlotte’s thigh; while at my thighs I started to feel kisses. So many lips everywhere.  They ever so gently began to spread apart my legs. I felt their hair tickling my thighs as they leaned in and kissed my clit; their two tongues swirled around me and each other, the moist amazing sensation cascaded through my body.  I couldn’t help but start writhing and moaning.
  I saw Charlotte lean back while the other girl’s hand found its way into her underwear.  She was massaging, making Charlotte and I moan in unison as fingers penetrated us both.  The girl on my right kissed me; while her tongue was deep in my mouth I felt the girl to my left lay her head on my stomach, and based on Charlotte’s reaction, I knew she was now using her tongue to massager her.  I reached my hands out to touch the girls beside them, then slid down to their underwear and began massaging both of their clits; each moaned.  I slid each middle finger into them, they were so moist.  In and out, while my thumb massaged. 
  Between my legs was now only one mouth, but I still felt her fingers in and out and occasionally she’d moan into me, I could only guess what was being done to her to make her cry out into me.  I couldn’t take it anymore; I let myself be overtaken by the most powerful orgasm I’d ever had.  Tingling down to my toes and up to my fingertips my entire body convulsed.  It was like a chain reaction, each one followed with cries of ecstasy while the bed quaked.
  Now, I thank Armand, my love.  He introduced me to this world, and I’ve never looked back.

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