Sex Story: Tranquility

By: Raye Ann Smith

The room was lit by a single candle which cast dancing shadows on the walls. The scent of the candle was Turquoise Sky . It smelled of salty sea air and seaweed. The cd player was playing the sounds of waves crashing on the beach. The entire mood of the room was very calming and relaxing. If one closed their eyes and breathed in deeply they would swear they were on the beach.
Melinda lay on the table with a towel covering her from midway down her back to her thighs. She had been waiting only a few minutes and was already relaxed from the calming sounds and smells of the ocean. There was a soft knock on the door.
Melinda lifts her head off the table and says "Come in." When the door opens Melinda is delighted to see that her massage was going to be carried out by someone that was very handsome and well muscled. He was carrying a tray of oils and a glass bowl. He wore a white t-shirt with the logo of Seascapes and khaki shorts. He had very nicely shaped legs. The muscles were not overly large and he had hair covering his calves that matched the sandy blonde hair that he wore to his shoulders.
"Good afternoon, Melinda. My name is Boe and I will be your massage therapist today. How is everything? Are there any areas that I need to focus on today?" Boe has a deep but soft voice which lulled Melinda even more than the candle and the waves crashing. Melinda became lost in his deep blue eyes and almost forgot how to speak.
"Uh, no, not really. I have an office job that I sit down for mostly." Melinda thought to herself, ‘Was that a stupid thing to say? Should I have come up with something cleverer?’
Before she could speak again Boe said "Good then let’s get started. If you would please make yourself comfortable and relax." He set the tray on a wooden table next to Melinda. He had a white hand towel draped over his right shoulder. He began to pour some of the oils into the glass bowl and mix them with his fingers. Testing that they were not too hot for her skin, he dipped first his right fingertips into the bowl and then the left.
Boe started with Melinda's right thigh, working the warm oils into her skin. His hands working the muscles and loosening their tightness. Down to her calf, over her ankle, and down her feet to her toes. At first Melinda's foot twitched a little bit as she was very ticklish but it subsided as she got used to the feeling of his hands massaging her feet.
Melinda let out a soft moan as his hands massaged her. She had never felt something so relaxing in her life. ‘Why have I never done this before?’ she thought to herself.
After several minutes Boe moved over to her left leg and repeated the motions again. When he finished with her legs he moved his hands under the towel and began to firmly massage her buttocks. Melinda was so shocked at first that she almost jumped up but at the last second got control over her feelings. Who knew that sitting in an office chair day after day could make ones butt muscles ache so much! His hands felt so magical and the warm oil being rubbed into her skin was such an erotic feeling.
Boe then removed his hands from her buttocks and slid the towel down so that it covered her buttocks and legs. They felt nice and warm with the oiled skin and the towel now covering them. Her back was now fully uncovered. Melinda's arms were out straight from her shoulders, her elbows bent and her hands met at the top of her head. Her face was in the hole in the table. She had her eyes closed and was picturing in her mind them on an actual beach together, Boe straddling over her,  massaging her naked body. In her mind he was naked as well.
Boe began at her shoulders and worked his way down her back to the top of her buttocks. Firm and deep strokes that loosened her tight muscles. The kinks she didn't even know she had just melted away under his expert hands. He alternated between firm movements to soft feathery ones. One hand right after the other as they went down her sides, almost feeling as a liquid heat flowing down her sides and back.
Boe moved to stand in front of Melinda's head as he began massaging her shoulders and then spreading the heat down her arms all the way to her fingertips and then he reversed the motion back up to her shoulder again and again. Melinda was definitely feeling like putty in his hands.
In his deep, soft voice he told her to turn over. Melinda did as she was told, keeping herself covered with the towel as she did it. He started at her throat, very gently massaging out to her collarbone and then down her arms to her fingertips again. Then he reversed the motions back to her throat.
Melinda wasn't sure where his hands were going to massage next, she almost held her breath in anticipation. Boe renewed the oil on his fingertips and slipped his hands under the towel again as he very gently but with sure, firm movements began to massage her breasts. He worked them straight down from her collarbone, over the nipple and down the underside and around, then back to her collarbone. What a relaxing and hot feeling at the same time. Melinda felt something in the pit of her stomach come alive. Just when she thought she was going to melt from the ecstasy he began to work his way down her ribcage, down her flat stomach and around her hips then back up her ribcage. Melinda never even felt him move his body but he was no longer at her head.
The heat in the pit of her belly was working its way to her toes. She could tell that she was wet down there. He hadn't done anything sexual to her but she could feel the wetness dripping down her vagina all the way to her butt crack. He had moved the towel again and was massaging her thighs and down to her calves again. The sound of the waves and the smell of the ocean mixing with the scented oils was so intoxicating.
As she thought that they must be about done, Boe once again reached the top of her thighs, then moved to the inner thigh. Involuntarily Melinda let out a moan. Boe was now massaging the top of her pubic area, where she should have hair but was bald as a newborn baby. One hand was massaging the skin when suddenly with one finger he entered her pussy. "Oh sweet heaven" she thought. Yes, she was definitely wet. She could even hear how wet she was as he pulled his finger out and then back in. In and out, faster and harder each time. Melinda was panting now. Boe's other hand was working her clit as his other was working her sopping pussy.
Melinda was tossing her head from side to side as she was on the verge of cumming when abruptly both of his hands were removed. She felt totally bereft and empty. Her eyes flew open. "Now for your internal massage, Melinda" he said in a very husky voice. He removed his t-shirt and she could see that he must spend many hours in the gym to get the six pack abs and rock hard chest. He was looking into her green eyes as he slid his shorts to the floor. Oh how his cock stood out straight and proud.
Boe pulled the towel off of Melinda and let it fall to the floor and lay next to his shorts. He gazed at her fully naked body glistening with oil in the flickering light of the candle. He mounted her on the table and began to kiss her deeply and passionately as his thick cock teased the outside of her pussy slowly slipping the head in and then pulling out again. He was driving Melinda mad with passion. She wrapped her long legs around him and grabbed his ass with her hands and pulled him into her. "Oh, forceful, I like that" Boe whispered into her ear. "I will give you what you want then." With that he began to thrust his cock all the way into her welcoming pussy.
"Oh my God, yes! Yes! Harder! Fuck ya!!" Her panting and moans grew louder and louder. She couldn't hear the sound of the waves anymore. What she heard instead was a roaring sound in her head as she felt the pressure of an orgasm building up ready to explode into pure ecstasy. With one loud yell she squeezed his ass hard enough to leave little half moons of her fingernail imprints on his cheeks and let her orgasm rock her whole body. Boe felt her vaginal muscles tighten and quiver on his cock and it drove him to the edge. He let himself explode inside her when he thrust his penis fully inside.
They both lay there panting and slowly kissing each other as they let their heartbeats return to normal. After several minutes Boe untangled himself and got up from the table. He picked the towel up from the floor and wrapped it around Melinda as she stood before him.
With a mischievous twinkle in her eye she said, "We need to role-play and do things like this more often honey."
"I totally agree" he said as he smacked her on the ass.