Sex Story - New Year's Countdown


  I have control of her.  She is at my mercy.  She has given herself over willingly to me, and I like that. 
  I look over at her in the passenger seat; she has a wicked grin as she catches my eyes.  “You’re just loving this, aren’t you?”
  “Of course,” I look back to the road, “It’s going to be fun.” She giggles. 
  Pulling up along the curb, I park the car.  When she gets out, she watches her step in her short black mini dress.  As we walk along the sidewalk I wrap my arm around her and pull her close; quickly squeezing her ass.  Her eyes light up with excitement, “Justin!”
  “What?” I lean in and kiss her cherry flavored lips.  Her black hair falls around us as I lift her up into the air. “You’re mine tonight.”
  “I’m yours always.”  We continue to walk until we reach our friend’s townhouse. Other guests have already arrived.  Approaching the door, I pull the small remote out of my pocket without her noticing. She taps her knuckles on the door and Mark answers.
  “Glad you guys could make it!” I press the first button and Vicky stumbles forward as she goes to hug him.  “Whoa… Don’t fall,” he says as he catches her. I turn it off.  After a couple of heavy breathes Vicky replies, “I’m fine, just a little light headed.”
  She doesn’t even look at me and continues inside. I shake his hand then follow her.  Grabbing her arm to slow her down, she turns to me, “You’re bad.”
  “You knew what you were getting in to.”  She smiles and we join the rest of the group. 
  “Happy New Year, you guys!” Ashley, Marks girlfriend, shouts from beside a bottle of champagne.
  “Hap…” Vicky has to catch herself again; this remote kicks ass! “Happy… New Year… to you, too!”  She almost screams.
  “Are you ok?” the entire room of guests turns to her.
  “Yes, just a little light headed.”  Now, every time she greets one of the other guests I turn it on, but I don’t want her to get used to it, so I pick and choose during the conversations. She looks like she’s melting, about to collapse, so I stop until later at the count down.
  Everyone gathers around the tv to watch the ball drop.  10… 9… She is squirming as I increase the intensity. 8… 7… Her knees go weak as she supports herself on the back of the couch. 6… 5… She throws her head back. 4… 3… She’s gasping for air. 2… 1… She cries out in ecstasy and I smile at my masterpiece.  I turn off the remote and wrap my arms around her; she lays her head on my shoulder, a small smile on her face. Mine.