Story - What Music Does To Me

 Music is taking over my body.  The sound resonates through my limbs. The pulse is my heartbeat, the lyrics are my breath.  From deep within I feel something magical.  Something I can’t explain that leaves only ecstasy in its path.  I feel that orgasmic tingle in the tips of my fingers and toes. The pit of my stomach tenses, I’m warm and wet between my legs as my pelvic muscles clench and release with the beat.
 Where is my lover?  I wrap my arms around myself and long for him.  There, behind me.  His hands are at my hips; they sway with me and trace up my waist then down my ass. My mind wanders away with the music; all I can do is feel.  Take me sensation.  I run my hands over his before going up to my own breasts; his follow, but under my shirt.
 His fingertips against my skin send chills through my body.  Leaning over my shoulder he inhales my hair.  A groan of ecstasy expels from deep in his throat and I feel his breath get heavy on my neck; I can’t help but quiver like the guitar string as his nose and lips tread up to my earlobe.
 He’s reached my nipples. His hands tease and pull at them; the pain and pleasure tingle down to my groin.  His chest presses into my back as he slips one hand down my belly, first circling my navel then ever so gently sliding it under my pants and underwear; his fingers never break contact with my skin. I clench as they glide over my pubic bone. Mmm… He knows me, and my body, so well. 
 He’s found my clit with ease.  With his middle finger, he circles around and around, stopping and starting in time with the music.  I rock my waist back and forth, pushing into his hand then pressing my ass into his growing erection.  There is no question how bad I want him, his two fingers slide effortlessly into my moist opening. In and out they go while his palm presses against my clit. 
 He bites my neck and sucks.  His mouth is so warm and the pain from his teeth reverberates through me like the clashing symbol in the song.
 I reach my left hand around to his head and pull his hair, but he doesn’t stop; I don’t want him to anyway.  He pinches my nipple, then moves that hand from under my shirt and grabs my hair, turning my head to kiss him.  His lips are soft and his tongue tastes like candy.  I move my right hand to my backside and slip it under his t-shirt to feel the top of his boxers.  He presses his stomach into my hand and I take that as a sign of acceptance; so I slip my hand underneath, down his happy trail until I feel it.  It, his rock hard, pulsating dick that is digging into my ass. 
 The beat changes, it’s faster.  My heart rate follows.  His fingers keep going in and out. Everything feels amazing, even his dick in my hand; oh how it pulses as I stroke.  “Take me,” I beg.  “Right here?” He whispers seductively into my ear as he slips a third finger in me.  I wince, but I love it. 
 He undoes my pants and I undo his. Without waiting for my permission, he bends me over until I touch my toes.  After a slap to my ass, he slips a couple fingers in as the tip of his penis pokes at my clit.
 He pulls out his fingers and positions himself.  The anticipation is agony.  He finally thrusts into me, and just as he does the woman singing lets out a high note, mirroring my pleasure. Gripping my hips he pulls me closer, deeper, and the back out.  He is in complete control, so I let myself dangle and feel.  In and out with the beat of the drum; I am the drum.  Grip tightening, nails digging into my skin, I feel his pace quicken.  He slaps my ass then wraps his hand around to find and massage my clit.  There is no rhythm, but it feels amazing.  The chaos is lyrical.  In and out, in and out, until I hear him bellow and feel his shaft pulse inside me with its release.  He slows as does the music. 
 We re-cloth and I turn to face him.  He wraps his arms around my waist and pulls me close so that I may rest my head on his shoulder and his on mine.  We dance slowly, swaying to the tune, while the music continues a low melody just for us. 

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