Top 10 Sex Toys for the Holiday Season

Top 10 Sex Toys for the Holiday Season—The Best Toys Aren’t Just for Kids!

By: SexToy Dave

The ladies love toys too. Spice up her holiday season with the gift that keeps on giving (orgasms that is)…sex toys!

   1. The number one gift every girl wants to receive is the Hitachi Magic Wand. This is the most amazing toy—well, the orgasms are. It lasts pretty much forever. You can also buy attachments. And, it never needs batteries, since it plugs in the wall.
   2. Ladies love lingerie, but in a way, it’s a gift for the guys as well. A sexy lady is eye candy and a total turn-on.
   3. High-end vibrators like the Lelo's Elise and the Lily are all the rage—it’s always awesome to receive a luxury vibe you wouldn’t necessarily buy yourself. Spoil your girl.
   4. Add some spice to the bedroom with a leather whip or breathable ball gag. These are toys that require you both play with them.
   5. Buy her a new accessory for her iPod—the OhMiBod plugs into your iPod and vibrates to the music. Entertaining and a turn-on.

   6. Better than chocolate and way more satisfying is the remote controlled vibrating thong. She looks hot and you get some amazing eye candy and she gets turned on while you control it all.
   7. If dildos are her thing, pick up the unique Little Su. It’s sleek, aesthetically pleasing and can be used anally.
   8. For the eco-conscious man or woman, is the wooden Seduction dildo that is a work of art. It can be left out and no one will know it’s a sex toy.
   9. She wants to stay in shape and you like to feel like you’re at the strip club. Get her a stripper pole and install it in your bedroom.
  10. And the granddaddy of all sex toys is a sex machine. For the savvy girl with a toy box full of sex toys, this is most likely on her Christmas Wish List.  And, maybe she’ll take a ride on Santa’s lap when she’s done!

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