The 10 Days of Valentine's

The 10-Day Valentine’s Build-Up
By: SexToy Dave

Guys hate Valentine’s Day and who can blame them—it’s all about the ladies. This year make it about you. If you want the hottest Valentine’s Day ever and guaranteed sex, do the 10-Day Valentine’s Build-Up. Basically, buy her a gift every day for the 10 days leading up to Valentine’s Day. Start out small and work your way up.  By the time Valentine’s Day rolls by, you’ll be the center of attention.

   1. Start with a gift under $10, like warming lube.  She’ll want to try it right away and that means she’ll either have sex with you or whip out the vibrator—either way, it’s win/win for you.
   2. Day two should be something cute like a vibrating duck massager with boa feathers and crystals. It’s under $25 and quite classy, while keeping it sexy.
   3. You want anal sex and she’s a bit reticent. Get her an anal beginner’s kit, so she can train and learn the joys of anal sex.
   4. Some lingerie is always sexy and will get her in the mood. Try something visual for yourself like a fishnet body stocking in black.
   5. The ladies love dildos and the glass ones look like works of art that you could display. And they can be chilled or heated up.
   6. Vibrators are popular with the chicks, as well. But very predictable. Get her a strap-on vibrator and play games in the bedroom like she can’t take it off until you tell her, even if she’s orgasmed 5 times.
   7. Ease back a little on night 7 and get her some shimmery Diva gold dust. It will make her feel very sexy and desirable. And that increases your chance of sex or at least a BJ.
   8. The next night, jump back into the action and be a little risqué—get her a beginning bondage couple’s set and discover something new together.
   9. OK, this one might be more for you, but you have warmed her up with 8 days of gifts. Roleplaying is awesome, so get her a nurse’s outfit, or some other sexy costume. Maybe, even have a script ready for the action.
  10. On the last night, get her the luxury Lily Vibrator by Lelo. All the ladies are raving about this and know it’s definitely not cheap. It’s a great way to end the 10 days and bring a smile to her face.