Sex Story - Virginia Is All Grown Up.


Dear Santa,

  I know you’ve checked your list twice (hopefully without Mrs. Claus) and seen that I’ve been a naughty, naughty girl.  Some of these deeds require proper recognition and rectifying. So, here are some of my suggestions, but first, while telling you my proposal, instead of sitting on your knee, I should be taken over it and given a good, hard spanking.
  Now, as for the coal and switches, bring plenty. You can stick the coal anywhere you like and break as many switches across my ass as you want.  I need to be punished. In fact, if you want to bring your reindeer whip, it could help to get the job done.
  When you get to my house, take your time slipping into my chimney; I like it slow, to be teased.  I’ll be sure to leave my cookie out waiting for you, warm and moist. If you need something to wash it down, I don’t have any milk, but you are welcome to try; suck and bite as hard as you like.


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