Sex Story - 'Sex & Sashimi' - Sexerpt of 'Casual Car Cravings' by Storm Stone

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Sexcerpt of 'Casual Car Cravings'
- 'Sex & Sashimi'
By: Storm Stone

He stood up, opening the pack of sashimi. “We’re gonna play a little game first.”
“A game?” Jemma felt anxiety mix with lust – a heady combination.
He laughed softly. “Don’t panic – nothing hard-core. Just a little – food game.”
“Mm,” he lifted a slim piece of the fresh fish from the tray with his fingers and placed it on her nipple.
Jemma felt the coolness against her skin, immediately her breast swelling and tightening. Before she could even process the sensation, Damon had placed another piece on her other nipple. Her body arched, it felt good. He was smiling that predator’s smile of his and her body tightened in response. The next piece he placed on her belly-button and she sucked air into her lungs, the wet, dragging heat at her core, twisting and tightening.
“Oh God!”
He had placed the last piece at the top of her slit, just touching her clitoris. Jemma moaned and undulated her body in a desperate attempt to get him to lose control and fuck her, but he didn’t. He rubbed the sashimi against her clit with his finger, pushing it all the way down to her flooded core then back up to her clit, where he left it.
“Oh baby, always so wet.” His voice shook slightly and she knew he was feeling this as much as she was.
With a long moan, she spread her legs, planted her feet on the mattress and lifted her backside high in the air.
“I said don’t move!” He pushed her hips back down hard on to the mattress, his jaw clenched. “Keep still Jemma, baby, or its game over.”
She tried to stay still but her breath was coming in shallow gulps, her body trembling.. The cool sashimi on her breasts, her naval and her clit, plus Damon looming over her, his face a rigid mask of lust was taking her closer to the edge.
Finally he lay down beside her, leaning on one arm, staring down at her. He popped a piece of sashimi in his mouth and put the box away. Leaning down, his lips met hers and half of the raw fish – was it salmon? Slid into her mouth, she bit down on it instinctively, letting it slide down her throat as her tongue searched for his. He obliged with a long, languorous kiss, not touching her aching body, just using his mouth to drive her wild. Her body craving his touch; she put every ounce of need into that kiss. Circling her head and slanting it to get his tongue in as deep as possible. She felt his control slip for a moment as he lifted his body and deepened the kiss, ready to press down on her, but he pulled back at the last second, breaking the kiss as she moaned her frustration.
“Let me suck your cock,” she whispered desperately in his ear. His breathing hitched up a notch and he squeezed his eyes closed.
“Later,” he said in a harsh voice.
He bent his head to her breast and sucked the raw fish into his mouth, savoring it. “Delicious.” He murmured, “Warm underneath and cold on top.” Then he swallowed and bent his head to suck hard on her nipple.
Jemma jerked at the sensations clawing at her breast, crying out and lifting into him.
“Damon – please. I need more.”
“More what, baby?”
He sucked the other piece into his mouth and kept it there, in his mouth, while he suckled on her nipple. Stabs of pleasure were hitting her right between her legs with each hard suck, then moving slowly down to her navel he sucked the fish into his mouth, lifting himself up and placing it between her lips. Jemma ignored the sashimi and went straight for his tongue, sucking on it, desperate for him.
“Easy.” He dragged his mouth away, moving southwards.
Easy! There was nothing easy in this. This wasn’t about easy.
Damon covered her sex with his mouth and sucked all of her, as well as the raw fish into his mouth, licking her puffed outer lips, running his tongue lightly up and down her slit. The feel of the raw fish disappeared as his tongue took over. He shifted himself between her legs, throwing one of her knees over his shoulder and holding the other leg wide. She was open and exposed to him and he took full advantage. His tongue running up and down her slit before settling on her clit and sucking greedily.
“Oh God Damon, I’m coming.” She couldn’t stop herself.
The orgasm came fast, in a rush of pleasure that swelled over her and left her boneless, the only part of her body moving being her hips circling and thrusting against his mouth. Slowly, as she came down, she felt his tongue rimming her swollen entrance, readying it for his penetration. God, could she take it again?
He straightened up and stared down at her, his expression harsh with desire, in one move he flipped her over onto her stomach and pulled her backside high in the air, her head flopping down onto the bed.
”This time I wanna fuck you from behind, baby.” He eased her legs open with his knee. “Oh baby,” he breathed. “Do you know how good you look, all wet and wide open, so ready for me.”
He pushed that rough-skinned finger inside of her. “Oh God,” she moaned, writhing and squirming as his finger thrust and twisted, knowing exactly where and how to move. He withdrew his finger and she stretched, pushing her ass high and inviting towards him.
He ran his hands up from her ass to her spine. “Enough playing Jemma, I gotta get inside you now.”
This position was amazing; her ass in the air was slightly lewd but incredibly intense, his hands gripping her hips and pulling her into each driving thrust. God, it went in so deep from this position!

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