Short (Short) Story- Sex Shopping List

 Hmm… What do I need?
 Rope – to bind her ankles.
 Zip ties – to bind her wrists.
 Handcuffs – to secure her feet and hand restraints behind her back.
 Clothespins- to work as nipple and clit clamps.  Would they be too tight?
 What else? Maybe a feather, so I can trail it down her neck, between her breasts, and over her wet pussy. We already own a vibrator; I’ll hold it up to each clothespin and let the vibrations take her away. Her eyes will need covering, but not her mouth.  I love the shapes it takes and the noises that escape her.  Each one sends chills through me to deep within my groin. Her ecstasy is my fantasy. 
 If only I could afford a swing to hang her from.  Suspended in the air, helpless; she has to do my bidding, my every desire.  Bound by me.  I like the way that sounds. 
 Maybe some ice cubes sitting beside the bed; I’ll use them to caress her skin, then lick up the water it leaves atop her trail of goosebumps.  Cold to warm. Hmm… Should I also use candle wax?  Before she gets home I’ll light some in the bedroom.  I really should test the temperature; maybe I’ll take a round with myself first.
 When she's hog tied and on her stomach I’ll drip it in the dip in the small of her back.  Ohh… Her ass will be vulnerable.  What should I do with it?  Besides bite it… Got it!  Chocolate flavored lotion.  Rub it on her silky smooth skin with just my fingertips. 
 There is a pair of silk boxers somewhere that I know she likes me in.  I need to find those, or should I just surprise her naked?  Either way I’m coming inside her.
 She will be mine to move around as I please. Is it possible to lift her on to me if I sit on the edge of the bed?  With her extremities bound back her breasts would be right in my face as I raise and lower her on me. Mmm… Deep inside of her. Shit, I’m getting myself hard, I need to hurry up and get out of here.

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