Sex Story: What?

  My first instinct was to say no.  This man is and has been psychotic, but maybe that’s what draws me to him.  Like a moth to a flame.  He does this thing with his eyebrow when he talks… I melt; plus, his intense eyes, shaggy dark hair that gets into them, and a five o’clock shadow.  This thin, lanky friend of a friend has finally acknowledged me, but I don’t know how to react. I’ve always hated him, he’s such an asshole, but today, right now, he’s less than a foot from my face, hitting on me.  The tension in the air is so thick. My breath has quickened and the pit of my stomach has tensed;  I am honestly confused. Pheromones? Hormones? I don’t know, but I’ve never been remotely attracted to him, until now.  Now I can’t look away from those bottomless pit eyes.
  “Can I make you a drink?” His voice is low but not quite a whisper. It’s masculine and hypnotic.  Fresh into college, all the other boys sound just like that, boys.
  “No, thank you,” I finally pull my gaze away, but can’t fix them on anything buy my fidgeting hands.  I can feel the blood rushing to my cheeks; I’m flushed, I need air; trying my best to keep my composure, I take a deep breath. 
  “Are you ok?” Shit; I’m too obvious. Willpower is a funny thing; mine is going out of whack.  My eyes go back to his; what’s going on with me? “Ciera?”
  “Yes?” I choke. He seems nervous; his expression is that of fear.
  “Do you want to get out of here? This party’s dull.”  Someone else’s voice answers through my lips, “Absolutely.”
  “Come one,” he jumps up, doesn’t even say goodbye to anyone and I find myself following without hesitation.  “My car’s over here.” He opens the door to a blue Scion.  I feel so wrong but so right, like running away from it all.  He starts it up and we both stare straight ahead, not looking at each other.  The radio thumps away; he turns it down as if to speak but doesn’t.  Minutes later I hear, “So welcome into my Tardis,” he laughs.
  “What?” What the hell did he just say?
  “That’s what I call my car.”
  “Why…?” He frowns, “Nevermind.” 
  “Ok…” It’s official, he is crazy; should I have come with him?  For the first time my brain is rationalizing that I may have been too hasty.  I look at him and there it is again, that rush.  I don’t care about his weirdness; I’m still mesmerized by him.
  We pull into an apartment complex.  “Are you taking me to your place already?” His face goes pale, “I didn’t know where else to go; everything’s closed right now.  What would you rather do?”  Now he asks.  I take in the situation, and him, this lanky, nervous man, whose chest is heaving up and down awaiting my response.  I swallow a little too hard; it’s obvious I’m nervous, too.  Focus, I tell myself, think of something.  Without realizing it, in my concentration, I lick my lips and subsequently out of the corner of my eye I see him bite his bottom lip. Was that me that did that?  The pit of my stomach and pussy tighten. “I’d like to see your apartment.” Whoa, I didn’t expect to say that. He smiles.

  We’d only just walked in and we’re already hot and heavy in each other’s embrace on his couch.  I dig my nails within that mass of hair and into his skull. He sucks in through his gritted teeth then returns to my lips.  His tongue is nimble, and his hands know just how I like to be held; one on my ass the other my waist. He squeezes both and I pull his hair. “Oh, yeah?” He pushes me to my back.  I respond with a quick bite of his tongue.  “Oh, you’re bad.” I move to nibble his earlobe as he sucks on my neck. Suddenly he lifts off of me and removes his shirt.  I didn’t expect his chest to be so hairy; it’s hotter than the bare-chested boy’s I’d been with before.
  He comes back down and I immediately dig my nails into his back and scrape down.  He groans but doesn’t stop me; instead he eases his left hand under my shirt onto my stomach.  I can’t help but jump at the sensitive touch of his fingertips.  Before I know it he has my shirt over my head revealing my white bra with black skull and crossbones and black lace trim along the top of the cups.  He burries his face between them, sucking, clutching tightly.  I run my nails through his hair, then pull his head up.  He looks at me with a devilish grin as I pull him up to my face.
  His agile hand finds and undoes my bra and tosses it across the room allowing the cold air to harden my nipples.  His left hand grabs my breast and massages then one finger begins to tease my nipple.  I catch my breath at the sensation traveling down my body to my pussy and I can’t help but lick my lips, to which he bites his lower lip, and at that I feel myself clench between my legs. 
  He lowers his head and gently nibbles and tugs; his teeth give that perfect blend of pleasure and pain.  I get brave and run a hand down atop his jeans; there it is!  His erection trying to break free; he’s so hard.  His eyes look up into mine as he lifts his head and smiles then slowly presses into my hand.  “Do you want that?” He whispers.  I do, but I have to play coy.  “Not yet,” I smile smugly.  He immediately heads for my pants, a fire burning behind his eyes as he undoes them; his fingers just above my pelvis send chills through my body.  He pulls them off, but leaves my panties and begins tracing along them; oh god, I can’t help but squirm.  Smiling down at me, he continues, enjoying himself in making me appear helpless, but I’m not.  I reach between my legs and undo his pants.  They fall effortlessly to his knees and his bulge springs toward me. 
  “Damn you’re sexy,” he says, just taking me in. He begins tracing up and down my entire body; over my breasts and down under the elastic of my underwear.  Leaning down, he kisses first my neck, his breath is hot as he continues down to each nipple, slightly sucking and biting, then to my belly button, just above my panties. My breathing is almost uncontrollable as my hands follow down my body along his path; he’s reached my inner thighs, and then he bites, hard.  Screaming, I pull his hair but he stays glued, sucking on my inner thigh, so I claw at his back with my breasts pressed against his head; he finally lifts up and shoves me back down then removes my underwear.  With one hand he turns me on my side, smacks my ass hard, then puts me back.
  “Is that all you got?”  I tease.  There’s that devilish grin again.  He flips me all the way over, one hand firmly grasping my hair and holding my face buried in the couch cushion while his other wales away at my ass.  The sting tingles through me and I moan at every blow until I go numb. He stops but doesn’t let my head up; I can hear his heavy breathing.  In between my knees I feel his spreading me wide, Oh god, am I ready for this?  I don’t seem to have a choice, but in his haste, I feel the tip of his head squirming around, desperately seeking my opening.  I slip my hand under my stomach down to my pussy and open my labia for him. With one thrust he shows his gratitude.  I scream at being torn open in such a forceful way, but I think he likes my distress because despite my cries into the couch he continues to fuck me hard. 
  The cushion does a poor job of muffling me, and for a fleeting second I wonder if his neighbors can hear me, but just then he leans down, lifts my head and kisses me.  Slowing his thrusts, “Ciera,” he whispers, “I want you to cum with me.”  He slips his hand under my stomach and down to my clit.  His fingertips circle in time with his dick in and out of me.  My face is clenched, my moans growing louder, “That’s it, open your eyes and look at me.”
  “Uh..” I plead, it’s so hard to keep them open, but I try.  “Good girl,” he smiles so wide. Why do I like his demeaning manner?  It’s just so hot. Oh fuck, it’s even hot losing myself in our eye-locked gaze.  “Cum for me,” he speeds up, breathing heavy, faster and faster.  I can feel my climb, oh god, I’m almost shrieking and he’s loving it.  “Come on, baby.” His words are my undoing.  I let go and feel the warm tingle spread through my body as I start to convulse, and there is his.  His mouth drops and I feel him burst and pulse inside of me, helping my orgasm be all the more intense. 
  He collapses his weight on top of me; eyes shut.  Is he asleep?  I feel awkward, conflicted.  That was possibly the best fuck of my life, but with a crazy person, whom I’m sure doesn’t care about me.  Oh, look at that he’s awake.  “Ciera, if we are going to date, I need to introduce you to Doctor Who.”