Story - Dress Up Misdemeanor

 At the chime, Jessica looked up from her book. ‘Someone’s here’, she thought incredulously. Placing her book and blanket aside she slowly walked to the door and stood on her tip toes. ‘Whoever it is is blocking the peep hole.’ “Who is it?” She bravely asked.
 “It’s the police, open up.” In nothing but black boy shorts and a pink cami with her red hair pulled up in a makeshift bun, she opened the door. Standing on the porch was Roger tall and masculine dressed in black, tight, short shorts with handcuffs that dangled from his belt loop; no shirt, only a black tie that showed off his chiseled, slightly hairy chest, and a cute black police hat. “Good evening, ma’am.  We got a noise complaint about a woman screaming.” She smiled, playing along. “Not yet.”
 “May I come in and look around?”
 “Don’t you need to frisk me first?”
 He smiled then entered, “Not yet.” Pushing past her he made his way to the bedroom; closing the door she hurried to follow close behind him. ‘His ass looks good in those shorts’.
 “Ma’am, I’m afraid I’m going to have to arrest you.”
 As innocently as she could she replied, fluttering her eyelashes, “For what, officer?”
 “For indecent exposure.” He threw open the curtains then briskly walked over to her; her heart pounding, she instinctively backed away, but his strong hands forced her hips closer. Swiftly, he pulled off her shirt before she even realized what happened. Her pink cami lay strewn across the room while her naked body stood exposed in front of the window.
 “This is a set up,” she managed as her nipples grew hard under the cold gusts from the ceiling fan.  Looking down, she noticed his pants steadily growing and couldn’t help but grin and let out a cute laugh.
 “Turn around,” she obeyed. “Put your hands against the wall,” again, she did as she was told. His hands firmly grasped her waist then she felt as his body slowly came to rest leaning on her back.  His chest pushed into her as he inhaled her hair, but let out as his heavy breath trailed down her neck; the sensation created a wave of goosebumps down her body, but she liked it. 
 He moved his hands up her sides and around to her front then grabbed her voluptuous D cups and began massaging.  Closing her eyes, she couldn’t help but bite her lip. 
 A growing anticipation burned deep within her, and, unexpectedly, a moan escaped during her reverie. “Anything you say or do can be held against you,” he warned as he pinched her nipples.  A subtle smile developed; Jessica had to bite her lip to contain herself.
 Moving his hands down her stomach, Roger stopped just atop her boy shorts. “I need to do a cavity search,” he warned.  Both hands slipped under, but his right took the lead in finding her peak. He began massaging in a steady circle, making Jessica gasp.  He quickened his pace; two fingers in then back out circling, back and forth he teased her, but all the while he loved and craved that warm, wet, tight cavity.
 In the moment, Jessica pushed her ass into his hard on and he thrust it back against her in return. Quickly, he pulled out his hands and spun her around. Grabbing both of her wrists, he walked her to the bed, pushed her onto her back, slid her to the head railing where he drew the cuffs and in one swift motion restrained her right wrist, looped the other through the rails then clasped her left wrist. “Do I need to treat you like a hostile suspect?” He asked while straddling her and simultaneously pulling his erection out of the opening in his shorts. 
 She stared at it, unresponsive, a yearning developed for it deep within her making her cross her legs behind him, then “No.”
 “Good girl.” Scooting forward, he grabbed hold of erection and held it just an inch from her full lips.  “I’m willing to take a bribe.”  She tilted her head forward and stuck out her tongue; with quick flicks to his head with the tip of her tongue she teased him before lying back down.  “Oh, no, no, no, I’m going to need more than that.”  Letting go, his penis fell to her lips; it urged her, but she couldn’t resist any more and parted her lips around it, taking it in and swirling her tongue all around the shaft. Roger’s head and eyes rolled back at the ecstasy brought on by her nimble tongue and the warmth of her throat.  His pelvis began to move coinciding with her mouth, in and out. 
 Jessica didn’t stop even when she felt herself start to choke, but that noise in her throat made him quicken his thrusts; all the while one of his hands was guiding the back of her head as the other searched for her breast behind him.  Looking down, their eyes locked and seeing her in that state of submission, he couldn’t help but explode.  Pulsing in her mouth, she swallowed each squirt.
 “Now you get the electric chair, I’m afraid,” he jumped off the bed, tucking himself away, and grabbed the vibrator from the closet.  She uncrossed her legs and let him play outside the cotton that served as a chastity belt.  The barrier didn’t seem to work; instead the soft touch of the material gave her a new sensation.  Try as she may, she could not keep her eyes open to watch his enjoyment in her squirming.  Her breathing grew heavy with the vibrations and swirling motion; she could feel herself getting closer.  Her muscles tightened and cries grew louder until she released, quaking the bed with her convulsions.
 She lay squirming in the after affects as Roger removed her cuffs.  “I guess I can let you off with a warning.” 
 Jessica smiled, “I already got off.”

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