Sex Story - He Said She Said


“It’s too cold.”
“Just take me home.”
“You don’t like the adventure?”
“I love it.”
“Then come on.  It’s just a little further along the trail; through the branches. Luckily most of the leaves have fallen off so visibility is a bit better. I see a clearing.”
“It’s beautiful!”
“It’s good to see you finally enjoying nature.”
“It’s breathtaking.  The mountains, the colors, and the air feels so crisp.”
“I knew you’d like it. You look just as beautiful as ever up here.”
“You have my permission to kiss me.”
“Thank you, mistress.”
“Ha! Just do it!”
“Mmm… You taste like strawberries.”
“Thank you, had some with my lunch.”
“I’d like to have you for lunch.”
“That is a good idea! Take me now, right here, please.”
“I love that pained passionate look you get in your eyes.”
“Take off your shirt!”
“Ooo, I like it when you command me.”
“And I like your tan skin and the shadows outlining your toned muscles.”
“Let me help you with your shirt.”
“Oh, thank you, my sweet!”
“And your bra.”
“Your hands feel so good.  Your touch is so soothing.”
“Your skin is so smooth, and your breasts are amazing. Have I ever told you just how much you turn me on?”
“Well, stud, heh, let me take off those tight jeans; then maybe I’ll let you into mine.”
“You mean those painted on jeans? Damn, how do you even get into them?”
“Bite my nipple and you’ll find out.”
“Yes, ma’am.”
“Do you think anyone will see us?”
“I don’t give a damn.  Let them see how sexy you are.  I think you should take off my boxers with your teeth.”
“Like this?”
“Oh yeah, and while you’re down there you should give me a massage, with your tongue. Just like that.”
“Lick the tip. Good girl. Get back up here and let me get you naked.  Ooo, smooth and sexy!”
“Just for you, baby.  Uh! Your hand is cold!”
“And you are warm and wet! Mmm…”
“Ready for you.”
“Bend over and touch your toes.”
“Yes, sir. Uh! Ooo… yeah… Mmm… Uhh! Don’t stop! Harder, baby!”
“Yeah, you like that? Take it!”
“Uh.. uh.. uh.. ooooo.. Spank me, please! Yeah!”
“What’s going on up there?”
“Shit, come on, it’s a park ranger.”

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