Sex Story - House Hunting

 Janet and Brad are two newlyweds.  Recent, eccentric, events have urged them to sell everything they own and move as far away from their sheltered hometown to a small island off of the coast of Italy.  They plan to start a lingerie boutique and are currently house hunting for a flat. 
 The young couple strolls around admiring the quaint town before meeting their realtor. Janet is thin and lanky with brown curly hair and bangs and dresses in the newest, most modern fashions. Currently, she is clothed a skirt, fitting for this summer day, with heels that show off the definition in her legs.  Brad is lean with pale skin and clean shaven, but has a debonair, in control quality, even in his jeans and t-shirt. 
 Being in a new land gives them an adrenaline rush; the culture, beautiful architecture, and year round breathtaking beaches; a joy never known sparks deep inside of them and their libidos follow.
 The first apartment they arrive at is on the first floor. They enter into the combination living and dining room. The dining is adjacent to an open breakfast bar over which you can clearly see into the kitchen with granite counters with dark wood cabinets.  The hallway past has a bathroom across from the kitchen followed by the spare bedroom, while at the end of the hallway is a door leading out to the walled in patio.  Behind the kitchen is the master bedroom with a sliding glass door looking out onto the patio.
 “Baby, it’s perfect.”  They ask the realtor to have a minute inside to discuss.  Janet embraces Brad and is unexpectedly overcome with lust and starts nipping his earlobe, to which he responds by forcibly grabbing her waist and pulling her close.  “Whatever you like.”  He digs his fingers into her ass and lifts her up on to the granite counter bar.  She looks around and out of the window, but Brad turns her face back to his and kisses her soft lips.  He has already made quick work of his zipper and pulling out his erection.  Janet pulls him close and starts sucking on his neck and digging her fingers into his shoulders.  She feels his finger pushing aside her underwear, before he kisses her deeply.  In a flash he thrusts himself inside of her already dripping wet opening.  She cries out and he quickly covers her mouth with his hand.  “Shh…. The realtor,” he grunts as he thrusts.  His pace quickens and she feels grip tighten as he buries his face in her chest.  He groans, and the rapid, primal movement almost slides her off the counter, but just as she is about to stop him, she feels him explode deep inside of her.
 They stay clinging to one another and jerk as the front door opens.  “Oh, sorry, I’ll give you another minute.” The realtor politely smiles and closes the door.  Janet looks at Brad and laughs. 
 He slowly pulls out making her wince.  After helping her down, he does up his zipper and she fixes her underwear and skirt, then Janet grabs a spray bottle from her purse and spritzes to cover the stench of sex.
 The second place they come to is on the second floor.  A large living room with a door out to the patio is the first thing they see when they enter.  They follow along the right wall and just at the end opens to a small dining area, right again is a kitchen with a hallway leading to two en-suite masters.
 After their tour Janet and Brad again ask to have a moment alone inside to talk.  The novice realtor says simply, “Of course, take your time.”  They wander into one of the master baths.  Janet climbs into the tub and lies completely flat inside. “I’ve never seen such a large tub.”  Brad climbs in and lies beside her with his head at her feet.  “It’s a perfect view.”  He says looking up her skirt. He lifts up on his elbow and traces his other hand up her calf, then up her thigh, taking the hem of her skirt with him.  Her panties are still moist from before as his fingers move under.  Janet sits up on her elbows and locks her eyes with Brad’s.  He slips a finger into her and her mouth falls slightly open, then another glides in effortlessly; she is so wet and ready.  In and out he continues, but just as she tilts her head back he stops. Grabbing her by the waist, he pulls her closer to bury his face between her legs, “Your turn, my dear.”  She follows suit and undoes his fly and the button on his boxers, letting his erection spring forward.  She rubs the head of his penis gently around her mouth; it feels so soft and smooth against her cheek and lips.
 Janet slightly jerks as Brad’s wet tongue makes first contact with her clit.  She in return starts trailing her tongue up and down his shaft and swirling at the tip.  Again she feels his two fingers slide into her, so she tries to open her legs wider for them.  In and out, she copies the motion of his penetration by taking him deep into her mouth, in and out, over and over; one had massaging his balls while the other follows her mouth at the base of his shaft.  Inside of her she feels his fingers pressing firmly against her g-spot and an involuntary moan escapes her, though muffled.  His tongue finds a rhythm of wider to smaller circles, and this is Janet’s undoing.  Her thighs tighten around his head, but their mouths don’t stop, both go faster, breathing heavy, until she bursts completely.  Crying out, Janet’s body convulses and she soon feels Brad‘s release down her throat.
 With no running water, they try to wipe away excess visible fluids from their mouths.  Janet again grabs her spray bottle and even spritzes some on Brad. They walk out onto the patio with their arms around each other and admire the view of the ocean.  “This one wins.”

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