Sex Story- By: Storm Stone -Confessions of a Male Porn Star: Part 2

Confessions of a Male Porn Star
Storm Stone
Published by Storm Stone at Smashwords
Copyright © 2014 by Storm Stone
Part Two: The Interview
“The fact that she wants to interview you alone,” Veronica said, as she brushed her long, perfectly straightened, black hair. “That she wants to spend two hours on this fucking interview, can only mean one thing, you know that?”
Johnny stared into his fiancĂ©’s ice cold, beautiful eyes; wishing she’d get the hell out of their condo and leave him in peace. “Yeah, she wants to fuck me and interview me.”
Veronica’s perfect face twisted, she liked calling the shots, but she wanted this interview. It would be published in a popular men’s magazine, and would promote his image as well as his latest movies, and she wasn’t prepared to pass up such an opportunity just because the journalist – what was her name? – wanted a taste of Johnny Deep’s famous cock. So Veronica had relented.
“I’ll be back at exactly three pm and she’d better be done with you,” she stated, giving him a look of suspicious disgust. “I suppose you’re looking forward to having the horny bitch crawling all over your cock?”
“Actually I’d prefer to spend the afternoon watching TV and just chilling out,” he told her truthfully, lifting the remote and flicking through the channels. “Besides she’s too skinny for me and her mouth reminds me of a rodent.”
Veronica smiled; her usual self-satisfied smile. “Well make sure she leaves here satisfied, we don’t want her telling the world you’re a lousy fuck.” Her pale blue eyes narrowed. “Give it to her good and hard, the little slut.”
“Don’t I always?” He watched her put her i-phone into her bag and slide her Gucci sunglasses on, giving him a break from those cold, calculating eyes. “So where you going for the next couple of hours?”
She hesitated.”I think I’ll go round and see Dee.”
Dee was a psychologist to the stars, doing very well for herself, and Johnny had a feeling there was more than just friendship between her and his fiancé, not that he cared really.
Finally she was gone, and he found some reruns of Two and a Half Men on the box, stretching himself out on the long, leather couch, cold beer in one hand, he lay back with a sigh of pleasure and switched off from the world around him.
Thirty-five minutes later the intercom went off and he buzzed the journalist into the complex. Opening the door, Johnny watched her park her black BMW sports and climb out, gazing around her with interest. He checked her out as she made her way towards him. She was wearing a short denim skirt, black vest and a stone-washed denim jacket, looking better in casual clothes than she had the night before.
His unrelenting cock twitched, as his eyes took in her black stilettos and slim tanned legs disappearing beneath the denim skirt.
“Hi!” She pulled her sun-glasses off as she got closer, and he decided he still didn’t like that pointy, mousy face, but the body was fuckable enough.
“Can I get you a beer?” He asked, once she’d settled herself on the couch, fiddling with the hi-tech recorder she’d brought with her. “Water, Coke?”
“Oh, a cold beer would be good, thank you.” She was already checking him out, her eyes settling on his crotch, as he made his way towards the open-plan kitchen.
He was wearing baggy jeans and a white cotton shirt, unbuttoned, not for her benefit; this was what he usually wore round the house.
He returned with the beer and a long glass, she ignored the glass, flipping the tab of the beer can and taking a long, thirsty drink, as he settled his ass at the other end of the couch.
Her eyes were all over him like a rash and there was an air of excitement about her, which his cock seemed to like, even if he didn’t.
Setting the recorder on the table she took another swig of the beer. “So, as you know, my name is Rose Benning and I’m here to interview you for Pulp Friction.”
Rose Benning – thank God – no doubt a thorny fucking Rose at that.
“Nice to meet you again, Rose,” he said, his eyes checking out her small, rounded tits – nipples erect.
She squirmed on the leather couch, her eyes glittering with lust. Settling herself facing him on the other end of the couch, he could see she was too sexed up to do the interview first, but he wasn’t going to make this easy for her. She was a journalist known for her dry wit and bitchy gossip; which the magazine she worked for, Pulp Friction, spread around the world, making her targets’ lives a misery.
She took another swig of the beer and pulled her left knee up to rest on the seat of couch. Her denim skirt rose to her thighs and her bare, shaven pussy spread out, on display for his pleasure. Her pussy lips were half open, flushed hot and pink, her clit poking out, shining moistly.
Johnny’s traitorous cock immediately woke up, that wet, succulent cunt sending the blood rushing from his brain to his groin. He dragged his eyes from her open invitation to explore her expression. She seemed completely relaxed with her needy pussy on show, a knowing smile of self-confidence on her face.
He didn’t bother trying to hide his amusement; some women thought that just by flashing their cunts at a guy, that guy was at their mercy. Well, he saw pussy all day long - even if his damn cock always reacted to it – he’d seen it all before.
“Like what you see?” She asked, caressing the inside of her bent leg.
“Yeah,” Johnny murmured. “You looking pretty wet down there, needy.”
“Mm, needy for Johnny Deep’s big baby.”
“So do you wanna fuck or do the interview first?”
“Looks like you’re ready to fuck,” she said, staring down at the bulge in his jeans.
“Baby my cock’s always ready to fuck,” he smirked. “But I’m happy to do the interview now, if that cunt of yours can wait.”
Her smile faded, slowly realising she wasn’t calling the shots. “You’re an arrogant little prick, aren’t you?” She tried to sound patronising, but her eyes kept dropping below his waistband.
“I think you mean arrogant big prick.”
Taking a large swig of his beer, Johnny set it down on the coffee table and made himself comfortable; stretching out on the long couch, resting his arms behind his head.
Her hand moved higher between her legs and she started fingering herself, sliding two fingers between her puffy pink lips, opening it up for him to see her glossy, swollen clit. His cock began to pulse, wanting in that smooth inviting slit, but he kept his face blank.
“Ok,” she sighed, her glittering eyes on his crotch. “Let’s fuck first.”
Johnny didn’t move, sprawled out, hands behind his head, he raised his eyebrows. “I’m all yours, baby, go for it.”
She hesitated for a moment, displeased with his impassive behaviour, but unable to resist the drive of lust, she licked her lips, straightening up and shrugging off her jeans jacket, and dropping it to the floor; she reached out with both hands to unbutton his jeans. His cock lay thick and heavy on his stomach, reaching well past his navel, the tip shiny and wet with pre-cum.
“God!” Her beady eyes widened and she immediately began smearing the moisture oozing from the mouth of his cock with her fingers, smoothing it around his glans and knob head with avid excitement; pulling his foreskin back, exposing the shiny, pink flesh beneath. If his cock could purr it would, loving the ravenous attention it was getting.
Johnny kept his body still and relaxed, watching her with hooded eyes, as she bent her head, stuck out her tongue and licked it wetly from the base to the moist head. She lifted her gaze, staring at him with lustful eyes.
“Like what you see?” he asked in a cool voice.
“Yes, it’s . . .” She paused then lowering her head, covered his swelling knob with her lips.
His cock jerked in pleasure, adoring the sensation of a horny woman’s lips kissing and licking his sensitive head.
Fortunately her high-lighted hair didn’t get in the way of his view, she’d tied it back in a pony-tail, so he could watch her eyes droop and her mouth, stretched wide, begin to do its work. She managed to get half his shaft down, sucking in and out greedily; her mouth, filled with saliva, felt sublime. She lifted her head just off his purring cock and, holding it with both hands, allowed a stream of spit to drool from her mouth directly onto the eager tip. She was good; he had to give her that, even if she couldn’t deep throat him; smearing her spit over and around his knob head with her lips and tongue was working its magic, staring up at him, she looked like she was enjoying a particularly delicious ice-cream.
He cock wanted him to grab her hair and push down; up and down, but he kept his hands where they were, letting her do all the work. One hand was fisting him while the other stroked his smooth, shaven balls, cupping and squeezing them like a pro.
Pretty soon she lifted her head; obviously impatient to get his huge pole inside her; kneeling back on her heels she pulled the black vest over her head. She had a good body, even if it was skinny. Her tits were enough of a handful, firm and pouting, with huge nipples, hard as pebbles, the areola large and round, covering half her tits. There was something about large nipples that turned him on big-time – dusky pink, luscious and inviting he wanted to suck them deep into his mouth and then come all over them. He wanted to grab and squeeze them, but he stopped himself, as she straddled him, her denim skirt bunched above her hips.
“Before we fuck, baby,” Johnny murmured. “There’s one condition.”
If his cock could slap him, he knew it would, but he was in control today, ignoring the horny greed emanating from it. “I’m gonna want to fuck your ass as well as your pretty pussy.”
She stared down at him, pushing her hot, streaming cunt against the ridged underside of his wet cock, the contact sending lustful pleasure from his prick to his fingertips “What?” Her eyes were glazed but determined, her body covered in a film of sweat.
“You heard me; I wanna stick this baby in your asshole.”
He watched her slowly come down to earth, mouth agape. “I – uh – I don’t think I can – it’s too – big.”
He smiled; a satisfied smile. “C’mon, surely you’ve been ass-fucked before?”
“Yes, but . . .”
He began to shift his hips, lazily rubbing his thick cock against her streaming, spread vulva.
Instinctively, she began sliding her cunt against his cock, her clit meeting his sensitized knob, introducing itself to his cock who greeted the swollen nub with eager pleasure. “Don’t panic, baby, I’ll go easy on you. You’ll be begging for it once I get it inside.”
She was alarmed; he could see it, couldn’t keep the smile from his face, cause her pussy was hungry, riding hard against his dick, desperate to get that pumped up flesh inside her. “I don’t know . . .”
“Don’t worry baby, I’ll fuck your pussy first, get you ready and loosened up for the main course.”
“You’re a real motherfucker, you know that?” She ground out, grinding her cunt at the same time.
Johnny grinned at her shrewish face. “Yeah, I know, but I’m still gonna make you love it.”
She gazed down to where their bodies met, and dragging in a deep, shaky breath, she grabbed his thick pole in one hand and, lifting herself high, rubbed his cock-head around her wet, waiting core. She was nice and tight, he could tell as she panted, struggling to get his huge knob inside. Obviously she’d fucked around a lot, but it felt like she’d never had a cock as big as his inside her and she was desperate to get it in. Her hand shook, sweat gleaming on her skin as she squirmed and pushed, lowering her wide-spread thighs onto the blunt, bloated head of his cock. Finally she managed to squeeze it in, groaning with relief, as the whole swollen knob stretched her hole and squeezed inside. His hips lifted automatically, pushing a few more inches into that tight channel of hers. She sobbed in pleasurable pain, leaning both hands on his pecs now and sinking her slim body lower, until she almost had it all.
Johnny’s cock was reaching for paradise, desperate to ram itself all the way in and fuck her hard, but he forced himself to take it slow, circling his hips, easing it in deeper.
“God!” She gasped. “There’s so much of it – I don’t know if I can -.”
Finally he removed his hands from behind his head to rest them on her prominent hipbones. “Just relax baby, you’re almost there,” then with one hard thrust of his hips he rammed himself all the way into her cunt.
She screamed as her flesh stretched wide and deep, muscles clutching onto his cock like a strong, tight fist. He tried to hold back a groan, but his cock being surrounded by slick, taut muscle was pure bliss.
“Seems like this sweet pussy of yours ain’t used to a cock my size?” He breathed, heart pounding, his whole shaft twitching for action.
“No – oh fuck - yes,” she circled her hips carefully, experimentally, as her muscles eased, adapting themselves to the length and breadth of his rock-hard dick. “Oh God – I can’t move . . .”
She was impaled on his pole, rivulets of sweat running down between her tits, as she moaned and sobbed in pleasurable pain. Johnny ran his hands up from her hips to cup those gleaming tits, squeezing the nipples hard between his finger and thumb, watching her jerk and arch her spine He could almost see her nipples spiking their need down to her pussy, as she lifted herself, just a little, then sunk back down onto his cock.
“Uh – oh fuck – yessss,” the last word came out like a snake hissing, and Johnny wondered through a haze of lust how she was going to handle him fucking her ass.
His cock was getting desperate now, fed up with just playing around, it wanted to fuck this pussy hard and fast, and Johnny was beginning to agree with it -playtime over. He slid his hands down her damp body and gripped her hips again; seeking her clit with his thumb, he circled and rubbed the swollen pouch, puffed and throbbing with need.
“Fuck – yes – oh God!”
Working her clit was doing its magic. She began to move, fucking him good and proper now, lifting herself high and then pushing down hard onto his pulsing prick. He used his hand on her hip to steady her rhythm, lifting his ass off the couch and slamming her down hard onto him. His eyes focused on where their bodies were joined, enjoying the sight of his thick, wet cock sinking in and out of her stretched hole. It was a beautiful sight, his cock was working her over good.
“Give it to me baby,” she chocked. “Oh yes, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!” Her hands were pushing down on his pecs, her gaze also focused on his pole ramming in and out, while his thumb pleasured her vulva, rubbing steadily from the top of her slit down to her stretched, juicy entrance.
She was riding him faster and harder now, and he moved with her, ramming it in deep, pulling out almost to the head and ramming in again. Feeling her muscles clutching around his pounding cock, he knew she was just about to come, and so was he, as her her muscles sucked him deeper and deeper . . .
“”Oh God, oh God,” she sobbed loudly. “I’m coming! Fuck me, fuck, me fuck meeeee . . .”
Muscles convulsing around him, Johnny gripped her hips with both hands and jack-hammered his diamond-hard cock into her, feeling it swell, growing even bigger and harder before exploding; shooting streams of hot, sweet cum into that spasming channel, filling her up until he saw it oozing out of her. He kept going for a few more seconds, watching his slimy cream seep out, covering his thick, jerking pole, gleaming pink and wet as his orgasm reverberated through him.
Damp palms stuck to his chest, arms trembling, she ground herself against him, still sexed-up. Her eyes were locked on her wide-stretched cunt, squatting over him, her pussy lips squashed against his pelvis. His cock was twitching deep inside her, happy to stay exactly where it was, being milked by the aftershocks of her spasming inner muscles.
Just as she was about to collapse on top of him, Johnny stopped her, gripping her shoulders to keep her upright. She was gasping for breath, her head hanging loosely from her neck, like a drooping flower.
“Stay where you are baby,” he said, dragging some air into his lungs. “I’m not finished with you yet.”

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