How to shop for your woman this holiday season.

By: SexToy Dave

1.      Size Matters - Ehem... we mean clothing--get your mind out of the gutter! This might be extremely obvious but find out her size. It really sucks to give a gift that she’ll have to exchange and not even be able to wear out of the box. Rummage around her underwear drawer when she’s not looking or not at home—otherwise, she’ll think you’re some weirdo panty freak. Write down the sizes of her bras and underwear—this will be helpful later.
2.      Be the man - Go into the store with confidence. Wear some smart clothes and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Shop online if it makes you feel more comfortable. Lots of guys have been in your shoes.
3.      Style Guide - Figure out what her style is. It’s important she likes it and not so much that you do. Is she a simple or glamorous sexpot? Does she like Goth or vampy clothes? Classy and stylish? Again, this could be deduced from checking out her closets and drawers or just really thinking about her style and the colors she likes to wear. If you can’t figure it out, black lingerie is a classic and always an excellent choice. Avoid red—it more than likely will not go over well.
4.      Panty raids are OK - Are you still confused about her style? See if you can sneak one of her bras out of the house unnoticed. The key here is unnoticed. Take the bra to Victoria’s Secret and the girl there can more than likely figure out her style.
5.      Never forget foreplay - If she likes what you buy her, you will benefit. Once it’s on her, more than likely she’ll be stunning. But don’t make the mistake of thinking she’ll jump right into bed with you. It’s a good idea to set the mood with candles and champagne.
6.      Presentation is everything - Ask the store to wrap it up nicely for you. Why not throw a bottle of perfume or chocolates in there?! If you aren’t too serious about this girl, do NOT buy her jewelry in addition to the lingerie. That can only lead to trouble.
7.      Accessorize - If you’re feeling a bit daring, spring for some accessories. Garters, lace-topped thigh highs or fishnet stockings are very sexy and can make any lingerie ensemble more polished. Or be bold and throw in some rhinestone handcuffs or a classy collar for role-playing, if she’s into that.
8.      Keep receipts - Whatever you buy, tell her if she doesn’t like it, she can return it and you won’t feel bad. You might even offer to go help her pick something else out. Ladies love to take their men lingerie shopping, but rarely ask.  Check to see if the store you buy from does returns as well.

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