Story - Billionaires Housekeeper Bound & Spanked (excerpt)
Excerpt by: Jenny Jeans
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“If you want to learn more come to my office in the back of the east wing. But, Charlie, just the fact you call me sir, says something. And, Charlie, I like it,” Hall said

Wow. Charlie felt feelings inside her expand — she barely knew him, but she liked it very much that she’d pleased him.
“Charlie,” he whispered. “Don’t wear your bra or panties, if you come.”

The phone went dead as an electrified twang of amazement and heat surged through her. “Oh wow, wow,” she moaned the exclamation.
A knock sounded on the cottage front door making her jump, but a second later take her hard nipples to answer it. If she’d not been in a lingering Hall Daze she might have wondered who would come to her door at the estate ... and knock. But she threw open the door without thinking and she stared straight at handsome billionaire number two. Judd, with the vivid dark blue eyes, that intensely searched her features.

“Baby girl, if you want to go I will take you. If you need money to live on you have it, just say the word.”

Charlie nearly melted the second he called her, the breast and pussy tingling, “baby girl.” She’d hardly heard what else he’d said. But he was watching her so closely he seemed to sense something.

“Babygirl,” his deep voice rumbled again. She nearly moaned leaning toward him, now in a Judd Babygirl haze. Then he muttered, “Hall’s been at you.”

He moved forward catching her waist, and then moved them both back into the cottage living room with the door shutting by his hand. “You’re a quarter into sub-space already.” Charlie had no clue what that was as she felt his warm body close to hers. She wanted to tell him he could call her that endearment forever as she studied his firm lips.

“Babygirl.” Soft, deep, and rolling bass. She leaned further toward him. “You like that don’t you?” His hand caught her chin, lifting her eyes to his. “Your nipples are hard.”

Charlie blinked, then she blinked solidly again, feeling as if she were coming out of a haze. Hard nipples? She didn’t even know him. She pushed away from him with a hand on his chest.

“I don’t, I don’t...” she stuttered.

Judd stayed where he was as she backed up. “That’s better, Charlie. You hear me now?”

She hit the edge of the loveseat with the back of her knees, and she stopped, while nodding. “W-What happened?”

His hands hit his pockets, throwing his broad shoulders wider. “You’re very receptive,” he replied, to which she did not understand, then he said, “I’ll explain if you stay, but I’m not going to bother if you are going.”

She should go. She opened her mouth to tell him that, when he said, “Now listen carefully, Charlie.” She closed her mouth and studied his exotic good looks. He was mouthwateringly handsome. “If you want to leave here, I will take you anywhere you want to go. You are free. You are not under any obligation to stay. Get me?”

They both said that, Charlie realized. “Okay,” she whispered. He was offering her a one way ticket out of there.

“Tell me what I just said,” he ordered very firmly, as in she better do it.

“Um …” She cocked her hip, one hand anchored in her back pocket. “I can leave. You will take me anywhere,” she replied.

“Good,” he murmured, and his dark blue eyes were watching her intently.

She knew he had to see the quiver that just showed up and ran through her without control. The moment he’d praised her. He looked as if he wanted to come across the room and stick his tongue down her throat. But he stayed solid, where he was.

“You need money I will give it to you, Charlie, to live on out there until you get on your feet. No obligation, no repayment. You get me?”

She wanted to rush over and hug him. Small tears pricked her eyes as she nodded. “Thank you, sir.”

“Judd,” he corrected her. She shook her head, she couldn’t call him that. “I will tell you this, if you decide to stay, Charlie, you were made for this. Just the fact you feel the need to call me sir, shows it.”

Hall had said the same thing. She couldn’t believe it. “I’ve never even felt ... umm. I never thought about …”

“Kneeling, completely naked, at a man’s feet,” he uttered, and flame shot through her, expanding in her sex like a shot of arousal. It was one thing to just think something like that, but to have an utterly handsome male say it, right to her face, so she could practically feel herself doing it for him. “A man you want to please. A man who can make you do naughty things you never thought existed. A man who makes you come hard, over and over.”

Charlie’s knees nearly buckled, but Judd finally moved and caught her waist. He lifted her to the couch, then he stepped back when she thought he would hold her, touch her, or kiss her. Her mind swam.

“You can have either, Charlie. You get me?”

Charlie tilted her head back on a boneless neck to look up at him. “Yes, sir,” she whispered.

His gaze swept her with more nipple-tingling intensity, then he turned and walked to the door. “I want you freely, Charlie, only if you want to try. You can dip your toes in this weekend, see if you’re willing. Monday, we will release you. Call me if you want to leave ... come to me, if you want to stay and try.”

He was looking at her from the open doorway and her heart was in her throat from all he’d said, then he added in the deepest low voice yet. “If you come to me, baby girl, wear no panties because I want to spank your hot ass.”

“Oh,” Charlie mewed, but Judd was gone and she felt as if she needed to rush into her bedroom to touch herself before she died from needing to climax.