Sex Story - Taster of 'Casual Car Sex'

Taster of 'Casual Car Sex'
By: Storm Stone


There were two men sitting at the booth, but it was the younger man that her eyes were constantly drawn to, an aura of lazy masculinity about him that was attracting the women in the bar like moths to a flame. That sexy arrogance caused the muscles between Jemma’s legs to clench and her nipples, beneath the stretchy black dress, to tighten.
The dress she was wearing had been chosen carefully for tonight. She knew that Alfie’s Bar was notorious for its casual sexual encounters, and she didn’t want to look like a first timer, even if she was one.
Suddenly he was making his way towards the bar, his cool, confident gaze holding her in its grip.
“You’re new here, right?” His voice was a deep, drawl - hitting her right between the legs.
“Yes,” she breathed.
“I’m, Damon,” Slowly, blatantly he let his dark eyes drop down to her breasts, then lower, taking his time over her legs and making Jemma squirm inside.
“So you coming - or what?”
Jemma shifted off the stool, not giving herself time to think, grabbed her bag and followed him out of the bar.
“My cars parked in a good spot,” he smiled - a predator’s smile. “This your first time?”
“Yes, it is,” she answered honestly.
The car was big and old, maybe a Thunderbird? Did she really care? No, except for the fact that it looked spacious inside - that was all that mattered.
As they reached it he grabbed her, pushing her up against the back door and leaning his tall, muscular body into hers.
“You’ve got a very fuckable mouth,” he breathed, fisting one hand into her hair and lowering his head to cover her mouth with his.
She felt his erection, hot and hard against her lower stomach, while his tongue plundered her mouth, heat flooding through her as he ground his groin against her soft mound.
“Get in the car and take your panties off.” His breathing was hard and uneven.
She climbed inside and pulled her panties down, slipping her high heels off at the same time.
Dipping his head, he climbed into the car, running his hands up her trembling legs. She gasped, her body tensing when his hands reached her bent knees, easing them slowly apart, but she didn’t stop him.
He kissed the inside of her knee. “You know it’s too late to change your mind, baby,” he said softly and her legs widened.
“Yes, I know,” her voice was husky. “I want this, I really do.”
She let out a helpless moan as he ran wet kisses up the inside of her thigh and his senses surged with lust. Her black dress was bunched up above her open thighs and he stared down at the smooth, slick flesh of her shaven pussy. He had to taste her. Opening his mouth wide he covered her sex with it. His tongue searched and pleasured the slick folds of flesh, licking at her smooth, swollen pussy lips, finding its way to her clit. With a slow, steady rhythm he began sucking and licking softly at that pouting nub of pleasure, her body arched, her fingers buried in his hair as she ground her cunt into his face. Damon lifted his hand to circle her sweet, tight entrance, then swiftly, ruthlessly, pushed one long, rough finger deep inside her soft, damp opening, hearing her cry out in shocked pleasure.
God she was so tight! He felt the moisture gush out of her as he withdrew his finger then thrust it in again, twisting it round and round inside her. He needed to feel those tight, clenching muscles around his cock, but still he kept working her with his mouth and finger. Suddenly she led out a high, sobbing scream and convulsed, trembling in an orgasm that went on and on and on.
He made sure he wrenched every ounce of pleasure out of her, sucking at that swollen, pulsing clit, his finger buried in up to the hilt. Finally he removed his finger and sucked hard at the liquid heat pouring out of her.
Despite the shattering climax, Jemma’s body was still craving more - craving his hot, hard cock inside her. He leaned back on bended knees and dragged his shirt off.
Dear God, he was beautiful! His body hard and bronzed, covered in a film of sweat. Slowly he lowered that sensual mouth, wet with her cream and covered hers, his clever tongue delving inside and giving her a taste of herself. Stretching his long, hard body he forced her legs apart, the straining denim rubbing against her sensitized pussy, until she moaned in pleasure.
Damon grabbed her hand pushing it down to the bulge of his jeans. “Help me, baby,” he urged. “Get these damn jeans off of me.”
She tried to unbutton them, but her fingers were shaking so much that he pushed her hand away, popping the buttons open himself, allowing his straining flesh to finally spring free. With a grunt of satisfaction he shoved his jeans down to his ankles and grabbed her, lifting her effortlessly onto him . . .
She was astride him now and he grabbed her dress, forcing her to lift her arms as he dragged it impatiently over her head. Her legs straddled either side of his lower body now, her sex pressed against something hot and swollen. Jemma looked down and her breathing stopped. His cock was huge, fully erect and aggressively bigger than anything she’d ever seen, except maybe in porn films.
“Oh baby, you are so beautiful – I am gonna fuck your brains out.” he said thickly.
“No!” She gasped, dragging breath into her lungs.
“What,” he stilled, misunderstanding her reaction. “I didn’t mean -.” Then his eyes followed her widened gaze.
“No Damon, I-I can’t. No-.” she couldn’t drag her eyes away from it.
“Shh. Easy baby.”
“Damon,” she panted. “I don’t think I can do it – it’s – you’re too big.”
“It’s ok baby,” he soothed, rolling her nipples between finger and thumb. “We don’t have to fuck if you don’t want to. You can jack me off; suck me off, anything as long as you stay right here.”
She sighed with relief.
Her pussy was spread wide, the smooth lips almost flattened by the enormous girth and length of his monstrously beautiful, cock. She moved tentatively, sliding her hips back and forth. It felt wonderful. His cock was all smooth, slippery skin, hot and pulsing, but hard. Oh God, so hard.
She could hear the liquid sound of flesh against flesh; a moist, sucking sound egging her on. The ridges of that massively thick prick, guided back and forth by his rough hands gripping her hips and that huge bulbous head, cushioning her clit every time he thrust up against it.
With hooded eyes he stared down to where their bodies were joined in a grinding frenzy, he slid his thumb against her clit and circled it softly as she thrust her hips up and down mindless with need.
“Please,” she begged.
“Please what?” he teased.
“Let me come.”
“And what about me?” His breath was hot against her wet nipple.
“I’ll do anything – anything you want. Just let me come!”
“Oh baby, you are so sweet.”
Gripping her hips, he lifted her high above him; making her cry out with frustration - she was so close -. His hand grabbed his cock, positioning it, and slowly, with brutal control, lowered her onto it. That huge bulbous head found its target and eased into her. She sighed. Oh, that felt good. Then he pushed in a little more and she felt her muscles forced to stretch to accommodate him while he slowly inched more of his cock into her, stretching that tight channel wider and wider; her muscles protesting at the burning invasion.
“No. Oh God-.”
But he took not notice, his body streaked with sweat, hers shaking uncontrollably as she sobbed, whether in pleasure or pain, she wasn’t sure. Damon reached down and began rubbing her clit with his thumb again. She whimpered as he pushed that huge prick in even further.
“Damon!” She sobbed, “I can’t – I can’t take anymore – please.”
“Easy baby,” he choked. “I’m almost there.” He circled his hips slowly. “Your cunt muscles are made to stretch. You just need to relax – and let me get it in.”
Relax! She felt like she was going to pass out, then, suddenly, with one last thrust he was deep inside her.
Jemma let out a loud cry, her cunt was stretched beyond its limits, turning her inside out. Damon was shaking with the iron control he was holding onto, caressing her clit; slow, sensual strokes against her aching flesh.
Suddenly she needed more, needed to feel that monstrous phallus moving deep inside her, fucking her hard. She circled her hips experimentally and Damon groaned, digging his fingers hard into her hip. Her legs were spread wide and she rocked her hips slowly back and forth; they groaned together.
“I can’t take anymore, baby,” his voice broke. “God, you’re as tight as a fist – I’m gonna explode. I’ve gotta fuck you – now!”
He gripped her hips with both hands and lifted her high, halfway off his cock before pushing her down onto the whole long length of it.
“Oh God!” The pain had ripped through her, but right behind it came this burning, hot sensation of engulfing need. He did it again, sliding slowly out of her before slamming her down hard; grinding into her. He released a long agonized groan as her muscles tightened and squeezed the whole length of his engorged flesh.
Again he lifted her high, just keeping the swollen bulb of his knob inside and then thrusting back into her. Two, three, four times, he rammed that monstrous pole into her. Forcing her to take it and then - just as brutally - forcing her to love it.
“Ahhh,” with each punishing thrust she cried out.
Faster and harder, until Jemma felt a dragging pleasure deep inside, causing her to buck and twist her body like an animal trapped on a spike. Damon gripped her hips, shoving into her violently as his erection swelled, on the brink of his own orgasm. Wave after wave of convulsing pleasure tore through her rigid body as she spasmed and succumbed to the force of it.
He was right behind her grunting savagely with each punishing blow – until he bucked beneath her, his head pulled back as he climaxed; his body arched and jerking. Jemma whimpered as the hot, liquid heat of his semen spurted into her and filled her to overflowing. She collapsed trembling against him, her muscles continuing to tighten and squeeze, milking every last drop out of him.
“Sorry baby. Are you sore?” he asked, his semi-hard cock still inside her, not wanting to leave that tight, wet fist of her convulsing cunt.
She hesitated. “Yes – uh! A - a little,”
He lifted her gently and allowed her tight muscles to squeeze his hardening cock out of her. She moaned softly and he lowered her swollen cunt onto his shaft, groaning with pleasure as his slippery, hot semen poured out of her onto his dripping cock.
Her pussy was puffed and streaming against his shaft. He could feel their mingled juices running over his balls to drip down onto the leather seat of the car. He pressed her ass-cheeks gently forward, so that the flesh of her vulva slid against his cock. She moaned softly, seeming to enjoy what he was doing, so he did it again, feeling the blood rush down to his cock, causing it to swell and harden, ready for more.
“You ok, baby?” he asked softly.
“Mmm,” she breathed, caressing his tight nipples.
He pushed her hips backwards, settling her spread cunt onto his moistened balls, exposing his glistening wet prick. “Touch me, baby,” he urged softly. “Please?”
She gazed down at his cock. It was huge and shiny with moisture; fully erect and resting against his stomach, the bulbous knob and exposed glans reaching past his navel.
“Please baby,” he begged softly. “I’m not gonna fuck you again, I know you’re sore, but I’m still so fucking hot for you . . .”
She ran a tormenting finger along his glistening shaft, reaching the slick, swollen head of his moistened glans, liquid weeping enticingly out of it. Taking her time, she explored the firm rounded knob with the tip of her finger, getting into it now; she lifted her finger to her mouth and sucked the juice lazily off of it.
“For fuck’s sake, woman,” Damon groaned in torment.
“Don’t you like it?”
“Yeah,” he breathed. “Do you like this?” He ran two fingers along her widespread, glistening vulva, hard, up and down either side of her clit.
“Ahh!” She jerked against his fingers and Damon felt a ragged sense of pleasure at undoing her so hard and fast.
He closed his hand over hers moving it up and down his cock, forcing himself to keep the pace slow and steady, while he worked her sensitized pussy with his other hand.
“That’s it,” he choked. “Just take it slow, baby.”
She was moving back and forth now, her moans turning into begging whimpers. Suddenly her body arched and tightened, her fingernails digging painfully into his engorged penis.
“Fuck!” Damon loosened her fingers carefully from around his cock.
Using both hands, he pulled up the smooth flesh of her mound, so that her distended clitoris pushed out, begging for more while his other hand played and rubbed inside those beautiful smooth pussy lips, pushing her over the edge. His cock burned while he watched her come, sobbing and arching her body. His eyes dropped to her exquisite smooth, glistening cunt, spread out wide and proud over his groin. She wasn’t as loud this time, more of a whimpering, animal sound that went on and on, and Damon finally lost it.
He grabbed his cock in his fist, pushing the turgid head against her clit, then running it up and down her soaking pussy.
“Look at it baby,” he ground out. “I want you to watch.”
Her eyes slowly opened, drugged with pleasure, following his gaze down to his swollen knob, sliding against her glistening cunt. Damon rubbed that cock up and down, circling her clit, then running the ridged underside up and down again, before carefully circling her tender hole, where most of the warm liquid was.
“I’m gonna come all over your beautiful pussy, baby,” he told her. “And you gonna watch it – and love it.”
His erection expanded, about to explode; he worked his cock hard and fast with his fist, squeezing tight. Then watched the hot, liquid jets shoot out – hitting their target. The first spurt hit her clit, covering it in his hot, thick cream, the second went high hitting her mound and sliding slowly down into her slit; and the last spurting jet hit her vulnerable opening, a thick, glistening glob; and he smeared that hot cum around those inviting folds of flesh with the head of his cock. Dragging his gaze away, to look up at her, Damon saw that she too was watching through half-opened eyes.
“Oh God,” she breathed, the sight prolonging her orgasm.
He didn’t want it to end, running his still oozing cock into the slippery, warm cum, covering her entire pussy with it.
“God, that feels so good,” she breathed. “I think I’m in love with your cock.”
Damon let out a chocked laugh, his orgasm still echoing through him, unable to take his eyes off her beautiful cunt. His prick shiny and wet, worshiping her in sweet ecstasy.
“Now tell me baby,” he looked up into her eyes. “What’s your name?”

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