Top 10 Things to Consider when Buying the Right Sex Toy for Her

Top 10 Things to Consider when Buying the Right Sex Toy for Her

By: SexToy Dave

Sex toys are amazing when used solo but when brought into a couple’s bedroom, you can take your sex life to new heights. Some girls come complete with their own arsenal of toys, but other chicks need a helping hand to get started. Maybe, they don’t want it coming in the mail and delivered to the wrong house or they view sex shops as sleazy places. If your girl doesn’t own any toy, you definitely need to indulge her.

   1. First you want to bring it up in a light manner. Suggest shopping online together or going to the local sex shop after a wild night out. Discovering it and using it together can be a big turn on.
   2. You could also surprise her—there are a lot of high-end shops that will wrap it up and make it look amazing. Another option would be to give her a gift basket from a bath shop and sneak the toy in. Or just put it on her pillow.
   3. Sometimes cute and discreet is the key. Vibrating rubber ducks, like the I Rub My Duckie (with faux fur) can be a great way to start with sex toys. And she can use it in the bath alone or in the shower with you.
I Rub My Duckie
   4. There are many things to keep in mind when buying a toy—of course start small with a mini vibrator or bullet—these are unassuming and you can get them in pink or leopard prints, even. You can watch her use it on her or you can turn on the charm—we mean the toy.
   5. With a vibrator or clitoral toy, you have many choices. Should you get a toy for clitoral use or should you pick a toy that’s used internally? It might be best to start with a clit stimulator (or toy used on the outside), like a clit cuddler vibrator or a powerful mini massager.
   6. Maybe she is looking for something that is quiet and discrete? There are quiet toys like the Vibrating Panty Pal (which is secretly a lot of fun too!) that she can slip into her panties. Also, quiet is good so the roommates and/or kids can’t hear what’s going on.
   7. If you are going to get her a dildo, again you won’t want to buy anything above 6 to 8 inches. A lot of women like glass dildos like this one as seen on the Oprah show, by Dr. Laura Berman. You can heat them up and/or cool them down varying sensations as well.
   8. Make sure you pick up some lube too. It can help relax her and the toys will be more effective. All natural Water Slide is a great water-based lubricant made especially for women.  You can also try a warming lube for added sensation.
   9. And of course with any battery operated toy, you need to get batteries. Check the box and make sure you have the right kind. Many now take AAA instead of AA.
   10. Anal sex might be something taboo with her. Buy a small starter butt plug (or an anal training kit). Slowly introduce it (with a lot of lube) and gently get her used to the idea. It may never lead to anal sex, but you never know.

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