Story- Sex Ed

 “Uh!” I jump, startled at the falling books behind me.  The library assistant piled her cart a little too high and while pushing encountered a toppling of the tower.  I turn back to my studies.  My study buddy makes it hard to concentrate.  It’s distracting watching his brown locks fall forward as he leans over his book.  He’s so handsome; with that 5 o’clock shadow. 
 Studying abroad was the best idea I ever had.  Everything about this country is enchanting. To think I had to travel half way around the world to get an education, well, at least a good one.  It could be the fact that I just wanted to escape my dull life.
 “How about page 238?” How can he focus on studying?  I’m practically in heat for him!  I quickly glance around the room and notice everyone is gone; it’s now or never to make my move.  The tension between us is so tight, I can’t take it.
 “Anthony,” he looks up at me with his steamy gaze.  His brown eyes and dangling just above them; I melt.  My timidness kicks in; I smile, look down at my hands, then away, then back into his smoldering eyes, “Do you really want to study?” Gulping, I bravely reach for his hand and pull it from marking his page.
 “Did you have something else in mind?” Whew, at least he didn’t shoot me down instantly and pull away.
 “Well, I’d really like to get to know you.”  Was that too cheesy? I would really like to get to know his body.  Pulling my hand away, trying to be flirty, “Why don’t we move to the comfy couch by the window?”   He smiles and looks down.  I hesitate, is he contemplating it? He closes his books and stands.
 “Well, are you coming? It was your idea.”  I quickly gather my things and follow close behind him to in front of the wide floor to ceiling windows. We sit, leaving about a foot of space between us.  “Closer,” he urges.  I smirk and scoot until there are only millimeters separating us.  Without hesitation he wraps his arm around my shoulder and pulls me closer.  “There, that’s better.  More intimate.”
 “Yes, this is cozy.”  I can’t bring myself to look at him, I’m too nervous; instead I keep focusing on the empty courtyard just outside.
 “So,” he grabs my hand and begins fidgeting with my fingers, “what do you want to know?”
 I blurt out, “What made you decide to go here?”
 “To get away from everyone, start a new life.”
 “Same with me.”
 “So, have you?” This question makes me look up at him. “Have you escaped? Started anew? Or are there still ties holding you back?”  That hadn’t occurred to me, but he is right.  All of my worries and fears still linger.  It’s obvious he’s picked up on my dissatisfied realization.  He lets go of my hand and brushes my hair back behind my ear.  “Why hide such a beautiful face?”  Slowly, he leans in and kisses me.  As our lips touch there is a spark, a fire burns, yearning, deep within me. I try to focus on his lips, but they part and his tongue distracts me.  Mine meets his and they dance, curving and curling together.  One of his hands tightens its grip in my hair while the other digs its nails into my back.  Where did this passion surge come from? Who am I to all of a sudden demand this affection?
 He leans forward, his arm tight around my back and I lean back gently onto the couch.  A flash of worry crosses my mind; is anyone here?  Will we be kicked off campus?  But with a nip of his teeth on my bottom lip the thoughts dissipate.
 He starts to suck his way down my neck and along the V of my shirt.  He’s reached my exposed cleavage and bites and sucks on my heaving breasts.  I feel him free one from my bra and a tingle travels through me at the touch of his tongue as it plays with my nipple.
  Both of my hands are gripped tightly in his brown locks.  I hold my breath as he uses his teeth to graze my nipples.  A gasp escapes me as he digs his nails into my waist under my shirt.  I in turn reach my hands down under his shirt neckline to his back and dig my nails in. He comes back up and kisses me and I find the top of his boxers.  He jumps and looks down at me. “That tickled!”  Oh, he’s ticklish! I’ll save that info for later.
 My hands are on his hips gripping tightly.  A loud hiss fills the room as he sucks air in through his teeth before forcibly coming back down to my lips.  “I’ve wanted you for a while.” I catch my breath, “You should have said something.”  I whisper as he bites my earlobe.  His warm mouth sends a surge through me causing an involuntary thrust of my pelvis into his; he bucks back into me pressing his obvious protrusion into me.  Mmmm…. It feels divine. A holy pinnacle of ecstasy dying to be worshipped.  I can do that.
  Placing my hand outside of his jeans and over his steeple, I squeeze.  He pushes into my palm, then maneuvers himself so he can slide his hand down my stomach to the top of my jeans which he quickly unbuttons and unzips.  I take a deep breath as he slips in under my panties.  I know I’m wet, but as he pulls my panties away it’s confirmed.  He teases the tip of my clit with the tip of his middle finger.  I moan.
 “Shhh!!!!” echoes through the room.  Panic quickly overcomes me; I’ve been hushed, but by whom? And from where? It doesn’t cease Anthony. He presses harder on my clit and swirls.  My juices flow, he slides past my clit, keeping his palm pressed firmly on it as he glides two fingers in. Mmm… again I can’t help it.  Throwing back my head, my back arches; I want more.  Without realizing, I begin rocking my pelvis with the in and out motion of his fingers. Oh, it has been a while.  My stress is melting away.
 He pulls out his hand and forces my pants down past my ass to my thighs, then lifts my knees to my chest and I realize my breast is still exposed.  Quickly he unzips his jeans, but leaves them buttoned, and I reach over my pants and slide a hand in to help him.  Finally, after digging around, I’ve found the opening in his boxers.  Now, in my grasp, I squeeze his rock hard cock.  After some heavy petting, I guide it out.  Geez, it’s huge! I need two hands to direct the tip to my clit.  I rub and tease both of our sensitive areas.  Every nerve ending in my clit feels every one in his head. He presses it hard against me, “Let me in,” he breathes heavily into my ear.  I abide by his wish and guide him into my wet opening.  He goes in easily, gently, then taking control he forces himself all the way, deep inside of me.  “Mine,” he proclaims.
 He thrusts vigorously, grunting.  I moan and cry, forgetting to hush myself.  A loud “Shh!” is let out again and he slows.  I look around the room and see a girl peeking through from behind a bookshelf, biting her lip.  She and I lock eyes as his pounding quickens again.  I have to look away and throw my head back in ecstasy as he sucks on my neck. 
 Amongst the chaos, I feel his hand back down at my clit.  I open my eyes; she’s still there, but there is no way I can stay quiet now.  Our eyes locked, I lose myself and explode, quaking all around him.  That is his undoing and I feel him pulse deep inside of me.  He kisses my lips before collapsing on top of me.  I run my fingers through his hair and look around.  Our voyeur is gone, and I wonder how we are supposed to clean up.

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