New Story - Exposed


 It’s a vacation to remember; the curtains wide open in our hotel room display the foreign scenery.  A plush-white mountainside is illuminated by the glistening stars and glowing moon.  What a beautiful and romantic clear night sky, I admire from just in front of the window. 
 I jump; Anthony has snuck up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist.  “I want to make love to you,” he says as he rests his chin on my shoulder, “and I want everyone to see.”  Those words start a fire deep within me; I’m torn between how much I want him and how worried I am we’ll be kicked out of the hotel.  I turn in his arms and wrap mine around his head, massaging my fingers and nails into his skull. I can feel his intensity and hunger grow as his eyes gaze into mine.
 Slowly, he leans in; oh his lips are so soft, his tongue meets mine and a spark ignites inside of me. It overshadows any fear I may have had and I am at his mercy.  “Get naked,” it’s a command, not a request.
 My pajamas fly off and his do the same.  He stands, statuesque, naked and erect in front of the window and grabs me to stand next to him. “Let the world see us.”  I nudge him toward the bed and hold his penis like a leash, but he grabs my shoulders, spins me around, and forces me into the window.  My breasts are firm against the cold glass and I feel my nipples tighten, sending a shiver down to my exposed groin.  Anthony’s knee is between mine, spreading my legs apart.  One of his hands is holding both of mine high above my head while his other positions his penis between my legs.  I feel his head rub along my clit. “Mmm,” it feels so good, I want it.
 “You are so wet,” he bites my neck and effortlessly rams into me.  Both the pain and pleasure he’s giving to me make my body quake and I can’t help but cry out.  “That’s it, baby, take me.”  He continues, in and out, rubbing along my insides, my g-spot. He bites my earlobe and I so badly want to dig my nails into him or lick along those glorious abs, but I can’t, I’m pinned. 
 “Uhh!” I quickly catch my breath, Anthony’s free hand has slipped around against the window and is massaging my clit.  “Yeah…. Oh…”
 “You like that?”  His fingers circle around faster in time with his thrusting dick.
 “Faauuussssstttuuueeeeerrrr….uuhhh…” I manage. He leaves my clit and grabs hold of my hip for leverage.  I bang forcefully into the window, my cheek numb, and my cries just barely muffling the sound of our slapping skin. 
 He presses his body hard into mine just as he explodes inside of me.  As we come down from our ecstasy high, I push myself off of the glass and he falls out of me.  I wonder if anyone saw us, but it is too dark to see outside.

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