Ice Play

Foreplay with ice?
Temperature play is a form of BDSM sensual play where objects and substances are used to stimulate the body's neuroreceptors for heat and cold for sensual effect. Substances can include water, oil, molten wax, ice, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, melted butter, chilled fresh fruit and steamed vegetables.
Objects can include cutlery, ball chains, necklaces and many others, often pre-heated in hot water or chilled in ice water.
Blindfolds are often used to intensify the effects, and bondage can also amplify the experience.
Safety precautions should be used which are appropriate for the materials, techniques and body parts involved.
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Foreplay Ice Glacial
Foreplay Ice Glacial Pink
Foreplay Ice. its a whole new way to play! The cooling caress of ice 
creates sensual sensations that can only be described as incredible! 
Tease your lover to new heights of ecstasy with any or all of these 
enticing new massagers. Fill with water, freeze, insert plunger, and push ice upward for teasing foreplay. Easy to use, instructions included. Silicone. 2.5x 1.75/ 6 cm x 4 cm.

Vibrating Ice Massager
Vibrating Ice Massager

InnovativeRating By Sparkling ReviewsThis is the most innovative and creative vibrator that I have owned. It comes is a box that clearly shows the vibrator through a clear window. In the box you get the bottom to the vibe, the cast for the water to make the ice, to complete the vibe, a bullet, and a bullet key, which is used to remove the bullet from the casing. This is waterproof as you probably could have guessed. It is great for temperature play. I also use it for a temperature play type of body message. It is a great vibe to change things up a bit in the bedroom and shock your partner from time to time. This can also be used for solo play.
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