Erotic Excerpt from 'Rough Men'

Excerpt from 'Rough Men'
By: David E Watwood
Re-Release Date: TBD

  He parked in the covered garage, walked over to the lobby and to the elevators. The lift stopped on the sixth floor and he followed the direction arrows to room six forty three; he knocked softly. He heard the deadbolt slide back and the door opened, Rebecca Freeman was standing there dressed in a tight black lacey cocktail dress and black stockings, her blond hair was falling loose around her shoulders. Jake was almost speechless and thought again that she had to be the most beautiful woman he had ever met.
  “Come in Jacob, I have a drink ready for you.”
  Steele replied, “Thank you,” as he walked past her through the door. She walked over to the end table and picked up a glass filled with Scotch and ice then handed it to him, “Straight, just ice right?” 
  “Good memory, it’s perfect, thank you.”
  She picked up a half empty glass of a pink colored wine, “Sorry, but I started without you, and honestly I’m a little nervous.” Jake smiled and held his glass up to hers, “Old times.” 
  She smiled, “But we don’t have any old times, I’m afraid.”  He grinned, “Indulge me.” She clinked her glass to his and drank.
  “So, what are we doing here, Mrs. Freeman?” Rebecca took a quick deep breath and grabbed Jake by the back of the head, drew him in and kissed him hard and fierce; he responded back and kissed her for what seemed like ages, but lasted half a minute. As they drew apart she whispered breathlessly, “You know damned well what we’re doing here, Mr. Steele. I’ll be right back, get undressed.” She walked to the bathroom turning the lights down as she went in and closed the door.
  Steele sat in a big padded chair with a large square padded ottoman at the foot. He took off his boots and socks, stood and unbuttoned his shirt and left it on as he unbuckled his belt, took his jeans off and laid them on the floor beside the chair.
  He sat back down, picked up the glass of scotch and took a long pull then put his head back on the chair and closed his eyes, trying to figure how the hell he was  here, but glad he was.

  He felt hands on the waistband of his boxer briefs, opened his eyes and saw Rebecca sitting on the edge of the ottoman, her hair shimmering from the light in the room behind her. She was topless, wearing stockings that came up to mid-thigh and a small lacey pair of red panties. The sight made Steele breathless, she slid his boxers off, stood up and took his hand to help him stand.
  She reached up and slid his shirt back off of his shoulders and it slid down his arms and fell to the floor; she ran her fingertips over his chest slightly scratching as she traced up to his face and lips; all the while running the nails of her other hand up the side of his erection. It was all Jake could do to maintain himself.
  She was not much shorter than he, she went up on her toes and kissed him deep and sensuous, then whispered, “I need to be with you, don’t talk just fuck me.”
  He didn’t need prompting; he put his arms around her and pulled her into him. They moved into the bedroom and fell on the bed. He kissed her face and lips, and worked down to her breasts. He arched her back and pulled his head in tighter; he moved down kissing her belly to the band on her panties and he pulled them off dropping them to the floor.

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