Sex Story: Sexcerpt from 'Casual Car Affair' by Storm Stone

Casual Car Affair – Sexcerpt
By: Storm Stone


Jemma stared at him through half closed eyes. She still couldn't believe she was back here, in the car, with him.
After the last time, she had never expected to be invited back into this car again. He moved and her gaze heated, he was unbuttoning his shirt and rubbing his gleaming chest. Jemma's eyes lowered to his taut abs and hard stomach. God, but he was beautiful! As her gaze lowered, she saw the huge head of his penis covering his naval. His cock was fully erect and shining wet with the remains of their coupling, bigger, thicker than ever. She glanced at his face and swallowed hard, he was watching her watching him.
"Like what you see?"
She moistened her lips, too tipsy to lie, "Yes," she whispered.
He lowered his hand and closed his fist around it, all the while watching her as he moved his hand up and down, up and down. Drawing the skin back, exposing the swollen, bulbous head and glistening glans, making Jemma's mouth water.
She had never been down on a man in her life, but he didn't know that. And she wanted him in her mouth now more than anything else in the world. His hand kept moving slowly, pushing the skin all the way up again, then pulling it back down to the root. Revealing the drooling mouth, the moist head, until the whole long length of it was exposed, inviting and gleaming against his stomach.
She wanted it, wanted to feel the smooth, throbbing heat of him against her lips, her tongue, deep inside her mouth. The wine gave her courage and she sat up, shrugging off her jacket and pulling the black vest over her head. His eyes fixed on her breasts, giving her the boldness to continue; she pulled her boots off - one by one - slipping her jeans and panties down slowly; one leg at a time. Deliberately spreading her thighs, so he could see her sex oozing with his semen. When she was naked, she knelt down on the floor of the car and ran her hands from his open, bent knees to the top of his thighs. His jeans were scrunched down around his calves and his hips lifted automatically as her hands got close to his swollen shaft. But she moved them back down to his knees, lowering her head and breathing the erotic, musky scent of their combined juices between his legs. Her hair brushed his thighs and he groaned then jerked again, his backside lifting off the seat of the car.
"For fuck's sake, Jemma" he chocked. "Just do it - please." He was holding it in his fist now, away from his stomach and pointing it towards her face. Tempting her with the beauty of it.
Jemma ran her hands upwards again, slowly framing his huge erection and testicles with her hands but not touching it. He groaned and jerked his fist up then down the long length of it, begging her to take him in her mouth. She'd read about it, watched how it was done in porn films - and now she was finally going to do it. Please God, don't let him realize how green she really was.
Taking a deep breath, she lowered her head and ran her wet tongue slowly from the base to the swollen head and ended by swirling her tongue around the drooling mouth, sucking and savoring the subtle, salty taste of him. Damon growled, low in his throat and tried to push it deeper into her mouth with his fist, but she pulled back, loving the aura of desperation coming from him, loving the way if felt against her tongue, the skin so silky smooth, yet so hard beneath.
"For fuck's sake, Jemma," he said again, his fist moving as he sucked air in through his teeth.
Finally Jemma lowered her head and opened her mouth wide, taking the head of his cock inside her watering mouth and suckling with pure, erotic pleasure. The muscles between her legs clenched with need. She would never have believed going down on a man could be such a turn on, but the desperate sounds he was making, together with the sensation of his huge, hot knob, smooth and wet in her mouth, was causing the juices to flow between her legs.
Damon took her hand and placed it where his had been, around the thick shaft - thicker than her wrist. How could she possibly get all of it inside her mouth? God, how did those women in the porn films do it? She lowered her head, this time taking the tumescent knob and part of his shaft into her mouth, feeling the tip almost reach the back of her throat. She pulled back, running her tongue, once again, from the pulsing base to the tip and sucking the head back into her mouth.
"Christ - Jemma - ."
She opened her eyes and lifted them to his face, still suckling on the distended bulb. Her insides twisted as her gaze met his. His amber eyes were burning into hers, wild and glazed. She popped the head out from between her lips and circled it slowly with her tongue, watching him watching her.
"You love this, don't you?" He breathed, threading his fingers into her hair and cupping her scalp.
She didn't bother to reply - the answer was in her eyes.
Her fist closed around his shaft, moving up and down in unison with her mouth, loving the soft, fine skin covering the rock-hard flesh beneath. She could feel the hard ridges, covered by that fine, skin and the thick vein, pulsing against her tongue. Lowering her head she tried to take more of him deeper into her mouth - but God, -he was so big, so thick. Tears filled her eyes as the swollen head reached the back of her throat and she gagged, having to ease it back out and take a breath.
His hand was caressing her scalp and she sensed his desire to push, push his cock deep inside, but he controlled the urge and twisted her hair into his fist instead.
"I can't take much more of this, baby," his voice was chocked. "I'm gonna have to fuck you again. Playtime's over."
She felt torn, one part of her desperate to have him deep inside her again, fucking her long and hard, but she also wanted to continue what she was doing - worshipping his cock with her mouth. She wanted to take her time, learn how to relax her throat muscles and take it all in, until she felt him come in her mouth, gushing down the back of her throat. But her body squirmed with need, the emptiness between her legs crying out for his penetration.
"Enough Jemma!" He grabbed her shoulders and dragged her off of him, ignoring her cry of protest.
Jerking her up, Damon set her down hard on the car seat, spreading her legs wide and kneeling between them on the floor of the car. His erection sprung high between his thighs; long, thick and aggressively ready. Jemma's juiced inner muscles clenched at the sight of it and she quashed the shiver of alarm that threatened to overtake her. Her sex was creamed and oozing with his semen, which should make it easier, but she was also a little sore, her body still unaccustomed to such a large and rough penetration. This time she knew there was no holding back, she'd pushed him too far with her teasing mouth.
"I need to get inside you now!"
Dragging her backside to the edge of the seat, he grabbed his cock in his fist and without hesitation, forced the swollen head into her sensitive opening.
Without giving her a chance to breathe, he rammed the whole length of it deep into her streaming sex. Jemma released a long cry of pleasurable pain, but he didn't hesitate, just pulled out and then rammed it in again. By the third stroke she felt that now familiar pull of orgasm, sucking her up higher and higher with each forceful penetration; then exploding with a hot gush of ecstasy, sending shockwaves through her body.
"That's right." Damon gasped. "Come for me baby."
She sobbed as the orgasm continued to throb through her body, not able to subside as he continued to pound into her - his pace steady - not as fast as before, but just fast enough to keep her convulsing with each tormenting grind.
"God, you're so tight," he groaned. "Do you know how hard it is not to come when I'm inside you?"
Jemma couldn't answer, her body over-dosed on pleasure. Legs spread wide, her hands gripped the bunched muscles of his shoulders beneath his shirt, her nails digging into his skin as he grabbed onto her hips, keeping up that intolerable pace; stretching her nerve endings to an agonizing degree and then withdrawing, almost to the max before ramming into her again and again. She was sobbing and shaking, drugged with pleasure, her body a rag-doll for him to do with as he liked.
"Damon - please," she begged, her body unable to withstand the wrenching sensations of his torturous assault.
"I'm not finished with you," the words were torn from him. "I want you to come again; I want you to milk me dry."
He began to move faster, pounding into her. Slick, wet sounds of his flesh squeezing into her streaming channel could be heard above their gasps and groans. Jemma felt that coiled spring snap and explode again. Her cunt spasming with each invasion, she felt his cock expand, hard as rock, and then the warm flood of his semen, spurting deep inside her, overflowing as he continued to move, until finally, he buried himself completely inside her. Her body trembled weakly, as she convulsed around his jerking shaft.

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