Sex Story - Movie Going Experience


 My boyfriend, James, and I ride side by side in the car on our way to the Rocky Horror Picture Show taking place at our local movie theater. I adjust my boobs in my red corset for maximum cleavage, set straight my gold hat, and check my heavy eye make up in the visor mirror.  James parks, he looks so cute in his leather jacket and jeans.
 “Wait,” I stop him before he exits and grab my eye liner. Quickly, I draw a line and stitch marks across his forehead. “There.”  He leans over and kisses me before we walk toward the box office. It’s a little chilly outside in my fishnets, high heels, and black booty shorts.
 While in line we meet another girl dressed up in a black corset, short black skirt, and fishnets.  Her curly brown hair falls beautifully around her face, and I can’t help but admire it as she explains her love of the show; she also informs us that she is alone with no one to sit with.  “You can sit with us,” I offer.  Inside we find a seat in an empty aisle; the theater is more vacant than usual.  The girl, who introduced herself as Alex, sits on the left side of James.
 I can’t help but notice her eying him at the start of the movie, and an overwhelming feeling consumes me; I must show dominance over my man. I lean over and start kissing his neck then place my hand on his thigh.  She, nonchalantly, places her hand on his other thigh. He gulps, and a nervous sweat envelopes him; he sits still facing forward, and doesn’t seem to know what to do. I whisper to him, “It’s ok,” and move my hand up to start rubbing on the outside of his jeans, feeling his erection start.  Her nails dig into his leg then trail up to meet my hand to rub his bulge. 
 Undoing his pants, I slip in and grab him in while sucking and biting his neck.  He slowly lifts his left hand and places it on her thigh atop her fishnets. An aching feeling develops between my legs as I watch him gradually ease his hand up her skirt and move it around, but I can only assume what he is doing under there.  She moans and his dick twitches in my grip.  He lifts the arm rest from between them then turns to her, they kiss and he traces his right hand up her corset to free her breast.
 I continue stroking up and down his shaft as I free him from his boxers.  He sits back against his chair again and she lowers her head down and begins to bob on his erection.  I move my hand down to his balls and massage, feeling her hair and mouth as she takes him in and out.  I don’t know what to think, all I know is, I like the way she looks servicing him.  He gazes at me, grabs my face tightly and kisses my lips passionately.
 James’ left hand moves to her ass while his right slides in between my legs.  I hadn’t realized how wet I was, his fingers move aside my shorts and slide in with perfect ease.  My yearning insides push into his palm.  He moves his two fingers in and out, pressing firmly against my gspot as he does, then with his thumb he begins to massage my clit. “Uhh…” I moan.  It feels amazing. I place my free hand atop her head and gently push her faster. 
 Her moans are muffled as he fingers her.  “Faster,” I whisper to him, “Oh, please, make her cum.”  He stares into my eyes, and in my peripheral I see his other hand quicken, keeping time with those accelerating inside me.  My panting gets heavier and I can feel myself building. “Faster,” I say a little too loud, as I press her head more rapidly. She lets out a loud moan, and seeing her body convulse is my undoing. Our eyes still locked, I cry out as my body too convulses with that intense pleasurable tingle.  He lets go immediately after, his eyes roll back and his head jerks forward.  Alex sits up, wipes off her mouth, and James does up his fly.  None of us mention anything the rest of the night.

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