Sex Story - Restaurant Tension

 Zack works as a cook in a sports bar.  Every day is stressful dealing with bitchy waitresses, lazy cooks, and management yelling at him for not being the glue that holds every little thing together.  How is he supposed to get orders out faster if he can’t tell other people to do their job because he isn’t management, and when he reports it they don’t believe him, yet yell at him for not controlling the others.
 Heat from the kitchen makes his grease covered clothes drip in sweat.  He makes his way into the back cooler to stock and soon after is joined by one of the waitresses.  A blonde with her ponytail pulled tightly back, sporting short black shorts and a tight fitting tee that clings to her figure. 
 She outstretches for something on the top shelf. He glances out of the corner of his eye as she climbs on top of a box to reach it. In an instant the box collapses and she is falling back, he jumps to catch her.  His hands on her waist, she fits perfectly into his chest. Their eyes meet and she can’t help but smile up at him before looking away.
 “Thank you,” but she doesn’t move.  “It’s no problem,” his grip tightens and anticipation builds.  He looks over to be sure the door is closed, then kisses her neck.  She turns her head back to him, eyes locked, then seizes a kiss. Their lips tenderly pull and suck at each other before she swivels to face him and wraps her arms around his neck.
 “I want you,” she breathes and his erection grows.  His hands separate, one down to her butt and the other to her breast. Her hands slip under his shirt and trail up his abs. “Mmm,” she moans as he pulls her closer into him.  Undoing his zipper, she slides her fingers in and starts stroking up and down his shaft.  He repays the favor, undoing the top button of her shorts and pulling down the zipper he squeezes his hand into the still tight fitting shorts; to his surprise there is no underwear.  He finds her clit and begins rubbing in circles, just as his tongue circles hers.
 With her free hand she grabs the back of his head, pulling his hair so his head shifts to the right giving her room to suck on his neck; it’s salty from his sweat.  He pulls his fingers out and lifts off her shirt to see her black lace bra, then he grabs both breasts and bites at their buoyant tops.   Her flesh smells of spilt beer, but tastes amazing as he licks.  She pulls away and out of her pants while he takes of his shirt then pulls her close.  Their sticky skin touches, but send chills through one another from the cold of the cooler.  He grabs each of her thighs and lifts her around his waist then sits her on a nearby shelf; still embraced and kissing passionately.  He pulls out his penis and quickly thrusts it into her warm and wet vagina. She cries out and digs her fingers deeper into the back of his neck.  He quickly thrusts in and out, not caring about the volume of her cries; let the bastards hear.
 With his thumb he starts to massage her clit as he thrusts; he wants her, he wants her to come for him.  To hell with all this stress and this shithole place and people; she has to come for him. Her breathing is erratic, her eyes rolling back, and finally she convulses all around him.  This is his release; seeing her in the throes of passion, he bursts inside of her.

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