Sex Story: 'Usagi Needs' -Fanfiction
Usagi Needs (a Junjou Romantica FanFiction!)  M/M
By: Stina


Misaki, a 19 year old Uni student lives with his brother’s friend, the famous novelist Usami Akihiko (Usagi). Misaki is just returning from Uni when he gets a call from said Usagi.
“Where are you?”
“I’m almost to the door. Why?” The phone clicks off and the door opens to reveal Usagi, his brown tie hanging loosely off his neck atop his white pressed shirt, which is still neatly tucked into his black dress pants.
“W-what?” Misaki stutters out. Usagi just shakes his silver-blonde hair, and stares at Misaki with his golden eyes. He gulps as he walks in. Usagi grabs him, yanking him toward the bedroom.
“What are you doing!?” Misaki yells, trying to escape his grasp.
“Need some Misaki.”
“Wha’? No you don’t! Let me go!!” Misaki tries again to get out of Usagi’s grasp but it’s futile.
Usagi closes the bedroom door and pushes him to the bed. Misaki tries to get past Usagi but it is just as useless. Usagi grabs his head and kisses him; Misaki can’t fight it and returns the kiss with equal passion. Usagi breaks apart and starts nibbling on Misaki’s neck, leaving marks along his path. He pulls Misaki’s shirt over his head, nibbling his collarbone.
Next, he undoes his tie and shirt, then grabs his pants yanking them off. Pushing gently, he lays him on the bed; Usagi climbs atop and starts grinding. Moaning and panting was the only audible noise for a while, but then Usagi tires of just grinding. Getting fully undressed, he goes back up to Misaki’s lips and kisses him.
“Ah, oh w…wa… please… st..” Misaki tries to call out while Usagi trails kisses down his chest nibbling on his flesh. He gets to Misaki’s nipple and starts lapping at it with his tongue, while his one hand kneads the other nipple.
“U…Usa…Usagi-san!” Misaki yelps as he feels his boxers being pulled down from his waist. Usagi lifts his head and admires his work on Misaki’s chest. He starts kissing and licking his way down to Misaki’s erect penis where he starts teasing it then sucking it in earnest. He reaches up with his two fingers and gets Misaki to start sucking on them. When he feels they are wet enough, he lifts Misaki’s leg up and twirls his index finger around his puckered entrance wetting it before he inserts a digit.
Gasping, Misaki squirms to get away from the intrusion but Usagi is still paying special attention to his aching cock. Usagi starts thrusting his index finger in and out, waiting for Misaki to relax a little. He searches for his special spot and when he hears a deep gasp he smirks against Misaki’s shaft and enters another finger.
Usagi trails kisses down his shaft, reaching his balls fondling them in his mouth he scissors his fingers stretching Misaki wider for him to enter another finger. After a few thrusts, he pulls his fingers out.
“Wha…?” Misaki pants cutely. Usagi smiles at him and kisses him, then he grabs his own throbbing cock and lines it up toward Misaki’s entrance and thrusts it in. Taking a deep breath, Misaki waits until he feels it all the way in him. Blushing madly, he settles and starts pushing against Usagi to get him to start moving. Smiling, Usagi starts penetrating slowly; building up a rhythm. Slow thrusts at first, then faster searching for that spot again.  Once he finds it he picks up his tempo, slamming himself into Misaki.
“Uh uh uh oh oh ah ah ah!!!” Pants Misaki moving with the speed.  He grabs Usagi’s shoulders for leverage and wraps his legs around his waist to make him go a little deeper. Usagi looks down at him and smiles; he leans closer to his mouth and kisses him. Kissing back, he feels he is getting closer and he can tell so is Usagi; so he reaches towards his neglected member, but is swatted away by Usagi who decides to grab it. Pumping his hands in time with his thrusts, Usagi picks up his speed trying to make them cum together. After a few hard thrusts, Misaki tightens and screams; his release is quickly followed by Usagi, who is quieter. After, Usagi pulls out Misaki hits him on the chest.
“You baka! I have to go to work later.” Getting a raised eyebrow as a question, “I have to make dinner, and homework, too. I don’t have that much time.”
Usagi gets up; grabs a towel and dries him off, “You don’t need to work.”
“Hmph. I like working.” After getting cleaned, Misaki gets up to take a quick shower then starts dinner. Usagi smiles and goes back to his office to work on his next novel.

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