New Story - At the Haunted House

Just in time for Halloween!  Our newest story:
At the Haunted House

  The path was decorated with ghostly shrouds atop lampposts.  There were several costumed children running about; this was the first year that the small town amusement park had decided to open for Halloween. Five houses had been built throughout the kiddie carnival rides, games, and rickety adult coasters; it was scary enough during the day.
  Something about fear aroused Jessie, while her boyfriend, Ted, was turned on by anything and everything.  Their relationship was on thin ice because Ted felt he was too young to be tied down and Jessie hated everything about him, but she stayed with him because he was great in bed.  He had introduced her to bondage and her first vibrator; he really knew how to satisfy her.
  Trees loomed over the passing couple as they made their way to the first house.  It was titled, ‘The Adams Family Crypt.’ While in line Jessie laughed, “They’re missing a ‘D’ in Addams.”  Without even looking at her Ted replied, “Nah, you’re wrong.”  She glared at him and thought to herself how much she hated him and wished she wasn’t there, but she’d never say that to him because he’d get pissed, walk off, start crying and say she was cruel.
  The house was dark and smelled of paint and the fog machine. Strobe lights guided them through while actors jumped out from behind each corner; some even dangled from above.  One girl sat in a corner dressed in a black dress, fishnet stockings, and a black veil covering her face.  She rocked back and forth, holding her doll closely.  When the couple reached the exit Ted asked, “Did you see her?”
  “Who?” replied Jessie from ahead.
  “The hot girl sitting in the corner.”  Jessie froze.  How was she supposed to respond to this?  Her douche of a boyfriend was trying to pick up on what could possibly be a high school student.  She ignored him and walked ahead toward the next house.  He caught up to her, laughing, and asked, “What?”  She groaned and rolled her eyes.
  The doorman at the next house handed them each a pair of 3d glasses.  This time their way was lit by black lights.  The walls were painted with neon colors that popped out; Jessie was surprised at the professionalism.  The actors were dressed as clowns and their neon spots and stripes jumped right off of their clothes.  Outside Jessie couldn’t be mad anymore, “That house was amazing!  I can’t believe they could afford to do that!”
  House number three began inside a makeshift funeral home then led them outside into a fog machine covered graveyard.  Actors dressed as zombies and ghosts jumped in and out from between the headstones.  As they turned a corner, from behind a tree appeared a woman dressed in the same black dress, fishnets, and veil.  Ted excitedly pointed her out, “Look, look, there she is!”  He let go of Jessie’s hand and rushed over to the woman, “That’s the hot costume!”  He said with a smile while getting very close to her, she too moved closer to him, “Oh, yeah?”
  “Yeah,” his grin covered his face.  Deep inside of her stomach Jessie felt a mix of jealousy, disgust, anticipation, and lust.
  “Your girlfriend’s pretty hot, too!”  The girl motioned for them to follow her.  Ted waved Jessie on eagerly, but she hesitated.  Looking around she felt so alone in the creepy cemetery (even though fake) and decided to follow.  ‘What am I doing?’ She shook her head as she caught up to them.
  They walked through the trees back behind a utility building.  ‘Are there cameras?’ She wondered. ‘Could we be arrested?’
  Ted grabbed the woman’s hand and pulled her close.  Jessie watched with fear, but unable to look away as her boyfriend lifted the veil over her head.  Obviously she was not a teenager.  She had beautiful high cheek bones and skin that glowed in the night.  Her hair was a frizzy brown, probably teased as part of the costume, and her dress was cut low enough to expose her cleavage; if it were any lower they could have seen her nipples.
  His hands were at the hem of her dress tracing up and down her fishnets, then Jessie watched as he pulled it up exposing the garter strings holding up her stockings.  He placed both hands on her pale ass and squeezed.  She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him.  He pushed her against the building and they began fervently making out.  Jessie watched their open mouths and groping hands and felt herself becoming wet, yet she didn’t know why; it felt so wrong.
  The two pulled apart and she could hear the suction force break from their release.  They looked at her and the girl spoke, “Get your ass over here, hottie.”  Jessie looked down at her fidgeting fingers and quickly dropped them to her sides and slowly walked over to the embraced couple.  ‘I want to so bad, but I’m scared of the connotations and consequences,’ she thought as her heart pounded through her chest, but before she could say anything, the girl had pulled away from Ted and kissed her, forcing her agile tongue into her mouth.
  Jessie closed her eyes and placed her hands upon the girl’s hips, she in turn wrapped one hand around and grabbed Jessie’s ass while the other squeezed one of her breasts.  Jessie jumped as she felt Ted rest his hand on the back of her head, “It’s ok, shh….” He started running his fingers through her hair as the woman pulled her attention back to making out.
  Bravely, Jessie moved her hand to lift the woman’s dress as Ted had done, but ventured to go even higher and found the top of her underwear; slowly she slid her fingers under.  She continued to between her legs where she found the woman’s clit and began massaging.  Ted moved around to behind Jessie and wrapped his arms around her. After unbuttoning and unzipping her jeans, he slid his hand in to do the same.  Jessie’s knees buckled at the touch of his expert fingertips on her clit.
  With each passing second she succumbed more and more to the passion from this exotic mistress of the night.  She kissed down the woman’s neck to her cleavage and with her free hand pulled down her dress exposing her nipple. Jessie then took it upon herself to flick the tip of her tongue at the tiny red bead; the woman’s chest rose and pushed it into her mouth, so she nipped and sucked until it was rock hard.  The woman pulled Jessie’s head up and kissed her lips again.  Her arms moved to around Jessie’s back and down to her ass, she squeezed then unzipped Ted’s pants and pulled out his erect penis.  She began stroking and poking Jessie in the back. With this Ted’s pace quickened on Jessie’s clit, sending chills throughout her body, she too quickened her pace on the woman wanting her to feel the ecstasy she was experiencing.
  All of a sudden, Jessie felt as if they were being watched. She didn’t know why, but this spiked her arousal, and out of the corner of her eye she saw a flashlight.  “Hey,” they all heard, and instead of stopping they accelerated until one by one they all exploded and quaked to the ground.  A huddled pile of ecstasy.

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