Story - Let's Make Up

By: Stina

Her legs are crossed
She sits on the stool
Arms across her chest
Glaring at you when you walk up to her
You smile timidly
And approach her cautiously
She raises an eyebrow at you
But you still walk toward her
She pushes her lips together
Like she's fighting off a smile
That gives you little hope
You put your hand on her thigh
She takes a deep breath
You uncross her legs
And move in between them
She recrosses them behind your back
You let show a smirk
She digs her heel into your leg
You almost yelp
Grabbing her arms
Pulling them apart
You place your hands in hers
Squeezing them in yours
Her glare is gone replaced
With a thoughtful look
Your hands break apart
Hers going toward you head
Yours on her waist
She pulls you closer
And your lips crash
Kissing each other passionately
Tongues clashing
Fighting for control
You break apart for a second
To get your breath
Looking into each other eyes
Seeing nothing but love and lust
You go back to kissing
Like its the last time
You finally pull apart
Foreheads resting on each other
Panting deeply
You give her a peck
Pull apart completely
Her face is no longer mad
Just content that you are home
Not somewhere else