Sexy Alliteration

Do you have writer's block? Try a fun writing exercise to get your erotic juices flowing.


Protruding phallus purposefully proportioned for pleasurable penetration.
Erections enter effortlessly and effectively engage erogenous zones.
Noteworthy nudging notoriously nourishes your need for nookie.
Intercourse is intensified by insertion intended to ignite one's insides.
Supple skin surrounds sweaty partners; sucking and squirting simultaneously.


Buoyant and bouncy, bringing bashful boys to their knees.
Round, ripe, ready recipients for roughhousing.
Everyone enjoys endless entertainment and ecstasy, even elderly men.
Alone, as well as around another, areolae are awesome and aid in arousal anticipation.
Snuggle sensually or suckle smooth skin so seductively.
Trace the tongue tip from toes to tits.