Story - Freshly Shaven


 A melon scented aroma fills Amanda’s nose. Mmm… She follows it into the bedroom.  Sticking out from beneath the comforter are Christen’s freshly shaven legs, glistening from her just applied lotion.  But where is the rest of her?  She walks toward the lump under the blanket and grabs one of the outstretched feet and begins massaging; Christen’s muscles tense then relax at the realization. Amanda continues working her way up the calf and to her thigh, then under the blanket over her hip; chills overtake Christen’s naked body as Amanda’s fingertips glide over her stomach.
 No longer playing coy, Christen uncovers, revealing not only her silken blonde hair, but her naked body and eager eyes.  Amanda stares into them before leaning over and kissing her juicy full lips.  They are soft and compliment her equally smooth tongue.
 They part, and Amanda moves to Christen’s neck.  She licks down to her collar bone, across her chest, and up her breast to her nipple.  She circles the areola before enclosing it between her lips.  It grows hard as Amanda nips and tugs at it.  She touches Christen’s hip, making her back arch, and gently Amanda glides her fingertips over her shaven pubic bone to her clit; there she massages in circles.  Christen lets out a moan of ecstasy accompanying a full body quiver that makes Amanda smile, “That’s right, baby.”
 Christen opens her legs to grant Amanda’s hand full access, then she uses both of her hands to grab Amanda’s thick curly brown hair and pull her mouth hard into her nipple. Digging her nails into her skull, she moans as Amanda bites hard.
 Pulling free, Amanda walks over to her iPod and turns on the “Pleasure” playlist.  From the speakers a voice fills the air; the beginning of Living Dead Girl. She returns to her job of seducing her lover.  Leaning down, Amanda inserts her tongue into Christen’s navel. She doesn’t want to jump just yet into stimulation, she wants to ease her and tease her.  Lightly she traces up and down her thighs, then looks up at her clenched eyes and o-shaped mouth. 
 She smirks at her impression on her lover, and then slides her tongue down and around Christen’s pubic bone. Christen begins to writhe so that Amanda has to restrain her thighs.  She forces them apart and lies on her stomach in between.   Carefully, she touches the tip of her tongue to the peak of Christen’s clit, then slides it down, and back up and over, then begins to swirl.
 Resting her head on Christen’s left thigh, Amanda gently slips two fingers into Christen’s warm, wet opening. “Baby, you are so wet, and you taste so good!” She pulls out her fingers and sucks off the juices before inserting them again. 
 “Wait,” Christen sits up.  “Undress!” Amanda obeys, without hesitation she sashays her tshirt over her head, unfastens her bra in one swift move, unbuttons her jeans; “Slower,” Christen insists.  Smirking, Amanda slowly traces her thumbs along the top of her jeans before she unzips, turns around and shakes her ass as she shimmies them down to her ankles.  Ass high in the air, Christen quickly leans over and slaps it.  “No underwear, I like it!” She follows with a bite.  Amanda jumps away, laughing, then leaps onto the bed beside her lover.  They stare into each other’s eyes as Christen glides her fingers from Amanda’s shoulder down to her elbow and back up, leaving a wake of goose bumps.
 Amanda leans in and kisses those soft lips again; her hand nonchalantly travels down her side to her ass and she squeezes.  Christen giggles as Amanda rolls on top of her.  Her nails on her back, Christen digs into her skin as their breasts press tightly together.  Amanda flips around, 69, and inhales again before flicking her tongue against Christen’s clit; Christen returns the favor by nipping at hers.  They both slide two fingers in; Christen massages Amanda’s front wall (she knows she likes g-spot stimulation), while Amanda inserts and withdraws (she knows she likes friction).
 Leaping from the bed, Amanda rushes to the closet.  She returns moments later equipped with a strap on harness and attached pink vibrator.  Christen smirks, “Is that what you have in mind now? Hmm… Maybe I should be your little minx!” She gets on all fours atop the bed facing Amanda, then lowers her head leaving her ass in the air as she outstretches her arms on the sheets.  Quickly, she crawls off of the bed, and Amanda pursues.  Around the room they race until Christen is caught and they fall giggling to the bed.
 Amanda’s tongue is warm on Christen’s earlobe and once again she feels that hunger burning deep inside her.  “Take me.”  Amanda gently lays Christen flat on her back, stands on the edge of the bed, and pulls her legs around her waist.  Their eyes lock, Christen bites her lip, and Amanda turns the vibrator on its lowest setting.  She presses it against Christen’s clit and watches as her eyes clench.  Sliding it lower, she thrusts into her, no lube needed.  With the shock of penetration, she cries out and arches her back as Amanda pushes in and out.
 Desperately wanting to use her hands, Christen grabs and pinches at her own breasts. Amanda enjoys the view before placing her thumb over Christen’s clit and swirling.  Leaning down, she suckles on one of her nipples and feels her lover’s hands in her hair, pulling and digging into her scalp. She looks up, “Do you want to cum?”
 “Yes, please,” Christen manages, so she turns up the vibrations and watches as Christen winces with each short breath. Faster and deeper she penetrates; feeling the vibrations under her thumb still working her clit.  “Cum for me, baby.”
 All of the muscles in Christen’s body tighten as her cries get louder.  Suddenly, back arched, she releases.  Her body convulses, shaking the bed; seconds later a content, satisfied look grows upon her face.  Amanda leans down and kisses her; she opens her eyes and smiles, “Your turn!”

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