Sex Story - Our Movie Night

  We sit watching a romantic comedy, my head is on his lap; one of his hands is on my head petting me. We both are tuned into the movie, laughing when warranted but otherwise we are silent. Loving the feeling of his hands combing through my hair I grab his other hand in mine, squeezing gently letting him know. Feeling a squeeze back, I smile and go back to watching the movie. The scene changes to a heavy make-out scene that's way intense for a simple romantic comedy, but I don't care it's very interesting. I feel him shift a little so I glance at him and he mumbles 'sorry' silently, but I smirk because the actress on the screen is one of his favorites. I glance down at his lap and let out a laugh. Feeling his hands still, I look back at his face; he raises an eyebrow at me with a questioning 'what?'. I laugh even harder because it's so cute. Looking at his face again with him being so confused, I give in a little and kiss him on his soft lips. He returns it, but when we pull apart he still looks at me questionably. I laugh again, grab his cock and squeeze. Hearing him yelp a little, I look at him smiling. He tilts his head, smiles then grabs me for another kiss, this time deeper and longer than before. My hand is still on his cock, feeling him getting harder; so I start stroking it through his sweatpants.
  Hearing him moan through the kiss got me so turned on and impatient. So, I let go and dive my hands inside grasping the hot length in my hands. He arches into my touch; we break the kiss for some much needed air.
  He looks into my eyes, I of course just smirk at him. I position myself so my mouth is aligned with the tip of his cock. Glancing back up, I see his eyes are dark with lust and passion; blowing a kiss in his direction I take his cock in my mouth until it couldn't go any further. I gave him a second then started sucking, licking, and nibbling his cock like it's the best damn lollipop in the world; which it is. Hearing him curse silently, grabbing the back of my head to put his hands somewhere. I started to suck harder, wanting him to come that much more. With the movie on in the background, it creates a great mood. I let my mouth rest at the tip of his cock, teasing the slit, I licked up some of his essence and swallowed. Feeling a pull on my hair, I look up in time for his mouth to collide with mine. Getting pulled up to sit on his lap, I feel his hands on my sweats, pulling them down and free of me. His hands waste no time in discarding my top either. We take some deep breaths to try and slow our heart beats, but looking at him panting like he ran a marathon I can't help myself, I lean in and start nipping at his neck.
  Grabbing the bottom of his shirt, I pull it up and over his head. Glancing at his chest, I lean lower and grab a nipple and started sucking on it making it hard. His hands grab my ass and squeeze; pushing me closer to his straining erection. Biting harder on his nipple, I move to his other one and give that one the same attention. Pulling back to admire my handiwork, he gets his hands up to remove my bra and he returns the attention ten-fold. Grasping his shoulders, moaning loudly into his touch; withering against him I start moving my hips back and forth, torturing him too. He lets go of my breasts, and smirks at me. Smirking back because now the real fun starts, his hands reach down between us and he inserts a finger. Arching my back, giving him more access, he starts stroking me. He kisses my neck, sucking leaving a bruise, I am sure. He removes his fingers, I moan at the loss; he kisses my lips and smiles. He positions his cock and slowly starts pushing in.
  Gasping, I breathe in deeply until he is fully sheathed inside me. He waits a few minutes for me to adjust, then he starts thrusting using my hips to hold me in place. I start moving along with his thrusts, our grunts and moans of pleasure getting louder than the movie that is still playing. He stands up suddenly, and I instantly wrap my legs around him; he continues thrusting grabbing my ass this time to keep me from not falling off. I claw at his back in pure pleasure, riding him harder and harder. He slowly lays me down on the couch gently, him over me and smiling. Kissing each other, he continues like he never paused for a minute. I'm getting closer and I know he is too, so we start going faster and out of tempo until we can't hold it any longer. We both crash our lips together riding out the tidal wave of pleasure that racks our body. Feeling him release inside me, gives me that warm feeling of love for him; deeper than I can comprehend. He crashes next to me, making sure his tall body doesn't squash my small self. Panting and staring at each other, we smile and laugh when we come down from our euphoric high to hear the movie is still playing in the background. Positioning myself on top of him, his hands back to my head fingers going through my hair; we finish watching the movie that is hopefully almost over.