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Safe wax play:

Via: candles are fairly new on the market and are used three ways. First, as a mood setting candle with stimulating aromatherapy scents. Second, the candles have a soy or commercial wax base and are designed to burn at a lower temperature than regular wax so they can be safely poured on bodies for some 'hot' wax play. Lastly, the 'hot' wax is used as an erotic massage oil. These candles are really fantastic and create a titillating evening you and your spouse will be talking about for months. 

Via: care and common sense can help avoid waxy mishaps (like serious burns!). For starters, there are various types of wax, which have different melting points. Generally, the softer the wax the lower the melting point. The lower the melting point, the less chance you have of ending up with a nasty burn in a potentially sensitive area, so wax that's soft at room temperature is best. Paraffin wax (the kind sold in bulk for canning) melts at around 120°, votive candles around 135°, taper candles at 140° or higher, and beeswax at 145° or higher. To avoid burns, it's a good idea to stick below 125° (that means home canners are your friends!). Additives such as color, perfume, and stearic acid (used to reduce shrinking and add hardness) can increase the wax's melting point and cause skin irritation. Another thing to keep in mind, dripping wax sticks to your skin and increases the chance of burns. Holding the source of wax at least 18 inches above the skin gives the drips some time to cool. Testing on yourself (first on a less sensitive area, if your eventual goal is a more sensitive one) can help gauge safety in terms of temperature and propensity to skin irritation. Avoid the face, and be especially careful with delicate areas like the genitals, nipples, and navel.
 Tantric Soy Candle Passion Fruit California Exotic Novelties
Tantric Soy Candle Passion Fruit
 Reach new heights of intimacy with these very sensual, stress-busting, tension taming massage candles created with a blend of 100% natural ingredients. Enjoy as a candle, massage oil, or moisturizing lotion. Burns for a full 60 hours.
Deliciously Smooth!
By Sparkling Reviews
This massage candle from California Exotics is just what any gal needs for a great aromatherapy massage. The passion fruit scent is amazing, it will tantalize your senses, while relaxing your body. It is great for stimulating skin during foreplay. The wax isn't at all hot, we drip this right onto the body. Although this isn't suggested due to the possibility of burning. The passion fruit scent also stays on your skin after the wax is removed. You can remove the waxy residue from your body by taking a shower or using a wet cloth to wipe it away.
 BWarm Soy Massage Candle Amber B Swish
BWarm Soy Massage Candle Amber
Melt into each other with the sensual scented b swish massage candle. Share the warmth. Be indulgent. B swish massage candles are made with the highest quality natural cosmetic-grade waxes and other plant extracts. Once liquefied, the candle transforms into a slow absorption, high-slip massage balm, that nourishes and hydrates the skin.
Best candle ever
By sabrinalee
This candle is amazing. Gets just hot enough. The amber smell takes you to another level. And the wax does not leave a greasy film on your body. It is absorbed and feels wonderful. I have told many friends of this and will be getting another one. The only flaw I had was with the wick, it got stuck in the wax after the first use and took some time on the second one.
Japanese Drip Candle Set Of 3 Doc Johnson
Japanese Drip Candle Set Of 3
Japanese Drip Candles Low Temperature Paraffin Drip Candles Set Of 3 Candles. They are wonderful for setting the mood, but they are even better for pleasure and pain sex play. Doc Johnson's Japanese Drip candles are the favorite for adventurous couples everywhere. Their warm drip teases and tantalizes in a way you have never quite felt before. 3-pack of colored drip candles will light up your sex life tonight. Each candle measures 5.9 inches long by .80 inch wide. Features: low temperature paraffin drip candles, Set of 3, 1 of each color: red, purple, black. Use care when playing with lit candles. Burning may occur. Never leave burning candle unattended. Store out of reach of small children. Japanese Drip Candles Set Of 3 from Doc Johnson Novelties the Great American Toy Company. Made in the USA.

Lelo massage candle - snow pear and cedarwood
Lelo massage candle - snow pear and cedarwood

The Massage Candle from LELO is made from all natural soy wax, shea butter and apricot kernel oil. The lightly scented wax melts into an exquisite pool of luxurious massage oil with a formula specially designed to nourish and moisturize with natural vitamin E. Long-lasting burn times and the most sensuous feel on the skin distinguishes this product still further. 150g/ 5.3 oz. Snow Pear and Cedarwood.
Light and crisp as a breeze off the surf; set yourself adrift on the playful waves of cedarwood accented with a enticing top note of snow pear.
All natural ingredients with no chemical additives.
Shea butter to soften and nourish skin.
Non-greasy and long-lasting oil absorbs into skin.
Ideal for use whenever the moment arises.
Clean burning wick for safe and environmentally-friendly use.
Burns up to 36 hours for longer lasting enjoyment.

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