Sex Story: By Stina - Unexpected Night!

By: Stina
(Disclaimer: I do not own Heroes, the only similarities between this and Heroes are the names.)
(This story takes place in NY, where it is in the middle of being old and new. We encounter two friends, Peter Petrelli and Sylar.)

 I was walking toward my home after a long day of work, listening to the gripe of the office workers never sits well with me. All they do is complain; never wanting to do their job and get it over with. Sighing, I pass an old park that is never used anymore; too dangerous now for kids, but I remember coming here when I was younger with my mother and brother. I stop and walk toward a pair of swings and sit on one carefully, afraid it might snap due to my weight. When it holds I start swinging slowly, thinking about my day. These past few weeks have been stressful with new management and a new project that she was bringing with her. I hate sitting in the break-room listening to them gripe on and on about how much they have to do with this new project and that they were still working on their current projects. I shake my head and try to dispel the thoughts of work since I can feel a headache coming along.
 Looking around the park, I see how bad it has gotten, everything is rusted. The little horses don’t look bouncy anymore, the monkey bars have vines growing up the sides of the ladders, and the merry-go-round is lopsided. Frowning, I wonder why this place is still here if no one is going to take care of it. Looking at the swing I was on I can see the rust on and around the bars. Lifting my hands off the chain, I see my hands are rusty too. I sag my shoulders and think about getting up when I hear crunching leaves behind me. Turning my head, I see Sylar, my best friend since I was three.
 Smiling, I get up and meet him halfway. When Sylar looks up he has a smirk on his face.
 “Figured you be here.”
 “Oh? How?”
 “Hmmm…a little birdie told me.” Sylar smirks as I raise an eyebrow at him. Shaking my head, I don’t question him further since he never tells me how he can find me. Feeling him grab my hand and lead me away from the park I look up at him.
 “What’s up? Did you want to hold hands?” I ask him, chuckling lightly.
 Staring at me like I was an idiot he answers, “Your mother wants you. Something about something.”
 “Something about something? What’s something?” He shrugs. I glare at his back. We get onto the sidewalk with his hand still clasped with mine. I don’t pull my hand out, because honestly, I’m in love with him. I’m afraid to tell him, since I don’t want to lose our friendship. But, his hand feels real nice around mine. Smiling softly I don’t notice him staring at me with a weird look in his eyes. We come upon my place, and we nod at the doorman who nods back. He’s used to us coming in strange, last time was Halloween and I was dressed as a cowboy, Sylar didn’t dress up as anything so I made him my horse and got drunk so he was literally my horse. Anyways, we get in the elevator when he finally lets my hand go. Trying not to grab it back, I push the number for my floor and we wait patiently for the elevator to get there.
 When we get out, we turn a corner and I have to search for my keys. I always forget where I put them.
 “You know you need to just keep them where you can remember them or put a bell on them.” Sylar says to me. Glaring at him, because he always tells me I need to do something about my lack of remembering.
 “AHA!” I found them, in my coat pocket. Unlocking my door, I stop for a second.
 “Why you stop?”
 “Why did I have to unlock my door?”
 “Cause it’s your apartment, dumbass.” Glaring at him again, I rephrase it.
 “Why did I have to unlock my door, when my mother is here? She has a key, I could have knocked saving us time.” I take my shoes and coat off and put them in the hall closet, Sylar following my example.
 “Hmmm…maybe because she has manners and don’t open doors to people she doesn’t know. Or it could be the fact that she isn’t here. The lights being off would have been a big indicator you know.”
I hit his head for being a smartass. Walking in to the living room and turning on the lights, I don’t see my mother. Frowning, I looked in the kitchen since she always grabs my liquor and drinks no matter what time it is. I look at Sylar but find he isn’t with me. Narrowing my eyes, I walk into my bedroom where he is.
 “I thought you said my mother wanted me.”
 “I lied.”
 “Really? I didn’t figure that out. Thank you for stating the obvious now.”
 He raises his eyes at me and sits on my bed.
 “So what was so urgent that you yanked me from the park?”
 “Hmmm…I’ll tell you after you take a shower. You smell like rust.” I glare at him, but don’t deny him since I feel dirty from being at the park.
 When I come out of the shower thirty minutes later with loose pajamas bottoms and a t-shirt, I walk up to him and raise my eyebrows.
 Sighing, Sylar grabs my hand and looks into my eyes. I blush I can’t help it. You would too, if you could see his smoldering gray eyes staring at you like a wolf does his prey. I don’t know what to do; he has never looked at me like this before.
 “Pete, we been friends for all our lives and you know I wouldn’t try anything unless I felt confident that you would feel the same way.” I nod. He looks at me and with his other hand grabs my head and smashes his lips atop of mine. I freeze for a second, and then kiss him back. Oh man, I can’t believe it! His lips feel so soft like I thought.
 Sylar pulls me closer and my legs widen making me sit on his lap. He licks my lips asking for entrance, I of course let him and his tongue breaches my mouth. We kiss for a while having a little battle of tongues, but he wins. Breaking apart for air, Sylar nips the bottom of my lips and stares at me. I stare back and whatever he sees gets him to continue. He grabs the bottom of my t-shirt and pulls it over my head. Eyes roaming my chest his mouth latches on my neck, where he bites then licks it apologetically. He pushes me to stand between his legs. He starts trailing open mouth kisses over my body until he reaches my navel where he swirls his tongue inside, then he trails back up till he gets to one of my nipples and starts sucking the hard nub. His fingers play with the other one making sure it is getting attention, too.
 Moaning and arching into his touch, I grasp his head and pull at his shirt. He smirks and pulls it off, than he grabs my pants and yanks them off along with my boxers. Blushing madly while he stares at my throbbing hard cock, he grabs it and starts stroking it first; then he leans closer to lick the head. Moaning at the feel of his tongue on my hot member, I try to arch into him but he stops me with a hand on my waist. Looking down, I see him lick from the base to the tip and swirl his tongue along the slit licking some of the pre-cum that escaped while he stroked me. Groaning, I grab ahold of his head when he starts bobbing on my cock, sucking and licking it like a lollipop. He does this for a few minutes while massaging my balls. I can feel myself coming and he knows it too by the feel of him chuckling around me. He gives me a few hard sucks and I spill my load in his mouth. Feeling a little light headed from the high; I can feel him laying me on the bed.
 When I regain some semblance of life, I notice that Sylar isn’t around me. Looking around I see him coming out of the bathroom with a bottle of lotion and a condom in his hand. He must have noticed me staring, because he looks up and smirks.
 “Did you think we were finished?” I shake my head warily. He throws the stuff on the bed close to my hips, and I start drooling. Apparently, Sylar thinks it would be a good idea to give me a little strip show.
 Watching as his hands run from his neck towards his nipple, rubbing them, tweaking them then have his hands roam down to the patch of hair that was around his navel leading down to the inside of his pants. He gets his hands to his pants and starts by putting a finger inside the seam and run it back and forth along the skin underneath moaning and arching like it was me who was teasing him. He brings his head down and looks me in the eyes, smirking with that damn smirk; he unbuttons the top then pulls the zipper down revealing part of his black silk boxers. He starts pulling his pants off agonizingly slow until he is stepping out of them. Now he is only in his boxers. He climbs on the bed and reaches me, but I’m impatient and hard again, so I grab his boxers and yank them off. He chuckles; I glare and push him to lie on the bed. He raises his eyes at me, but doesn’t complain. I lower my mouth on his cock and begin bobbing my head; I can feel his hand on my ass pushing a finger inside of and stretching me. Deciding to help him out, I reach behind me and shove a finger in my ass alongside his; hearing him moan this time I smirk around his cock. Feeling my finger and his finger pumping inside me I know if I don’t stop soon I am gonna cum again. Not wanting that, I lift off of Sylar and yank our fingers out of my ass.
 “As much as I appreciate the finger fuck, I want to get to the actual fucking.”
 “I never knew you liked talking dirty in bed. A lot I’m gonna be finding out am I?”
 Shrugging my shoulder, I position myself on top of him with his hands on my hips to steady me. Grabbing his dick and positioning it at my opening I lower myself slowly on him. Feeling the head breaching my entrance, I keep going slowly down pausing every few seconds to adjust. Finally I get him all the way in me; sighing deep I wait for the pain to recede and start lifting myself till the tip was the only part in me; then slam down. I keep doing this for a while trying to figure out a pace, but it seems he is impatient now cause he flips me over and starts thrusting deeper inside me. I feel him reach and grab my cock as he pounds harshly into me. Moaning and screaming for more, he pumps along with his thrusts.
 “Fuck!! Sylar!! Go fucking faster!!!!” I yell at him, I want him in deeper; to feel him unload in me. Somewhere in the back of my head, I realize he forgot to put on the condom, but I’m not complaining since I know we are both clean.
 I feel him pull out, growling at him I hear him laugh at that.
 “Turn around.” He commands, so I turn to lie on my stomach, but he pushes my ass up and starts pounding me harder and deeper than before. He grabs my cock again and starts pumping with the thrust.
 “Oh! OH! GoD! Mother Mary! Fuck!!” I can hear him panting, I can feel that we are both close to the breaking point; I turn my head a little and kiss him deeply. When he bites my shoulder, I can’t hold it anymore; I scream his name as I spill my load all over his hands and my chest. He pumps a few more times until he follows, spilling deep inside me.
 We both fall down on the bed, panting harshly.
 “T-that was a-amazing.” I pant out to him.
 “Well yeah, it was me wasn’t it?” I elbow him in the side, he finally rolls off me and we both grimace when his cock pulls out of me with a pop.
 I look over at him and ask him, “What made you decide to do this?”
 “Because I love you.” I stare at him like he lost his mind.
 “What? Is it so hard for you to believe that I have feelings for you, Pete?” I shake my head and smile.
 “Well yeah, but I love you, too.” He smiles at that and kisses me.
 “Are you ready for round two?” I look down and see he is hard again.
 Blushing, I exclaim, “You damn horn-dog!”

 We screw like bunnies for the rest of the night.
(Thank you for reading this story!! I hoped you enjoyed it. If you have a request and not impatient let me know!!!)

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