New Story- By:Eve- Satin and Leather

By: Eve

Jonny’s jaw dropped when he walked from the master bathroom into the bedroom he shared with Christina. He knew she had something special planned to celebrate their 5th anniversary but he never dreamed she would go to such lengths. A smile started to form on his face as he took in the sight of all the lighted candles in the room as well as the turned down king size bed exposing brand new black satin sheets.
Christina slowly entered the light after blending in with the dark walls. Again, Jonny was stunned, albeit pleasantly so. Christina was wearing an amazing black leather teddy with red leather laces up the front. Her attached garters held up black silk stockings that faded into her knee high patent leather boots. Deep red lipstick filled in her lips while dark eyeliner and sooty eye shadow emphasized her big green eyes. Black mascara coated her long lashes and gave her a slightly mysterious look. She was holding something in her hands that he couldn’t quite make out, but he was more than happy with the way she looked.
“Happy anniversary, Jonny,” Christina said. “Now, get over to the bed and lie down on it.”
“Ohhh, Yes, ma’am!” he jokingly replied.
“Don’t speak unless I tell you to,” Christina told him.
Wow, Jonny thought. I’ve never seen her like this! It might be a bit interesting. He scurried over to the bed, his towel falling to the floor on the way. Now he was completely naked since he had just stepped out of the shower. Christina allowed herself a bit of a smile at his sudden nudity, but she could work with it.
She slowly sashayed over to the bed where Jonny was now lying on his back. Taking one of his hands, she fastened a fur-lined leather strap around his wrist and the bed post. She repeated this with the other hand. Next, she moved to the foot of the bed and grasped one of his ankles. Strapping it to the bed post, she checked to make sure that it was tight enough before moving to the next one.
Once he was completely restrained, Christina climbed onto Jonny’s chest and straddled him. She moved the center of her teddy closer and closer to his face, just close enough for him to inhale her musky scent, but not quite close enough for him to use his tongue on her. That was a favorite act of Jonny’s and she knew he loved the way she smelled. Since he had been ordered not to speak until she allowed it, he could only look at her with tortured eyes.
To have a little more fun, she move upward until her most intimate place was hovering just over his face. He kept trying to reach her pleasure center with the tip of his tongue, but she wouldn’t let it happen even though she was starting to feel the moisture gathering there. She also knew that Jonny would be able to smell her excitement, which would make him even more feverish.
Just to make sure that she was on the right track, she glanced behind her and was rewarded by the unmistakable sight of Jonny’s interest and excitement. Rising very proudly to the occasion, he sparked a bit of a passionate flame in her body as she looked at him restrained and aroused, and completely helpless to do anything about it.
“So do you like the new sheets?” Christina teased. “You may answer.”
“Oh yes,” he replied rather breathlessly. “They feel so sexy against my bare body. The only thing that would feel better is you.”
“That’s enough,” Christina giggled. She started to move her fingertips all over Jonny’s nude and glistening body. When she reached that pinnacle of pleasure, however, she was very careful not to touch it at all. Instead, she simply traced a path ever so close to it and moved on. An involuntary groan escaped from Jonny, a sound almost like a groan. She knew he was begging her in his own way to touch him there; possibly more than just a touch.
Christina didn’t give him exactly what he wanted, though. She moved up to his face again, and this time, unsnapped the crotch portion of her teddy. Lowering herself slowly onto his face, she encouraged him to use his mouth and tongue on her pleasure core. As he enthusiastically complied, she moved her hips so that she could increase the friction. By now, she was so beyond self-control for herself that she knew she would let him bring her to the top of the cliff and fall over it.
Moving faster and faster, Christina rode Jonny’s face and mouth. She knew it was only going to be a matter of time before she reached the point of no return and she looked forward to it. The idea that she was using Jonny for her pleasure and knowing that he had no choice excited her in a way that she never would have believed was possible. Suddenly, her muscles started to tremble and contract as her orgasm slammed into her. Crying out, she continued to ride Jonny’s face, soaking it in the process. Ah yes, this was a release like she had never experienced in the past.
She continued to come down on the other side of her personal tidal wave and gave it a few minutes before looking at Jonny’s proof of arousal that had not dissipated at all. Finally, Christina swung herself off of Jonny’s face and took some amusement in how wet his face was. Picking up her cat of nine tails, Christina used it to make little circles around and around Jonny’s most sensitive area and watched in fascination as he leaped, spasmed and bobbed in response.
There appeared a drop of moisture at the little eye on his cockhead. Still, she made the circles, focusing particularly on the little space known as the taint. This was very sensitive to him, she knew. Sure enough, the more she lightly touched him there, the more of a reaction she got from his ecstasy tool. He was making an effort to not make any verbal noise, but she could see that it was a great effort on his part.
“You’re enjoying this a bit too much, I think,” Christina said to Jonny. “Maybe I should just stop what I’m doing.”
The look in his eyes was priceless to her. He didn’t want her to stop. In fact, it was clear that he wanted her to continue. She smiled at him as she made another circle. This time, she drew the tip of the cat of nine tails all the way up his steel like rod, and then took it down the other side. Jonny’s entire body shook.
Christina had started to become curious if Jonny could reach his own pleasure wave without her actually touching that part of his body. To the end of getting the answer to that question, she continued playing by using her cat of nine tails. Adding to the stimulation, she gave him a visual aid by placing one foot on the bed and leaving the other one on the floor in a way that he could clearly see her now unconcealed crotch. She took the cat of nine tails and rubbed the tip of it over her own wetness before using it again on Jonny.
“Now, Jonny, you know you can’t cum until I tell you that you can. Don’t even think about cumming. Your pleasure is up to me and I decide when you get to have it.”
She continued to speak to him in that manner all the while teasing him with circles from her cat of nine tails and sneak peeks of her pretty pink petals. Christina never touched Jonny’s member even as he seemed to grow impossibly harder. She could spot his orgasm approaching before he even knew. This caused her to step up her instructions that he wouldn’t let this happen without her permission.
When Christina knew that she had him completely in her control, she asked him the magic question.
“Would you like to cum now, Jonny? You may answer.”
“Oh god yes!” he whimpered.
“Then you may.”
That was all it took. It was almost as if he had been literally holding himself back until she gave him her blessing. As soon as she spoke the words of consent, he exploded like a volcano that has been waiting for years to erupt. Jonny tried to regain his breath while Christina fetched a towel to clean him up a bit so that the new sheets didn’t get ruined.  Then she undid his restraints.
After a bit of laughing together and regrouping, Christina and Jonny spent the rest of the night enjoying their brand new satin sheets and each other. 

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