New Story - Secret Rendezvous Between Talent Judges

FanFiction - Not Reality
By: Stina
  Simon Cowell sat at a small, quaint coffee shop sipping his espresso, when Randy Jackson strolled on in. Upon seeing his ex-co-judge, he raised his eyebrow when he saw that Randy spotted him. Sighing, he called over the waitress; ordering another espresso for his friend. Glancing up when Randy sat down, he couldn't help the smirk that fell over his lips.
  Randy Jackson wanted something; he just didn't know what he was craving. Spotting a coffee shop he decided to go in and get a drink. Hearing the jingle on the door when he opened it, he glanced around spotting his friend and ex-idol judge Simon Cowell, he strolled over smiling when he noticed Simon ordering him a drink. Sitting down across from him, he noticed the smirk on Simon's lips and smiled even brighter.
  The two talked about their life, what they've been up to since they last saw each other. Randy going on and on how difficult it is to have another hit success like they did with Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood; and Simon griping about how ridiculous some people still are. The two finished there drinks when Randy glanced at his watch and pursed his lips in thought. Simon paid for the drinks when he heard Randy clear his throat to get his attention. After getting Simon's attention, he asked if he had plans for the rest of the day, with a shake of the head, Randy smiled brighter and asked if he wanted to come to his hotel to talk more in private and away from prying eyes. Simon stared at him for a second, looked at his watch and shrugged sure. 
   The two got up, strolled out the doors, and Randy led the way to his hotel. Both talking about upcoming plans; ignoring the paparazzi around them taking their pictures. Randy smiled and waved, while Simon scowled at them; laughing Randy told him to stop being a grouch to them. Simon just scowled at him in turn. Arriving at Randy's hotel, they stop at the reception desk to see if he got any messages and to make sure he won’t be disturbed. Grabbing the messages from them; they rode up the elevator to the top floor, Randy grabbed the keycard and unlocked the door letting Simon in first. Simon instantly walked in and gave himself a mini tour; feeling butterflies in his stomach that he had no explanation for, he turned when he felt Randy's hands on his arm.
  Randy followed Simon inside, watched him look around; and knew right then that the something he wanted earlier he found -in Simon. Smiling, he touched Simon's arm and turned him around. Smiling even more when Simon's eyes widen a little before he puts his hand behind his head and smashed their lips together. Simon, at first froze not sure what was happening or why; then the feeling of want coursed through him and he kissed back with a fervor.
 Randy moved his other hand down to Simon's ass and squeezed, getting a gasp from Simon; taking advantage of that he shoved his tongue in, mapping out the contour of his mouth. Moaning, Simon pushed closer wanting more; needing more he put his hands around Randy's shoulder and whimpered. Cringing on the inside, Simon just kept on thrusting against Randy. Randy wanting more contact, broke the kiss and smiled when he heard Simon moan at the loss; not taking his time Randy discarded his and Simon's shirts off. Simon, being impatient decided to get fully undressed; standing naked and erect in front of Randy, Simon smirked. Randy's eyes roamed the pale, hairy body before him, moaning when his eyes landed on Simon's hard, red cock that was begging to be touched. Not wanting to be out done, Randy undressed himself and smirked when he saw Simon's eyes eating up his chocolate body. Randy might not be skinny or muscular, but he sure was proud of his cock, and Simon's mouth was drooling.
    Stepping closer to Simon, Randy ran his hands over the expanse of Simon’s chest; fingers twisting the nipples that became hard during the ministrations. Gasping, Simon started roaming his hands on the pieces of skin that he could reach, but he wanted more; stepping back he looked at Randy in his eyes and gulped, this wasn't his first time but he damn sure was nervous for some reason. He got on his knees, tilting his head inspecting the hard cock in front of him, he pressed his palms on Randy's hips to keep him in place; Simon slowly placed a kiss on the head, smearing the cum even more. Hearing a moan, Simon kissed it again, trailing more kisses down the length of the cock; then he came back up to the head, pausing for a second before letting the head of the cock breach his lips. Sucking on only the head, he felt Randy trying to buck into him but he held him back firmly, continuing his sucking. After coating the tip with enough saliva, he pushed his mouth down further taking more and more until he couldn't take anymore. Groaning around the cock, he started pumping it with his lips, licking and sucking along the way.
   Randy didn't want Simon to step back, but wasn't gonna say anything. He wanted to see want Simon would do and to his delight Simon got on his knees putting his hands on his hip then kissed the top of his cock. Moaning from the feel of soft lips on his aching cock, he moaned even more when he felt more kisses along the length of it. Gasping when he felt the tip enter passed sinful lips, arching and trying to get more into to delightful, hot mouth but was stopped with those firm hands on him. Randy couldn't help the gasps and moans that flew past his lips as Simon's sinfully, hot mouth kept sucking and licking his cock; not once had he removed his mouth. Growling, when he feels Simon's mouth leave his cock; he looked down seeing Simon staring at him smirking. Frustrated, he yanked Simon up and pushed him to the bed making him fall on it. Smiling, he kissed Simon hard, with passion that wanted to be badly released; after making sure that Simon's lips were bruised Randy worked his mouth down his chest, licking and sucking along the way. He sucked on a nipple, yanking on it with his teeth eliciting a strangled moan from him. Smiling even more, Randy nipped down Simon's happy trail and paused. Glancing up he see Simon glaring at him, urging him to hurry with his hips; laughing he put his mouth around the red cock and started sucking hard. Hearing curses fly out of Simon's lips, he couldn't help the smirk that came over him while he still sucked. Positioning three of his fingers in front of Simon's mouth, he waited till he felt Simon sucking and wetting his digits. When he felt they were coated enough, he pulled them out and grabbed Simon's ass; lifting his leg over his shoulder, he inserted a finger inside Simon's tight puckered hole.
    Simon kept up his sucking, then pulled back and watched all the emotions in Randy's face play out. Smirking at the growl he received, he almost yelped when Randy pulled him up and pushed him on the bed. Opening his mouth for the invasion, his tongue battled with Randy's for dominance; moaning when Randy left his mouth alone he felt him licking and sucking down his body. Arching when his mouth sucked and yanked on his nipples, he tried to stop the moan but it still flew passed his lips. Gasping and panting, waiting for Randy to hurry up, he looked down and saw him just staring, thrusting his hips with a glare and was happy when Randy started sucking on his leaking cock. Cursing after every hard suck, he was surprised to see three fingers in his face; licking his dry lips he opened up and started sucking them, wetting them. They pulled out with a wet pop when Randy was sure they were wet enough, he felt Randy lift his leg over his shoulder and a finger thrust inside him.  Gasping loudly, Simon slowly let his breath out trying to relax himself from the intrusion; after a few deep breaths he nodded at Randy to continue.
  Randy pushed his finger in and out for a few seconds then thrust another finger in, waiting for Simon to adjust he pumped his finger to the same rhythm his mouth was going. Getting three fingers in, he stretched and scissored until he hit a bundle of nerves; hearing Simon cursing he smiled and started aiming for that spot all the while sucking harder.  Simon couldn't hold it any longer, so with a warning shout he came in Randy's mouth. Randy sucked him dry, licking all the cum off Simon's cock; pulling his fingers out he glanced up at Simon's flushed face and smiled. Kissing up toward Simon's face, he kept rubbing his hand on his hips; squeezing every second. He reached Simon's face and kissed him hard, Arching into Simon, he was pleased to find Simon still hard. Reaching over to the nightstand, he grabbed the lube he sat there the other day and popped the top. Breaking away from the kiss, he poured some on his hands and lathered up his cock. Positioning himself at Simon's entrance, Randy slowly thrust in; pausing every time Simon would tense up. After what felt like eternity, Randy's cock was all the way in; smirking down at the flush Simon, Randy started slowly thrusting in and out. Aiming to hit the same spot like his fingers, hearing a strangled gasp he knew he had reached it. Grinning, he started pumping harder and faster, grunting with the exertion; he grabbed Simon's cock and started pumping it along with the beat.
  Simon watched as Randy lathered up his cock with lube, trying to relax when he aligned himself in position; he put his hands in his mouth and bit when just the tip entered him. Taking a deep breath and slowly letting it out, he felt Randy slowly entering and relaxed once he was all the way in. Nodding, when Randy smirked at him, he moved his hips along with Randy's thrust. He couldn't help the moans and mewls that escaped his lips, he wanted more so he was about to reach for his cock, when Randy's big hands wrapped around it; pumping it along with the thrusting. Gasping, he could feel he was getting close; trying hard to not feel the slap of skin against skin, Simon ran his hands up to Randy's head and pushed their mouths together. Breaking apart, Simon arched his back after seeing stars when waves after waves of pleasure wracked his body; cum shooting out. Feeling a hot spurt of cum coating inside of him, he knew Randy came too and smiled lazily at him.
  Going harder and harder, hearing the slap of skin against skin; Randy knew Simon was getting close. He was getting closer too, when he felt Simon's hand on the back of his head pushing him down so their mouths met; he kept up the pace until Simon broke the kiss and arched up. Feeling Simon squeeze him tightly, Randy slowed his thrusting to watch Simon cum. Not wanting to wait, Randy started thrusting harder in the tight entrance that was slowly loosening again; when Randy saw stars in front of his eyes, he grunted his release inside Simon. Spilling his seeds inside him, coating him; marking him, once Randy was finished he slowly pulled out hearing Simon moan against it, he laid down next to a spent Simon who smiled lazily at him. Smiling back, Randy grabbed the covers and pulled it over them. Tomorrow they will talk about what happened, but for now they were both too tired and sated to care.

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