Short Story: My Farewell - By: Stina

My Farewell
By: Stina
(sad ending -separated)

 There wasn’t anything I could do for you. I tried to stop you, hoping just this once you would listen to me. I knew it was futile; you never once listened to me no matter how long we’d known each other. No matter how many times I have had you in my bed. You never choose me. I knew I should have given up on you, but I loved you. I still had a little hope that you might love me too and just was too scared to realize it. But, you didn’t. You told me the only reason that you slept with me was because of the size of my dick, and that you knew how I felt about you. Even knowing this I still let you climb on my bed and start trailing kisses down my neck. I let you, since I love the feel your lips on my skin. You reached my chest and started sucking my nipples; I gasped and grabbed your hair pushing you closer. I felt you smirk against me; your other hand trailed down toward my boxers and teased the skin there. Your mouth trailed down, following my happy trail. You pushed off my boxers and glanced at me. You put your hand on my aching dick and started stroking from the base to the tip. You lowered your mouth, stuck your tongue out and licked the slit. Groaning I pushed up, but you slapped my hip and glowered at me. I stopped all movement and waited for you to continue. Satisfied, I wasn’t going to move, you started licking my cock. Your hands still at my base, then you put your whole mouth around me and sucked. Groaning, I tried not to thrust knowing you want to control the tempo. After a few sucks and bites, you pulled away. Then you started stripping, I just stared at your beautiful creamy body. Knowing that I’m not the only one who has seen it, but that doesn’t matter at the moment, because I have you now. You climbed on top of me and started to slowly push me into you. You sighed once I was fully sheathed inside. Smirking, you pushed up till my tip was the only part of me in you, then you slammed down; repeating this motion for a few times. Then you started going slow, then fast changing tempo on a whim. I love having sex with you; at the moment I don’t care you are just using me for my cock. After a few thrusts, we both hit our climax. You lay down on top of me with me still inside you, after a few deep breaths you pulled away; we both grimaced when my limp member fell out. You smiled at me but the moment was ruined when your phone rang. You leaned over me and grabbed it from your pockets and answered it without looking. After a few ‘yeas’ and ‘uh huhs,’ you hung up. Sighing, you got up and dressed. I sat up and asked where you were going; you raised an eyebrow at me. Smirking, you asked if I was jealous. I said it doesn’t matter; I want to know where you are going. You gave me a deep sigh, and told me. I glared and said you shouldn’t go. Laughing, you ignored me and finished dressing. You looked around trying to see if you forgot anything, when you were satisfied you had everything you started heading toward the door. I grabbed your hand trying to stop you; you yank it out and tell me to leave you alone. We started arguing about why you shouldn’t leave, but you laughed and left anyway.


That was the last time I ever saw you alive. You went to this person’s place, but you never did make it out. I don’t know why not, I don’t know what happened. No one will tell me anything. Now, I’m sitting here at your grave site asking you why you couldn’t listen to me. I knew something bad was going to happen, I felt it in my gut. I can guess what happened, but I don’t want too, I don’t want to assume anything. I just wish I argued more, or did something that would make you listen to me. Everyone tells me it’s not my fault but I don’t give a damn! I was the last one who saw you alive! I had you in my arm, my grasp. I failed you! Great, I thought all my tears were dried up, but I guess I still had some left. I guess I’m finally free of you, but I don’t feel free. I still love you and I wish you are at least smirking down at me from wherever you are. Dusting myself off, I kiss the top of your headstone and walked to my car glancing over my shoulder when I felt a breeze hit my shoulder. Glancing up I smiled knowing that was you saying thank you.

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