Story: Please, Professor - By: Adriana Rossi

By: Adriana Rossi

Saucy Excerpt:

“Take a seat and let’s go over this,” he motioned.

I pulled over a seat as close to him as possible and crossed my legs. I saw his eyes dart to my exposed upper thighs. He cleared his throat and began to rifle through the test papers.

“Right, Clara Bronte. Okay, here we go.”

Perhaps there was a way I could get out of this test entirely. I placed my elbow on the desk and leaned my head into my hands. I knew that the Professor would have a nice view of my breasts cradled by my push-up bra.

“So the first question is just asking for the work applied to travel up the ramp. Do you remember the equation?”

He looked at me and his eyes briefly traveled down before they snapped back to my eyes.

Inwardly smiling, I blinked slowly. “Umm…Force times something.”
“Force times distance. But, since it’s on a ramp you need to use cosine.”

“Right,” I said. I leaned in and grasped the pencil he had dropped. My breasts were pushed up against his arm, and I could feel his warm breath. I scribbled the equation on the paper. “Is it this?”

“Um,” he paused. “Yes.”

I smiled at his flustered answer. I could feel wetness in my panties as I waited in anticipation. I knew I would have to get closer to him, but I didn’t want to spook him.

“Let’s move on to the next one, then. This one concerns torque. Do you remember how torque and centripetal acceleration are related?”

My eyes grew wide and I shook my head. “No, professor,” I admitted. “Oh, wait!”

I leaned over his arm again and started drawing a picture of a pendulum. “Torque is equal to centripetal acceleration when you have a mass on a string, right?” I breathed in his ear.

“No, that’s tension,” he said softly.

My hand dropped to his thigh and I squeezed it. “I’m sensing some tension here, actually.”

He chuckled nervously, but didn’t remove my hand. “Am I correct, professor?”

A bulge began to form in his tweed pants, and I began to massage it with my hands. He sighed heavily in my ear, and his hand raised and brushed aside my thick, dark hair. His fingertips lightly stroked my exposed breasts. “This is wrong,” he murmured. “I shouldn’t be doing this with a student.”

I ignored his protests as I lifted my leg and straddled his waist. The wetness in my panties was soaking. I wanted him to sooth my aching pussy.

He pulled on the blouse, the buttons snapping off. The hungry look in his eyes misted as my breasts were freed.

I was gently riding his cock up and down through his pants and guided his face into my tits. His lips sucked and licked at the gooseflesh and I gasped. With his thumbs, he ripped down the bra and began stroking the sensitive nipples in a circular motion. His tongue and mouth sucked on one nipple, and it puckered instantly. He sucked the next one until it was bright red.

His mouth and lips teasing my nipples sent fire down my pants. I was so wet that I could see a dark stain on the Professor’s pants. His cock was like a metal rod, and I wanted so badly to feel it inside me.
“Please, Professor,” I begged.

I knew that he wanted to fuck me just as badly. He leaned into me, crushing my tits in his face as he reached around me. His hand slid down the back of my skirt and caressed my smooth ass. Then it traveled down and found the back of my cunt. His middle finger slid against the folds of my clitoris, the juice sliding all over his finger.

“You’re so wet already.”

“Please, Professor!” I begged earnestly. My pussy kept clenching as it ached for a cock.

He kissed my tits and his mouth roved to my ear, which he bit savagely. His middle finger was still sliding along my clit with torturous pace. To my surprise, I was the one breathing heavily in his ear. I was the one being seduced.

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