Short Sex Story: Ghostly Allure

   She comes to me in a dream.  White dress flowing in the ocean breeze; no shoes as her toes wiggle in the sand.  She smiles as she flattens her curly blonde hair back out of the wind.  Her pearl incandescent teeth sparkle with the reflection of the water.  She is my Elizabeth; a lost love whom I now only see at night. I feel her fingers intertwine with mine and smell the mix of ocean spray and perfume emanating from her golden skin. 
  Something pulls me from my lucid dream.  I’m awake but not; it’s a feeling of suspension between reality and my dream world.  My hands raise, but I’m disembodied. I cannot see my fingers in front of my face.  When I try to lift my head it only swims in place; prying it free from the secure suction of the bed seems impossible, how odd. Still, I can’t see my hands, but I know they are there. Suddenly, something startles me.  I feel the entwining of Elizabeth’s fingers again, it’s an ethereal sensation.
  From the glow of the clock I think I see her blonde curls atop me.  Freeing one of my hands from her grasp, I reach for her, but she seems to float away, hovering in midair.  Instantly, I chase after her, not jumping or stepping, but just following her into the emptiness.  Reaching her, I wrap my arms around what I can see of her body, skin against skin, I’m not sure how we came to be naked. Now I can see into her eyes, the glare from the clock shows their familiar blue.  Wait, am I dreaming? Astral projecting? Dead? But my fears dissipate when she speaks, “Eddie, make love to me.”
  I kiss her full lips, the energy between us is electric; its charge is all I can feel; it’s a metaphysical connection, there is no other way to explain it, so I succumb and let my worrying be.  Her hair is soft as I run my fingers through it and down all around her silky body and plump ass.  The smell of the ocean and her perfume still lingers; it’s intoxicating.
  She begins sucking on my neck then down my chest.  Her mouth is warm, and the graze of her tongue is wet, leaving a chilling trail.  I try to place my hand there to warm my goosebumps, but instead I am met by a void; I am not there, the only thing I can feel is her, but she somehow knows how to find my penis. Again the sensation of her warm wet tongue teases before she encloses her lips around my head while her hands grip the base.  She takes me deep into her throat, and pleasure surges though me as she proceeds to swallow in then out.  Elizabeth’s hair tickles my thighs as she moves; her tongue swivels around my shaft, like an artist’s paintbrush; I am her masterpiece. 
  She stops and instantly her lips touch mine.  We embrace and our bodies melt into one.  Her thighs wrap around my hips and I feel her hand directing my erection to her opening; that heavenly center between her legs.  My tip enters with ease; like a puzzle, our pieces were made for each other.  Her warmth is invigorating, and all I want to do is be deeper.  I thrust and hear her moan, see her head roll back, and then seize the opportunity to suck her neck; it’s soft on my lips and tastes of the salty ocean. 
  Our pace quickens. There is so much stimulation; her mouth now on my neck, my body in hers, our entangled arms and legs, fingernails digging deep into skin with each thrust.  Her breasts press tightly into my chest and I feel her nipples harden; I lift one to my mouth and suck, circling the nipple with my tongue until I’m satisfied it’s diamond hard, then I repeat with the other; plus, I love how buoyant they are with each move.
  Getting back to her luscious lips, I bite the bottom one and relish in her heavy breathes.  The world around us begins to spin and blur.  Warm, yes, oh god, bite, uh, suck… My beloved cries with pleasure, “Eddie, yes, I, need, you.” I press my thumb to her clit and gently circle.  Her moans quicken and body writhes and I know she’s close.  I speed up and dig my hips deeper.  “Uh, yeah, mmm…” and she explodes.  Her body convulses and tightens around my shaft, with that I come. 
  She rests her head on my chest and we float back down into my bed.  Running my fingers through her hair, I try to stay awake, but fail and drift into a dreamless night.  

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